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Wife's Affair with Boss
12-08-2012, 10:30 AM
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Wife's Affair with Boss
It is now two years since my life was changed by a simple invitation to a marriage function by one of my aged mill colleague only few days after that I found me running on the fastest track of lust and power.

Let me first tell a bit about us.

At that time we were a middle class joint family, me 32 years, my pretty wife Ruchi four years younger to me, my parents in late fifties and Manisha my unmarried sister was 22 at that time.

I worked in a big textile mill as assistant floor manager. My father had worked in the same mill and had retired about six years back as accountant.

While my father was in service we used to live in mill quarters but after that we built a small house in that town and credit for that only went to my mother who did all the labor. The house was small and had only three rooms. The single room upstairs, was my bedroom which had bath facilities attached to it and I slept here with my wife.

Although my mother had better dreams for me but she could send me only to a cheap technical school and I did diploma in production machine operations and maintenance.

For complete one and half year I couldn't get any job and wandered on roads till my father retired. My mother trough her some contacts managed a job for me in the mill in name of company's gratitude to long faithful services of her husband.

The other wonder my mother did for me was to marry me with an exceptional sexy beauty Ruchi.

Ruchi was the daughter of one of my mother's old classmates. She was around 22 and had done masters in botanical science. Mother showed me her full body photograph. She was cute and sexy. I was heart taken by her thick lips and stray hair rippling on sides of her checks, dominating over her oval face.

After marriage we were given the upstairs room and there I began my unending erotic pleasures with my pretty woman in every possible ways and styles that made her sensual and sex loving woman.

In a year after marriage she began gathering 35-29-36 inch figure to look an erotic silky woman. She was not bony but didn't have an inch of extra flesh than that needed for her sensuality. Her flat belly and a set of round bosoms and eyeful hips always made males mouth watering for her. She gives an impression of miss like fucked woman.

I had been always conscious of lusty eye of males slipping on her. She too knew about her capacities to kill men at first sight and always maintained her from her silky hair to polished feet toenails.


As assistant to floor in-charge I got around 15,000 bucks a month. That with the pension of my father barely made about 19, 000, just enough for mouths of a joint family.

The mill was dying and only a year back we had anticipated that a partial lay -off was inevitable. However I saw another wonder when the management brought new Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Rama Reddi.

He was in mid forties bit dark and was a large man in all ways. The way he worked and lived made him legendary in mill. I had seen him many times and felt his sweating and struggling heat close to me.

We saw how a charge had been infused in our dead machines! Soon the wheels on floors began roaring and the mill stores were piling with stocks we were manufacturing. Unending line of trucks were now lifting mill products from store sheds. Within ten months the lay off fears had gone and we listened only of expansion plans.

The CEO mostly wore sports shirt, which showed ample of his hairy chest. He was also equipped by overflowing manly capacities as his loose pants always displayed his massive testicles and huge sexual organ that were unable to accommodate there.

At times mill people giggly narrated that how they saw him brushing his bulge with back of his palm in meetings and even adjusting it better in the folds of the pant.

Like for any big man, tales began floating about him. Some said that he had problems with his wife because of over fucking and she lived at Bombay with their daughter. Some one told me in confidence that Reddi ji could fuck a woman solidly all the night and presently he was daily fucking Chief General Manager's wife in company guesthouse.

There were rumors and rumors but no had any confirmation. However I had some idea that many women from other sections had been recently shifted to his office.


On that turning day of my life, my wife and I had gone with my parent and sister to that wedding function. That family was well acquainted with all of us. Ruchi had taken her time at home to prepare her and looked lovely in dark pink sari and tight thin blouse over white brasseries that was sensuously visible on her flat back. She had worn pinkish sandals matching to sari in her delicious feet. Her eyes and oval face looked killing in night.

There was good gathering in the decorated marriage hall, which had a big stage set with a pair of red wedding sofa. In front of stage on hall floor there were about thirty rows of chairs and two of sofas for guests and VIPs. My parents and father met many old acquaintances.

Around 8 p someone from mill announced little loudly that Reddi ji was arriving. There was a little uproar and I saw host hurriedly walking to gate. Little later Reddi ji entered the hall in white pant and blue sports shirt, revealing his hairy chest. Before host could guide him to front sofa some mill man saw him and came to him.

He had an aroma around him and people gathered around him, as if he was the groom of day. Every one looked cautious for his words and for some time the function looked as mill's business meeting.

After some chatting there with mill people, Chief General Manager [CGM] Mr. Sen and his wife escorted him to a front sofa and where they sat. As they were taking with each other, bride's father came with a boy carrying a try and served VIP with some snacks and coffee. CEO appeared to me a real in charge of all.

Sen was in mid forties, fair and tall. He looked always sincere to his boss type man at high place in his expensive suit and rectangular glasses.

Mrs. Sen was sitting cross-legged besides her husband and appeared only in late thirties or at the most in early forties not very tin nor fat but was a bit busty and had smooth wide hips of mature woman. She looked elegant in her expensive blue sari and had carefully polished her nails red and wore all signs from diamond wedding ring to silver ring on her feet's finger.

She looked fresh and didn't give any impression of over fucked woman as per tales about her affairs with so called fuck master Reddi ji.

Little later there I saw some hasty movements and band began deafening ears. The groom party was arriving at door. People moved to gate and some to the decorated stage. However Reddi ji and his entourage couple preferred to remain there. The few others who were there had also moved to stage.

The place where Reddi ji was sitting with Sen couple had become deserted by then. We were standing near the stage but I was viewing Reddi ji from corners of my eyes.

Suddenly I noted that CEO's keen eyes were on us particularly on my wife. I had never met any three of them but was aware that Mrs. Sen knew my mother so I took the opportunity to meet Reddi ji and introduce my family to him.

I walked discreetly with my family to him and told him about me. Mrs. Sen recognized my mother and waved her to come on sofa besides her. As we came closer I saw Reddi ji's gaze on my wife was now intense and more intense. I saw a lust in his eyes that were direct and open.

I didn't understand much and introduced me to him telling him my work section in the mill.

He tried to listen me absent-mindedly as his eyes were still locked on my wife's bosoms.My wife too was fully conscious of that and few times there eyes even met with each other's.

He took a deep breath keeping his eyes on her and stretched his legs. His massive testicles and huge shaft began to swell in his pants. That massive meat visible bluntly attracted every one there and my wife was becoming uneasy second after seconds. Her face had completely gone red.

Tearing her blouse further by his gaze, CEO asked me who was my in charge. Such a behavior from the top man for my wife was most unexpected and I didn't believe my eyes. I replied his query to the best of my ability.

Every one there had become visibly conscious of his three-dimensional gazes. Mrs. Sen, may be just to diffuse that current looked at me and told Reddi ji about my retired father and how good he and my mother had watched the interests of mills. He could only listen half of her words.

I again looked down at that live huge bulge in between his stretched legs. It was massive much bigger than I could imagine. It was enough to tear a woman and he didn't care for any one looking at him and appeared to have gone out of his senses.

Mrs. Sen smilingly pulled one empty chair besides her and set it facing towards CEO. She tenderly asked my wife to sit there. Realizing her hesitation, my mother waved her to sit besides Mrs. Sen on that chair.

Avoiding her eyes she walked and adjusting her sari over her hips sat cross-legged on that chair facing Reddi ji. Her beautiful feet tied in that pinkish sandal with glowing nail polish and silver toe ring in her feet's finger over hanged just before my CEO. Manisha and me dragged another chairs for my father and us and we all sat besides mother.

We remained there for about twenty more minutes till the main ceremony began. Mrs. Sen kept talking with Ruchi about her education and other backgrounds. Occasionally she looked at Reddi ji in teasing glances. It appeared to me that, Reddi was damn horny and given a chance he would jump on my wife and to him our presence hardly mattered...


It was 10:45 of quiet winter night as we reached home tightly squeezed in a hired three-wheeler. We all were engrossed in shame and didn't speak a word to any one.

Ruchi was avoiding her eyes from every one including me. I went straight upstairs to our room and dropped me on the bed. I tried to relax from hurricane that I had in me but the incident had strongly engulfed all my senses.The most powerful man of my company, whom we always thought like God, had openly asked my wife for sex.

In about twenty minutes, Ruchi came up after finishing down stairs works. It was the first time after the incident when I could look at her for a minute continuos as she was carefully closing the door and bolted from inside.

She was looking damn sexy in dark yellow sari that perfectly contoured with her broad hips and even crack line between them. The metallic whitish nail polish and silver toe rings were peeking from her yellowish-strapped lather sandals on her feet, a sign that she was married.

Surely she would have killed any man with that look!

Through an intoxicating Impulsive I suddenly came out of my hangover thinking that she was the only woman there who took out all the senses from such a powerful man before all. Astonishingly, I also felt a control over that top man.

Just to cool her sourness, I got up and carefully took her in arms as if she was frangible and put my lips on her thick lips. She kissed me back.

She appeared surprisingly cool and unaffected from that horrible assault. I kissed her and then lowering me on knees I brought my lips on her sari covering her left bosom and kissed it softly. I moved my lip few times sexily over her mound and tried to locate her nipple for another complete kiss.

A sexy smile flashed on her face but she was not at upset, as I had feared.

I put my lips on her and smoothly pulled her to bed and we rolled on mattress, still our lips locked in each other. I laid her flat on her back and not disturbing a single fold of her expensive sari, I again carefully put my lips on her bosom. She might have expected me to continue the same nipple searching exploration and she adjusted her little up to bring her mound peak near my lips, but kissing there I glided down to her flat belly over her elongated tiny naval pit and caressed it by my wet mouth.

Gradually I slipped my lips to her sari over her leg joints and that too had her belly like flatness. I tried to feel her depth by my tongue through the annoying layers of sari and her petticoat and I felt jolts of tingles in her veins passing her thigh's joints.

Surely her out side was intact by that hostility.

My right hand moved below to hem of her sari and began pulling it. Sensing my intentions she reacted and tugged her sari securely between her legs.

I heard her sultry voice," What are you doing there! "

"Please!" I pleaded in a bid to release the trapped sari.

"Let me change sari, I have to pee, I have not gone bathroom since evening."

I was in rag of passion and wanted to affirm the impregnability of her femininity from the attack before she could arrange herself.

I did not let her go and visualizing my strong will, my darling loosened her legs so I could tug off her sari from her leg holds. Once released, I began delicately pulling the hem of her sari.

As I was uncovering her nakedness, her eyelids became heavy and automatically began closing. Her face too was turning pink.

She scrambled to my allure and reluctantly opened her thighs.

Like a juiced child my eyes ran to that married crack line around that some hairs t had grown in past fifteen days, Her tiny overhanging femininity just above the entering place for males was as before!

Thanks God! I said to me.

I again thanked my six-inch penis that had preserved her female crack line from any deformation. It appeared as fresh as it was on wedding night, although I had fucked her incalculable times.

As I brought my face near to her femininity I was surprised by the crude mushy smell coming from her genitals. With out actually touching her, I sensed that her fenny was extremely wet. I was not in illusion that at least it was not wet due to few stipulations I had made to her.

It flashed in me –Did Reddi bring her that wetness to her? Feeling uncomfortable by that thought, I hoped might be, she become wet later in three- wheeler while we sat squeezing each other.

The puzzle of her unexpected wetness was not yet over to me but I couldn't resist my intoxicating lust to touch her wet crack.I lowered my face between her open thighs and her erotic sex smell had completely over powered my brain.

I brought my lips closest to that neat sex line. Sensing my breath there she jerked her half-open groin. I made few feathers like tongue slips on slippery crack and felt more of her salty wetness flowing in my mouth. My touches at her sensitive place were making her restless and she tightly pressed her lips in each other. I continued flying my tongue over her front crack amid her hissing giggles coming from her tight lips.

She let me have my feast uninterrupted for about next five minutes and then she closed her thighs trapping my head.

She said pulling her thighs away from me, "Pleassseee leave me, I have to pee, It is enough, leave me now."

She tried to move but I again restrained her and opened her thighs. She lowered her head and saw what I was doing and gave my head annoying jerks by her hand. She even tried to hinder me by bringing her palm in between my mouth and her sniffing sex. I removed her hand and prevailed over her resistance.

For next ten more minutes she continued shaking violently on mattress as I played with her fenny till became unbearable to her. She jerked my head out and closed the thighs decisively with an implied order," No more please." She wanted to flee to bathroom.

I did not let her go of her own but escorted her to bathroom in almost an embrace, my palm pressed on her sari just at the love spot. Looking in amazement at me with her mouth open, she asked me to go out but I shamelessly insisted her to pee. She waited for more than two minutes for me to go but I didn't move.

Delay was making her restless and she hesitatingly squatted in the corner near drain of bathroom. I adjusted her sari to clear the space for delivery and she peed with force in sputtering sound. She had not finished and few stray drops still trickled from her pee slit but I pulled her up and drained the floor to with two mugs of water.

I arranged her sari and again escorted her to bed keeping one arm around her waist. We again came on bed. For the first time I saw irrelative surprise in her eyes as if I had turned mad. But these were only love reactions.

I laid her flat and pulled hem of her sari up to again open her. I opened her thighs and her soapy love celebrate with wet hair around it was again before me.

This time as I put my lips on her exposed sex she exhibited changed reactions. Lowering her eyes she looked at me for a while. Her opened territory in between thighs was hot and pulpy wet with more fresh smells and salty taste. I licked the slit up to down and down to up again and again.

Moaning from tight lips, "Uuueeeeii seiiiii seiiii aaeeiii sseee ssssiii," She extended her hand and tried to stop me but for me there was no tomorrow. Seeing her denials grossly ineffective she at last put a pillow over her face to control her sensational cries and I spread her thighs more. Now I could comfortably accommodate my face between her thighs and that extra stretch had also opened her slit giving me more visibility of her sensuous inside pink.

I had been licking her from for more than half an hour. She began vibrating in louder hissing by every move of my tongue. In between many times I moved up and tried to kiss her lips making my way through the pillow tightly pressed on her face by her arms. She was cumming in jerk after jerks and had become steamy wet and slippery. I had never seen her like that.

At around 1 A.M, I stopped and rolled up to take her in arms.

I spoke First time to her since we came back from function.

"Were you upset by Reddi ji, darling?" I asked her.

She said in un-cared words, "I think, it was he who was troubled, he thinks himself bull but he would be beaten by sandals one day."

"Why did you not beat him?" I said whispering in her ear.

"He is your big boss." Her voice was lower than mine.

"Oh! That is why he had so big there in his pants, you saw that. " I said in mushy words.

First time I had talked about some other man to her.

"He is only a street bull," She said clinging to me before we slept.

I took her in my arms and we slept.

That was how exactly my lovely wife acted after that sexy encounter.

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12-08-2012, 10:30 AM
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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
I could hardly sleep for two hours; the same uneasy pensiveness woke me and last night's passion had completely diffused. It was 4:10, of cold and dark morning. Ruchi was sleeping besides me. I was tempted to kiss her erotic lips but because of that strong punch in my head, I remained still in bed.

Last evening's episode had terribly blown me. I was extremely offended by CEO's hostility. It was true that my wife was mouth watering to every man having his testicles full of seed.

I always believed that beauty is also made for watching and I gave enough opportunities to males watching and even wink at her, but how a man could propose her like that? He did not appear to have slightest modesty for homely ladies. If he had acted wisely; may be his position and aroma might have greatly impressed my woman. Was he off head? How on earth he expected that a married woman could go for adultery in that way? He was the wildest aggressor, I could imagine!

As I thought, I began to see big problems coming to me in time. Sen or his wife definitely might have told someone about that incident? Such news spread like fire. How I was going to face Reddi or Sen in front of others?

It was too much to bear and I decided that that I was going to hit a punch on Reddi's head right on day in mill and would give him a lesson he needed! I did not care for job. But how I was going to do that? He was powerful and influential. I would have to leave the job under those devils and I must search new job.

There were four ladies and they all had seen how Reddi's full-pounded testicles shamelessly twirled in his pants. Mrs. Sen even began talking with my wife and teased horny Reddi through corners of her eyes also not neglecting his large erect meat in pants.

I never expected much from my father, but surprisingly my mother did not even made any attempt to rescue her bride from this situation. Perhaps even my young sister Manisha who was crossing 22 had enjoyed that pornography. She could have easily escorted her to other corner of gathering. This made me to review ladies' psychological setup.

I recalled that I had been expecting my wife to be in frightened state after that sexual horror but surprising that had made her vagina-soaking wet. Endless questions came in my mind. For a moment I thought that I was seriously sick.

I remained on bed– thinking every possible odd. It was around 6:30 when I heard some doors movements downstairs. I knew that my mother was going for morning walk in the public park that was in front of our house.

I needed to talk to someone to shed my mental stress. I got up and went downstairs. She looked blankly at me as if she was expecting me. As we came to park, I told her about my mental state since last night.

She said warily," How shamelessly he was watching Ruchi all the time?"

I told her that I was awfully offended and had decided to hit him today before every one in mill itself. Hearing this her face suddenly turned worried and she snapped at my back. She said looking uncomfortably, " What on earth are you thinking to do! It will only damage you. First see what comes next."

She sensed that I was not in my normal mental frame so she took me to a nearby bench where we sat. I told her that how on earth could I tolerate such dreadful act against my wife?

She said elderly," See! These are big people and they can do anything. Moreover you can not entirely blame them. It is we people who gift them their wives and daughters so they feel their natural claim over their staffs' wives," She was speaking with adorable calm," We are small ones with an unmarried young girl at home and depend on mill for every thing. We should act with more thoughtfulness."

After some pause she said thoughtfully," He would not able to touch Ruchi's finger unless you or she gives him consent. Moreover havens have not fallen if he had seen your wife...some one was telling me that his wife lives in Bombay so he has been quite deprived for woman. "

There was some logic in her words. I felt my senses were gradually returning.

I asked mother," Is it not strange? How shamelessly Sen's Wife was cooperating with Reddi?"

Mother spoke with a shy smile," I know! Whatever is Sen today, it is only due to his beautiful wife! He was only a common manager. His wife is ten years younger to him. The old chief saw her and she began sleeping with him.,,,,,, After that Sen got one promotion every two year."

Her talks temporarily eased my fury. At least I was not going to hit him foolishly in factory. What proof I had for his assault on my wife?

Mother asked "What did Ruchi she say?"

I said," She says she would beat him with sandal! See calls him a big saand (Bull)"

Mother smiled and said," I know, she would never beat him!"

Her words appeared meaningful and sexy to me.


I went back to my room. It was around 7:30. The sun had come up. Ruchi was still sleeping. She still looked sexier wearing same yellow sari which had, made big man's cock so miserable. She was lying flat with her legs an inch apart. She still had yellowish lipstick on her lips that looked still sensuous.

I went to bed and put my lips on her thick lips and my hand on her sari directly above her underwear. She woke with out much stimulation. Seeing bright sun light in room she tried to get up hurriedly but I resisted and guided her hand to the tent in my pajama made by my six inch. She reluctantly took it in her delicate fingers for a while.

She looked at me with wide eyes, " It is late, I should go now."

She pulled my hand from her sari.

"Shame karo, you are again up this morning."

"Pleasssse," I again eagerly pressed my hand on her thighs over sari.

" How can... now?" After a bit thinking she said, " but please give me five minutes for bathroom." I made her way. The toilet was out side in gallery.

I continue to lie on bed, my stiffer tent waiting for relief. After some time I heard water flushing and her coming out but she went downstairs leaving me in frenzy.

Suddenly it came to my mind; was it really Reddi's fault last night?

She was certainly sexiest woman and knew how to deal a restless man.

She was made for sin.


As I entered the gate of mill, my biggest worry was that how I was going to face people. I was sure that by now people would have known it?

As I walked to my department through the gallery I met people. None of eyes looked silly at me. No bomb fell on my head and I began my work like other days. After an hour or so I was quite certain that no one was laughing on me and my fears were simply childish.

I kept on apprehending one thing after other but nothing such happened.

However I didn't know that some surprise was waiting for me at home.


It was enough dark at seven p of winter evening as I reached home. My mother's eyes told me that some thing had happened and she eagerly wanted to talk me, she almost followed me upstairs

She said with out much waiting "Today I had greatest surprise. Around 1 P Mrs. Sen phoned me. She said that seeing me last night after long time she remembered old time. She told me that if I was not occupied why not come to her house. If it were ok for me she would send her car to escort me. I went there in afternoon..

"What did she up for?" A was rammed by surprise.

"If you listen not loosing your mind. It appears quite positive. " She said maintaining eye contact a second longer.

My mouth suddenly went dry. I opened it and licked my lips.

"Well...talked lot about golden old days and in no time became thoroughly informal. During talks she casually said that after seeing your son last night, her husband had told her that he would like to propose CEO to put him as Manager (Imports) in his department."

This suddenly raised my interest. She looked in my eyes little longer.

Mother asked me, "Now first tell me what is this Manager Exports is about."

I said, "This is a big position, I mean high status and salary. Dubey sir was on that post but he left mill some weeks before. He managed better place in some big export company through his experience and contacts."

"But why Sen sir should want me there?" I asked her.

Mother continued," I too asked her the but she told me that she was telling what she heard and her husband may himself talk to you if any thing like that comes up."

"How much is the salary?" She again asked with her interest too visible.

"Around 30,000 a month I think and lot of foreign travel for mill work. How can I fit there? I am not even trained for it. Might be joking or a hang over." I said to her.

Before she could reply I again asked her, "And what they want from us?" I felt my excitement was rising every minute.

"Mrs. Sen said nothing about it. She only says that may be he found your son good for this work, no business would desert their money in rot. She wished us all the best. She spoke lot about new sprit in mill and extension plans of new management." Mother answered.

That was true. Management had brought Reddi to infuse new charge in dying mill and he had done quite a lot in a year.

It was more than surprise. "Sounds big." I said.

Manager of exports had always been a dream place like for any mill-man. I was surprised by this possibility and saw some connection with last night's incident. Though I clearly suspected a play but I it had stimulated me some where in deep.

Mother had things do and she went down stairs leaving me charged. I quietly laid myself on bed.

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12-08-2012, 10:30 AM
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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
Ruchi came with tea tray and set besides me on bed. She said, "Mrs. Sen had sent car for mother. What is up there?"

I told her in short what mother had told me. She looked at me in disbelief. I saw excitement was also coming to her.

"Are you impressed by likely Manager exports?" I asked her.

She said smilingly, crossing and folding her arms in each other, "May be so -so."

I squeezed her shoulder, and murmured in her ear, " Now come and close the door."

"I am just here for tea. I hope you're not planning on taking advantage!"

She said shyly, disclosing her mind for the first time since our marriage," I know how terribly you want since morning but why do you want to waste your energy for two minutes contact... in morning too you wanted... Can't you wait only for three hours? Then take pleasures whole night and discharge too much like a bull... I am not willing at this time at..."

She shyly kissed me and said," Do eat light tonight" "

Her words were fire on raw patrol. For the first time she had shown her naked mind. She looked a new wife to me.

My whole body suddenly went sultry in passion. I wished to see more of dirty mind of my conservative wife.

I said in heat," Ruchi, tonight I am quite tired...I need you give me some relief...pleaseee do to me I have been doing you all the time."

Ruchi shyly baffled. " How can I do... I mean women don't have that thing. We can only take it."

A was bewildered what she was trying to say. " I mean some massage like thing. " I spoke as my words had become more sultry."

"Massage?" She said.

"I mean not with hands, that with your things, slowly you do with me. No lady has such beautiful things for husband. " I said pulling words out of my mouth with my best efforts.

'Seei!" her face went red," It is soiling." she spoke.

'Please do it tonight...wear kurta red one sleeveless... we brought from Delhi. I shall be ever thankful to my lovely wife. " I said in most sultry voice of my life.

She did not say a word, watching me mischievously left the room.

I took meal early and came upstairs. I had been in tremendous stress since last 24 hours. I laid myself on bed and soon went to sleep.


Some thing woke me in silence of late night. I could not see the time in dim light, perhaps it would have been over 1 A.M

I felt my wife was kneeling over me and was kissing my lips with her. I could hear her breaths coming from her beautiful nose. It was a soft sensation. Suddenly I remembered talks we had in evening. I tried to speak some thing but she kept kissing slowly and did not let me use my lips to speak. I surrendered and kept on lying quietly and put my labium at her disposal.

Gradually my eyes began to see better in dark. She was sitting on floor besides bed with her soft thick lips over mine. She had put an arm on bed that was full of red. Her hairs were loose and fell all over her back and sides. She looked silky cold and fresh, perhaps had taken bath. There was strong female fragrance coming from her.

I tried to raise my hands like but with out parting her lips she locked my arms with her hands. I again submitted to her desires. Increasing pressure of her lips she began moving her lips to my nose and to eyes and then bringing back to lips. She took my lower lip in her lips and began sucking. Her sucking gradually increased in passionate intensity. Her lips were becoming wet with our salvia and so were mine. She then slipped my lower lip between her teeth and bite. I jerked however the pain was within my tolerance.

Her kissing rhythm increased. I saw signs of fury coming to her. Releasing my lip, she began sneaking her tongue deep inside my mouth. Her actions were making sounds of interrupted sips.

She then left my lips momentarily and moving her head little lower towards my neck, she with her right hand opened my buttons of kurta and moved her palm on my naked chest. Her fingers traced my nipples and began massaging them slowly. Once securing them between her fingers she repositioned her juicy lips over mine.

This was the first time she was on me like that. Pressure exerted by her smooth lips gave me unusual sensation. Her right hand reached the hem of my kurta and she pulled it up over my chest exposing her fingers that were already playing with my nipples. She looked at them and slowly slipped her mouth lower to my nipples and kissed them and tried to pull tinny objects by her teeth.

She had not spoken a single word since I had opened my eyes nor let me say any thing. I had never seen her so occupied in game. This appeared no sentiment just a scrap passion in her.

A thought came to me – Here was a starved female playing with male assets. It did not matter who he was.

Releasing her lips from my tits, she put her right cheek on my naked chest and began rubbing that over my skin, gradually slipping further to cord of my pajama. She tried to tug off the cord from folds by her mouth and lips. My shaft swelled further below the cloth in anticipation but the opening that tight knot was too big a job for her tender mouth.

Leaving that tedious exertion she began to glide her cheek above taut of pajama. More blood moved to my erection as I felt her hot breath trickling to my cock through the cloth. I had to struggle to prevent my moan going out of room's territory. She took both of my testicles through the cloth in her right palm and squeezed them, avoiding to touch the tight shaft. It gave me more pain than little pleasure. I almost screamed, urging her to leave it. In the process I shrewdly opened the knot of pajama cord with out letting her know.

I pulled her head. She put her lips over mine and again gradually moved them lower towards the belly.

While playing in that area she noticed that I had left the cord loose, smilingly, she raised her head and saw my pleading eyes. She took pajama in fingers and began to slip it lower. She had to struggle a bit to slip it through the tent created by my erect penis. She slipped it to my thighs leaving my cock shark naked taunt to roof.

She brought her mouth around the erect shaft. I could sense her breath but she bypassed the pole and slowly moved her mouth at the base of testicles near hairy ass hole. It made me wild in passion. Now I desperately wanted my taunt six-inch in her mouth. She was bypassing that it over and again so I pulled her by head by my hand towards its mushroom head. She kissed shaft few times. I hold my shaft in my fingers and made a bid to insert it in her mouth but every time she slipped her mouth. She removed my grip to hold it in her long fingers and looked at it for some time.

I spoke in low sultry voice," Pleeasse! Take it...innn mouth."

"Had not I kissed it many times?" She asked whispering.

"Pleaasee take it all in standing full. " I too whispered.


"Why dear, you were taking it earlier. " I said.

"No, it is smelling pee... Some other time."

I had long fantasy for cumming in some ladies' mouth but had always felt that it would be too raw for my wife. That day I wanted it to become reality because she was acting quite shamelessly but since she showed unwillingness for even pee traces so I dropped the idea

Any way at that time I wanted relief, so I pulled her on bed and fucked her.

She had changed dramatically after that sexy encounter!


Mrs. Sen's last day's talks with my mother were like an ecstasy.

It was 8 in morning, I was getting ready for factory. It was going to be good day for me. Some time in day perhaps Sen would be calling me but in the back of my mind I was nervous; what return he would ask from me?

I was not sure of any thing but I am really a damn superstitious! At times when I feel confused or afraid of missing some thing great, I often make a challenge with me to do something daring. If I succeed than this gives me the good tone to me. I made a fanatic deal with me.

The challenge was; before leaving for mill, if I dare to speak to my wife something vulgar about my CEO's huge cock, cleverly enough to get a friendly response for Reddi, then the day was going to be positive for me.

It made me excited. Talking to my wife about a giant penis of man hungry for her! I tried again and again to gather words to say my wife but I miserably failed. I sensed that I lacked courage!

I failed and it was not a good omen.


My excitement had almost died as I reached mill. Looking at the huge campus and tall buildings of leading textile mill and hundreds men' entourage at the gate, I could only ridicule myself for thinking that big.

I reached to my floor and routinely supervised the machines and signed the log sheet. I went to my small wooden cabin and set on my chair and looked at papers on my medium sized table, nothing was important. I dialed floor supervisor on my intercom and discussed about that day's jobs and stock positions. Every thing was in routine. I began completing registers and then work I had to put to my Manager.

Still I was hopeful! May be, Mr. Sen would be calling me any time.

My eyes would automatically go to intercom in anticipation of a coming ring. At about 11:45 am, as I was about to go to canteen, intercom began ringing.

I quickly picked the receiver but it was from floor, calling me for a problem. I went to there and returned my cabin in twenty minutes after attending the issue. I asked attendant sitting out side of our cabins if there was any call in my absence. He bluntly said, "No!"

I was not feeling comfortable in that tiny cabin so I got up and walked out of floor sheds out in large ground and moved to administrative building across that big barren ground.

It was an mid fashioned four-storied air-conditioned building in side of mill campus and was enclosed by an another boundary around it. I walked through wide concrete road through impressive lawns to the majestic entrance door. The atmosphere here was quiet, different from noisy floors of factory.

At ground floor there was the big room of CEO. His staff and a big conference hall occupied the remaining ground floor. Any one hardly recognized me but I was scared of encountering Reddi so I quickly moved to stairs.

I walked on first floor. It was for Chief General Manager [Purchase], Mr. Sen. His big chamber was at right of stairs just above Reddi's room. It had an impressive nameplate displaying A. Sen Chief General Manager. Near that door there were his three peons dressed in company's blue winter dress with an imposing brass badge, a sign of high office. One of them had typical small moustache. On his front was the hall partitioned by plywood for CGM's personal staff. On the other side, at right hand of gallery were the rooms for managers and assistant managers. I walked in gallery. Six attendants were sitting on benches in gallery. Some of them were known to me, they nodded seeing me but none of them cared as I walked. The third room on right of gallery had still the nameplate R.S. Dubey Manager [Exports]. I looked at it and felt a skip of couple of heartbeats. I walked further to the end then returned and again passed through that room. Now at my right just in front of that room was the hall for my...I mean for export's junior staff. I peeked in. It was a spacious hall with wooden partitions. The cabins looked bigger than my present sitting place. Just near the door, were his typist and two clerks' table. One of them saw me peeping but did not pay any attention. I had an impulse! If they knew I may be here as their boss! How they were going to behave now?

Upstairs was the office of General Manager [Productions] who was my super boss but I didn't go there.


As I came back to my tinny chamber, I felt I had returned from a dream walk. It was now around four in evening. Only two more hours were left for finishing the day. The attendant attached to four cabins told me that as far as he was there, he didn't heard any ring on intercom.

The day had been disappointing and I thought Mrs. Sen's talks were only a joke. May be she just wanted to see our reactions. It was ridiculous to think that they would put me as Manager (Exports) in that great mill. There was no connection of that place with my present work and experience. How a big company like that was going to risk so much even if it is in exchange of some one's wife?

Trying to shift my mind I went to floor amid roaring of machines. However still in corner of my mind, I cursed myself for not able to speak to my wife something about other man's huge penis and failed to win a good omen for the day.

I wandered on floor aimlessly for more than an hour from one machine to other looking at moving wheels.

Precisely at 5:35 my heart suddenly again skipped many beats as I saw that peon with small moustache walked on my floor imposing his majestic brass badge! I recognized him; he was sitting out side of Mr. Sen's room.

Here reality was coming to me! Why on earth Mrs. Sen would lie to mother? Suddenly I felt I was an important man! I looked at him and for a moment our eyes met. He walked in my direction but just as I was expecting him to speak, he walked past and moved to other end of long floor towards the room of my boss.

It appeared that I had been completely blown by hot wind as I saw him entering his chamber. After a while he came out with a file and walked past me out of floor.

I didn't want to stay there any more. I went to cabin, locked my drawer. Still there were fifteen minutes left but I finished the day and walked out of floor.

At home the things were not different than mill. Mother had nothing to tell me, there was no call from Mrs. Sen.

I was not in mood to talk with any one and went upstairs. I had been waking all through last night so after dinner, I went to sleep.

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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
I woke around five in morning by noises of doors from downstairs but there was nothing to talk with mother. My lady was in sleep besides me. Her thick lips were again inviting me. I could distinctly see some minute swellings and cuts on her lower lip.

I recalled the dream-walk and the disappointing yesterday. Certainly for a man like me, that position in exports required a price. I knew that my wife was best in mill rather in town. Further I had no doubt that CEO of my mill had intensely fallen for her and the exchange proposal, he had sent was very much in balanced to her beauty. They do not see such women daily on roads. If there were any substance in Mrs. Sen's talks then my wife would be there in some or other way.

Looking at her on bed I thought; would Reddi ever sleep with her? Why I desperately waited call from Sen? I was not sure myself what exactly I wanted! But every act of me testified - I wanted that position!

As I looked at my sleeping wife, my dick began itching and soon I had full erection. I sat on bed and opening my pajama, I took out hard shaft pulling its fore skin, put its tip on her lips I rubbed its mushroom head very sensuously on her lips. Then I repeatedly tried to insert it in her mouth; she woke. Looking at me with wide eyes she lowered her eyeballs and saw at the hard shaft that I was trying to slip in her closed mouth.

I wanted day to be successful form the first act of day. Not to put any uneasiness to my lady and I carefully I withdrew tip from her lips and looked in her widened eyes. I lovably put my left hand on her head and moved my fingers very gently on her hair.

Again looking deeper in her eyes I slipped fingers to her lip and said whispering," Please take it in mouth, please, please pleeaaseee!"

Her eyes slipped to my cock that was just touching her mouth and were fixed on it.

She reluctantly opened her lips a bit and not missing the moment I quickly fed it in her mouth and slipped further by exerting softest possible pressure but that began choking her mouth.

"But you are crushing me," She said pushing my belly up by her hands, "If you want me to do than sit on your feet or lay straight on bed and let me come up"

I carefully ensured her comfort and moved up to squat on bed bridging over her neck so my erect cock was just touching her lips. She opened her mouth and I lowered myself a bit. The mushroom went in her through her teeth and she raised her head to take it further. There after she began sucking taking it more and more. It began sensitizing me to break. I had never cum in her mouth and at that was not the time to do it. In about ten minutes I begged her to leave my cock.

She moved her head down and my shaft coated by her salvia hanged in air. My juices too quoted her lips.

I was happy, as that was the good start of day, good omen, which I desperately needed.

I gave her a good morning fuck to the best of my ability.

Ruchi wiped semen traces by a napkin from her fenny and tiny hairs there, rearranged her and kurta and tied slawar cord and went downstairs. I however favored a nap.

It was around 7:30 when I woke up and in an hour I would leave home to reach factory at 9:00.

I had a pleasing start of day. I expected the day to be good. Moving scooter on bumpy road to mill was tiring job but I was happy as my cute wife had given me a nice daybreak. After denials and teasing for two days, this morning she resumed pleasing my cock by her mouth. With that I could shed my apprehensions that she was neglecting me after her eyes met with those of horny CEO.

At 8:52 AM I was in daily crowds entering the mill gate but today I felt differently. Who else in that herd possessed that lovely wife?

I reached my departmental floor in sheds and did routine morning stock checks before coming to my tiny ply wood cabin. There were no fresh papers to look.

My thoughts began rambling. I was in jumble and I still was unsure of sharing my wife's with any one.

The intercom buzzed and interrupted my thoughts. It was my boss who broke a pleasing news to me. Last evening Mr. Sen had asked him to send a special reports about my work and conduct and little later he event sent his peon to collect it from him! However my boss feared that the report was asked because of some mischievous complaint against me. He assured me that I should not be worried any more as he had sent a pleasing report. I could only give him warm thanks.

Impulsively I began feeling a sexy itch in my belly. By all consequences I would be getting a call from Mr. Sen very soon or may be even from Reddi ji. I sense the urgency of having clear thoughts while I talk with them.

A simple cup of tea helps to put nerves at right place so locking my drawer I walked toward mill canteen. I sat on the small table at an empty corner.

The tea came and I began to put the things one by one.

God had placed me equally with them. If they had power and money, I had most pretty lady on my bed. If I acted like dumb they would steal her in some or other way. The offer was unbelievable as I compared my crap cabin with the impressive position of manager exports, I had seen last day. I recalled morning crowds at mill gate running in herds to their machines. I knew this was the time to act; opportunities do not knock again and again.

I must talk with them open-mindedly and see their basket and may do so even for fun. I could talk them presuming that my wife would accept Reddi to some extent for the betterment of my family. May be with that price it would not be only a one-night-stand. There could be many other complexities but I too would be having many options. If at later stage I didn't feel for it, I could always back out telling them that my wife was not going with it.

I even shrewdly considered bribing Sen in some way to sway the deal in my best favor as Reddi was depending on him.

I had now a concrete setup in my mind. I thanked tea and walked out of canteen.

As I reached my cabin, the blue dressed peon was waiting outside of my cabin but it was no more a surprise for me. He informed me that Sen Sahib wanted to see me at 3:15 today after noon.

So it had come.


At 3:15 as I entered the princely room of Mr. Sen I felt tender fingers of some beautiful lady slowly gliding on my strained underwear. That was a big room with tender green tint, nicely lit by soft florescent lights, wall to wall carpet and long green curtains. The room had a select smell that gave me a sexy feeling.

Mr. Sen appearing tall and fair colored, sat on revolving chair behind an elegantly arranged table and was occupied in pile of documents. He wore a superior quality gray suite and matching tie over his explicit white shirt. The rectangular framed glasses over his electric eyes matched his face. Just behind of him on wall was a door, perhaps leading to his rest room.

As I moved towards his table, he raised his head and smilingly waved me to sit. I sat on graceful chair in front of him.

' How are you, young?" he asked knocking his words on me.

"Nice, sir." I said as pleasing as I could. I felt better nerves in me.

He said imposing his words, "I wanted to talk some thing about a new place in exports area, but your mother told us that you have been quite upset after Reddi met your wife in that marriage function."

I sensed the shrewdness but I didn't speak.

"Is it so?" He asked looking at me.

"Reddi ji is a big man sir." I spoke hesitantly.

His eyes penetrated deeper in me," No, You should speak, it is important. We are like family here "

" Sir if you ask me, I think he had extremely lusty eyes over my wife's body but the whole thing became so apparent to every one there -that embarrassed me." I paused a bit," I knew she attracts lot of people but if you look a lady like that before others particularly her in- laws... I mean every it not embarrassing to her?"

Contrary to his expectations I had not acted like a dumb.

My reply appeared to have set a fire in him. He said with interest, "I value your feelings," he said then thinking a bit," Well there are things you also should know."

He paused and looking at walls as he said," I think we may better come in retiring room." Then picking up his intercom instructed his personal assistant that he should not be disturbed.

I followed him to back wall door and entered a nice retiring room that had a homely touch in white curtains and wall to wall carpeted floor. It had a medium sized sofa with two love seats and a black glass center table. There was a small white fridge in corner. On wall, there was a big imposing photograph of him and his wife with Reddi ji against background of Niagara Fall.

He preferred the large sofa and I sat on love seat to his right.

He spoke, "Putting it plainly, I agree that Reddi ji was quite impressed by your family and to say by the most desirable lady he had ever seen. However for this you can not entirely blame him, I believe, if you know he was misinformed about something."

He continued," Reddi ji and me are from same college and have been more than friend for twenty-five years. He has very large energies of every type. You know this mill was dying. I suggested our board to try and bring Reddi ji here from Gujrat were he was Chief Manager in a textile factory." He spoke." Now see, here we are expanding every day."

To me it looked that he meant some thing special by very large energies!

I said trying to push my shoe toe through the carpet " This is true but why should some one misinform him about my wife and make him unnecessarily so horny!" I saw he again avoided his eyes, this time longer than was necessary.

I too was showing my skills.

He began, "This is a personal side of him but since you have some feelings, let me tell you. He is not fortunate like you in ladies and had terrible marriage. Since last three years his wife has left him and even took their daughter and is living with her parents at Bombay. This whole thing had been extremely agonizing to Reddi ji."

I had heard but didn't know that much. "Oh! It is depressing!" I said

"Is it really necessary for you to know more?" He asked.

"Not necessary sir but it may help me to appreciate his miseries and may be, I could be of some help to mean in some way." I put a set of meaningful words before him.

Mr. Sen eased on back of sofa and said," Even after break of marriage he keeps great stamina to work and keeps him entirely fit. His mornings are spent in gym and he eats complete flawless non-vegetarian & extremely potent food. As far as I have seen that has generated huge male energies in him. But please believe me, till that night he saw your wife, he had rigidly kept his eyes away from any woman because he is too shy to even talk and miserably fails with ladies. I, as his intimate friend always wanted him to get relief from his such unending physical tortures. I even tried to shift beautiful females from other sections to his office. "

Perhaps to me he clearly meant that Reddi was an unsatisfied strong but shy bull living in extreme sexual tortures. So seeing a very sexy lady he lost all his controls.

The thoughts further strained my underwear as I remembered his huge testicles that were showing through his pants. They must be dripping with thickest semen.

I said with better understanding, "He is miserable, and giving him wrong clues about some beautiful lady literally killing him. He is lucky to have considerate friends like you. "

He looked in my eyes, "Is it ok now? "

'Yes sir, if you tell a bit more."

"Certainly I would like to talk to an understanding man like you." He said, "but let me first talk about the main business which is important for mill."

"Sir." I didn't insist in best salesman's sprit.

"You know we are gigantically expanding our export business. Board has set export targets to Rs 4500 million for next years against 3200 millions done so far in this year. That would be a great jump. "

I exclaimed," Almost double!... But they should have no problem till a capable man like you is here."

I saw a spark in his eyes.

He said," It is a challenge. We are dealing in many countries in Middle East; Africa, Latin areas and West Asia. The main problem was that our men were busier making their own jobs and fly with company's secrets. We have to expand this wing with people committed to mill. I was worried about the challenges and talked to board about it. They have almost approved one more post for manager with set targets." He said.

"That's a good, truly sir." I said.

He was appreciative for my interest in his problems," It is important for you to understand that consideration to put you in exports has no direct connection with CEO's fascination for your wife."

For the first time he used CEO for Reddi ji.

"It looks great but how could you ever thought of me sir." I asked him as speechlessly as I could. "

He said, "Manager exports under present circumstances would not be just a routine office job. We have big challenges by throat cutting rivals and they have all tactics. They were even using ladies to break official's shelves. We need synthesized endeavors round the clock. If we have finest lady with us like you have...This is like taming all influential people –in countries. You have to find appropriate solution for each man."

His tone changed to firm, "and we have real challenge in Africa. It has biggest business potential but due to corruption our rivals breaks their way easier."

"How you expect me to do it." I put a natural question.

"You have seen just two days before a childlike attraction of big men towards fine lady."

He paused a bit and asked me in lower voice," Would it offend you if I talk on that line? "

"I would hunt every possibility to get the result." I said in shrewdness to extract best from him.

For a moment he thought and saw in my eyes," Actually on that night for the first time I realized that how quickly a big and strong man like Redii ji fell on his knees before your beautiful lady by a little misinformation about that woman. Instantly I had an idea that we can break any thick headed man... I mean think over that. Little homely touch in business can be wonderful and may lead us to top shelves."

I was getting his point but still who misinformed Redii about my wife was puzzling me.

My confidence in me was now better. I asked," Still I am confused what misinformation could be that?"

Mr. Sen smiled," Forget man...but I would like to speak about that too..." after little thinking he said," Like to have some coffee?"

With out waiting me he picked intercom and asked his PA to send two coffees.

"How do you think you can do here?" He asked me.

"It is interesting to deal different people in other countries," I felt ready to fly.

"I appreciate that... Are you sure you would be getting cooperation from your family...I mean from your wife." He asked.

The same blue dressed peon came with a try having two cups and placed cups on center table. From corner of eyes he looked curiously at me for a few seconds.

This was the first direct question that made my red blood rushing to my face. While sipping coffee I felt that my nerves had further improved.

I said cautiously weighing each of my word," Sir I think we can not neglect our rivals' tactics. I am not sure at this moment but I have seen men strongly falling for my wife. I think we may give them highest attention depending on requirements, if the man is really worth."

"That would be basic theme for your consideration to that place." Sen said straightly peeping in my eyes.

Sen had put the things direct to me in best way. I gathered all my nerves.

" If you tell me bit more of Reddi ji's fascination for my wife, how it would be in coming days?" I said.

Sen taking an unusually long sip of coffee spoke," Look, I may again tell you Reddi had excellent control over his tremendous sexual energies till he saw your lady under some illusion.. "

It raised my excitement and curiosity," Ohh! You were not joking that he had not touched a woman in three years. "

"Absolutely true! He is like burning a furnace ready to explode. Is it not torturous with out any woman particularly when nature has given him such massive sex organs? As a friend I had been telling him to find some woman at least temporarily but he always laughed. "

He hold his breath before he spoke again," On that marriage night, your wife looked stunning. I had not seen such a lady before. We didn't know she was your wife. I asked Reddi ji to look at her and in no time he was absolutely mesmerized by her erotic appeal."

He said looking deeper at me," Should I tell?"

I said," Please, it is fascinating."

Mr. Sen continued," Some one told him...Well you can assume it was me...that she likes hard fucking and I had contacts with her. It was just a pass time remark but it gave him strongest shiver.

It was a coincidence that you with family walked to us and introduced her to Reddi ji. I saw him melting his entire rules of three years in three minutes and he became ragged under passion."

I was stunned by his plain admission but that brought me a kind of frenzy in me too.

"Do you think he is still under that state. " I asked him.

"Certainly, he is worst now. The problem is that he is too simple and takes many things for granted. "

It was now my turn to open up," As his true friend do you want my wife to sleep with him?"

His eyes showed an extreme valuation of my words as he said," As I told you, putting you in exports has no direct connection to that incidence. My wife feels that your family has been loyal to the mill ; so you are a choice. "

"Sir I mean... Reddi ji expect me to do... favors to him if you moot the case." I asked him plainly.

He replied keeping his words calculated," Our board wanted some thing like this. It is a strong case. However regarding other side of my friend, Reddi ji certainly needs some relief, it is for you to evaluate his miseries but surely he would never insists for this against any one's will."

Mr. Sen smilingly concluded," Ok young, think over it and let me know tomorrow at 3:30 here."

So it would be a complete business cum sex package.

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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
It was 4:25 as I came out of Mr. Sen's office. I wanted to go home so took leave and left for home.

I felt that my life had changed all of a sudden. A man had talked so successfully about my wife's sexy assets and using that for seducing big business guns for muti-millions deals. It was greatest complement to me but how I was going to take it now? However again I realized hugeness of power of nature over human creations.

I reached home at about 5 pm two hours early than normal schedule. Ruchi and Manisha had gone to market. I took mother upstairs and told her, that had happened, as plainly as was possible.

She didn't look much surprised and was buried in thoughts for some moments and asked," What you really wish?"

"I don't know really!" I was confused for the first time on that day.

She began speaking slowly; " I too thought it earlier. See! our family has been loser from generations. People make jokes of us. "

She thought a bit," Your father retired from an inferior job and you too struggling just at middle level. Who in this world stands for us? "

She paused a bit," If you get this place... it can bring wonders to us, from honor to every thing. I know such things."

Remembering some thing she looked at my face and said," You know Sushma my cousin?"

"In Mauritius? " I said.

She spoke smilingly "We were grown up together. She got married three years earlier to me. Her husband was in Mauritius worked in a sugar mill. They have now made a big position.

One year after my marriage she sent me return air tickets to come to her for about a week and that was the only time your father and I went out went out. It was a great place to live and work. They suggested your father too may get good job there."

She said recalling her mind, " Incidentally in one late morning hours a Tanzanian living in Mauritius whom they know and his Egyptian friend who had come Mauritius for the first time, came to their house for a brief hasty halt just to refresh while they were passing through the town in a hired safari gypsy. He was escorting his friend to different places in island. They were on their way to National Park and Botanical Garden. The Tanzanian was quite a jolly and worked in manpower section in a textile mill in Mauritius.

Sushma and I quickly prepared some snacks but they had little time so we packed it for way.

Sushma hurriedly told him about us and asked him to tell a worthy job for your father. He looked quite interested. These people are very fond of Indian women's company. He wanted to take Sushma and me with them to National Park but your father didn't agree since it required a night stay. After that we didn't meet him."

She said," I think you make up your mind and act of your own."

"But if things comes up, how can I ever say to Ruchi to sleep with some one. That will spoil her. " For the first time I was so open before my mother.

She said in least audible words, "It is important that you two must have perfect confidence in each other. "

She was motherly telling me," It is difficult...I mean boyish to talk her like that. She can give company to a quality man with you or may be alone with some kind of freedom at times. "

She was speaking each word restrictively "I know adult homely ladies of our class have personal feelings but they would never speak. If she likes some one, she would have an inherent weakness for him and it is up to him how he passages with her. It is better if you limit yourself to that... I mean let her understand the net worth of a thing and put right atmosphere to her. If she hates any one don't insist or she would be spoiled. You know Mrs. Sen was to some extant in similar net but Sen had left it to her will. I do not think they have any problems in family."

She spoke sluggishly," More over If it comes at all, you can keep it very infrequent and for exclusive events. You may put limitations like rules... It doesn't mean that she should actually go in all events and you may find other solutions for him to keep your family upright."

She saw at my relieved face, "You may tell so directly or otherwise to Mr. Sen when you next meet him. "


I began to get idea of basket but still I was not sure how exactly it would be coming in our family. I had the same prudence that my wife would never accept any sex pushed on her but she was sensitive and a worthy man had good possibility for her but in confidence under explicit atmosphere. As regards Reddi ji I was certain that he had a set of huge genitals with enormous undischarged gummy semen boiling to flood my wife's married pleasure hole.


My wife Ruchi and sister Manisha returned from market after 6 p.My wife came upstairs to change in hurry and saw me on bed. She was looking stunning in blue sari and long sleeved blouse with bluish bangles in her arms. By surprise, I noticed that her 35 inches hips were looking a bit wider, giving a better trace of extensive crack between them. It strained my cock and I told her not to pleasssee change her sari. Looking me in dismay she went down for her busy evening schedules while I lay on bed just looking at ceiling and thinking of that crack.

My thoughts gradually drifted again to present events.

Although my wife had good idea of on-going events but I didn't know how I was going to make her listen me. I was only sure that I would have to talk her. I thought again and again of my mother's words and that really proved an excellent guide to me. I took a writing pad from side drawer and began logically writing the issues and points. Ultimately I came to a good conclusion and wrote the steps concisely on a fresh pad paper, making an extra copy and put the pad back in that drawer.

She came up around 10 p after finishing downstairs' works. She was still in same synthetic blue sari, she had wore for market. While she turned her back to me to bolt the door I was sure that her hips crack had widened in few days and that invited my eyes to her forbidden rosy opening. I lost track of priorities before me.

She opened almerah and picked salwar and kurta to change but I asked her to come with out changing. She appeared unwilling but still obliged me.

As she laid on bed, I put my hand on her breasts and said in sultry words," Please lay on your belly...I just want to kiss you only at your lovely back, uninterrupted!"

As I slowly said this odd request she looked at me and seeing at my gradually intoxicating eyes her face and eyes too began turning heavy and she slowly turned her back for me. I put my lips on her on her silky flat back. Feeling the tight bra lines I began slipping my mouth all her over blouses tightly covering her back. I moved my lips to the back of her neck and raising her arms, glided my lips in her moistened arm- pits to the extent I could manage from her back.

Gradually I shifted my lips to her naked silky back below bra line between her blouse and sari and moved fingers swiftly over her sari on her hips. Now very slowly I was traversing erotic hill mound feeling every centimeter of it. I thought, how many males would give up every thing to feel this beautiful crack between those mounds?

Replacing my fingers by my tongue, I made it to gradually drift to valley but the layer of her sari and then petticoat over panty were hindering any true feel of that. I extended my right arm towards her feet and pulled the hem of her sari. As the sari began uncovering her legs a wave of shame shivered her. She thrust her face deep in pillow with arms folding on back of her head. I pulled sari up releasing it from tugs as much as I could, and that gave me way to my mark. I rolled a bit sideways and slipped my head to her wide pulpy hips still under white petticoat. I moved my lips just below to her covered thick thighs joint and began counting my kisses till they were exactly twenty.

She again gave a shiver and rolled a bit on her right and folding her one leg upwards. This brought her pulpy hips before me in their full width and widened her hip crack. I knew that just by pressing the taut petticoat bridging her mounds, I would be on her valley crack.

I was laying on my right. I again extended my left hand to the hem of her petticoat with clear intention to pull it up and uncover her hips. She moved her hand from her head and jerked my hand that was trying to pull petticoat.

"Why darling please let me...see your hips naked." I said in hardly audible words.

"Nooo...I know... you will put your mouth looks very dirty. Just do that if you want with petticoat there. " She spoke word by word.

"Pleasse let me pull petticoat, I will not remove underwear...please!" I said.

She firmly hold my hand saying softly," Ohhh please, but... have no underwear there."

"Why darling! "

"Those have become very tight in last few days and squeeze my joints and hips. Today I brought Itch-guard tube from medical store, I always feel itch there." She said.

Oh! Now I knew the reason of her hips looking wider. I was not wrong. She had no underwear there to hold them tightly.

Respecting her wish, I left the hem of petticoat and moved my lips to the cloth over spongy cushions hiding her crack.


I opened my eyes at 6:35 in morning. My wife was in deep sleep lying on her right but mostly rested on her belly. I had been fucking her till 2 in morning. Her sari, laid on side chair, and her petticoat had come up almost to her leg joints that only covered her crack.

I saw her exposed back of her thighs and then they're meeting place. I got glimpses of her hairs and start of slit hidden in closed pulpy seat. How beautiful, women look lying that way.

I put my lips just at that pace which gave me a pungent mushy smell. I began kissing leg joint counting every kiss till they were fifty.

She opened her eyes and I pulled her to me. Now this was the time to talk her of business; about man who was mad to sleep with her.

I struggled a bit to gather words to say, " Darling! Last day Sen told me that they are likely to put me in exports."

"Great! Congratulations. " She said.

I said sultrily," Sen also told me that Reddi is not coming to senses after seeing you that night."

She blushed red as if all of her blood had come to her face. Her face and eyes again began becoming heavy. She looked at me in perfect amaze.

I said in my ever-lowest voice, "I think we need not feel Reddi ji a beast any more. Sen asked me to believe that Reddi is too shy and simple a man to ask for any woman. He had acted abnormally on that evening only due to a mischievous instigation's by some one. In fact his wife left him three years back and..."

Interrupting me suddenly she said in humid voice, " He is a worthy and nice but too shy, having large energies. He goes to gym and likes rich food but had not thought any woman till saw me that night...Like- like, Is it so!"

I almost jumped, "How do you know that?"

"Ladies have special ear," she smiled," Mother told me every thing you had said to her." She appeared lost some where.

"Really but when?"

"After we returned from market and you were laying here. "

An anxiety came in my mind that mother might have also told her some thing about proposed job's requirements of decoding big business contacts. That might unnecessary widened the scope of more ifs and buts.

"What did she told you?" I asked her.

"She told me gigantic things about your CEO."

Thanks! Mother had limited herself in giving her information only about Reddi ji.

"Look Ruchi, it is important that we understand the situation. They are giving us the position that we had never dreamed. " I said to her in most plain words.

She didn't say a word.

"Darling you know it, Reddi is in tortured state after seeing you that night... I mean if we consider this some way and we meet him again just to thank him or some thing like that."

"But what is the guarantee he would not loose his mind before every one after seeing me again." She said.

"Sen feels he is in real misery and expects us to give him bit of ease. It may be important for export things to go further although Sen had not said it categorically but it may be implied. " I said, "Well, I know it is difficult question for a lady to think and answer."

I put my lips to her lips and kissed them intimately.

"It is like that. You are married to me and we have an unbelievable opportunity for biggest career boost. We know that breaks not come again and again."

I said glumly," You are tempting and difficult to resist by any man particularly living in female exile... He has every thing - great life, great food, great body but is restless for a particular woman. He was keeping strict control over him for years but you melted him as if he was wax."

I continued," What if we give him some of your company to him? Not necessarily...I mean beyond limits...further it will depend only on you how you feel with him. "

She blushed and spoke in taunt," A man suggesting his wife to be flirted by his powerful boss. Is it not please, husband?"

"I am rather giving you purpose to think and feel. We can logically analyze the situation. Look, assume you are most pretty woman of earth and have two men here. One is your husband. The other man...I mean big man eager to boost your husband's career."

I said raising her curiosity," You love your husband and we are faithful to each other. The big man after seeing you, is killing himself."

She was truly looking in my eyes,' The more you restrict to your husband, we drift away from unbelievable coming to us. While as you think more for that big man, unbelievable begin chasing us but you may feel drifting from husband. "

She was mindful of my words.

"I thought over it that...

Here I lay on bed. Suppose the upper part of me is mine...I mean your husband and the below waist is Reddi. You have seen him quite closely and felt his vast heat on that evening. Now depending how you feel exactly you give stars to both of us, like they give to heroes. I mean for honest understanding of situation."

"Me giving him and you stars. You crazy man! " She asked.

"Wait a minute I am telling you...

Five stars to me: You kiss my lips five times distinctly: means-I AM ONLY YOURS. Highest possible grading to me but that would eradicate any chance for getting this boost. Lesser number of kisses means lessening step by step my husbandly position."

I continued with a pause," Now look at Reddi...I mean at my hard penis. NO KISS MEANS: it not possible for you to give him any company. Like five stars to me. Export things may not move that way.

Now ONE kiss at penis head means ONE STAR: you don't like him but can meet him only in my presence for career sake. Ascending number of kissed indicates better position for him. "

I looked at her face, which was red like a fresh tomato. She spoke shakily," I can' please...I can't."

I said," We have to give answer to ourselves dear before I reply Sen. It is not a force on any one of us."

She looked in my eyes.

I took out the pad from drawer, pulled the paper from binding and gave it to her.

"Darling, I have written choices on it. Read it."

She took it in uncertain hands and saw amazingly at it. T took another copy and read to her what I had written ;

- - - - - - - -

STARS to me.

*I am yours but impressed by Reddi ji for his big manly capacities.

**I am yours but also think of Reddi ji.

***I am yours.

***I am ONLY yours.

*****I am only –only- only-only-only yours.

- - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - -

STARS to Reddi ji.

* As woman I don't like him, but we are grateful to Reddi ji so I can give him some company in my husband's presence..

**After meeting him with my husband if I feel impressed, I may take me to public places like movies and hotels.

***I am impressed by his manly capacities and if he behaves properly in public while I am around him, he may win me discretely.

**** I am impressed too by his devotion for me and would like to consider him.

*****I too is attracted to him. "

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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
She looked at me as if I was crazy but I sustained my seriousness.

As she tried look at paper, " Read that darling. It would give us a logical answer."

Looking at wall clock I said," It is now 7:12. I shall be leaving for mill at 8:30. We have little less than one and half-hour. Please think and come upstairs at 8:15. I shall be on bed with eyes closed and naked below sheet. You remove the sheet and uncover me completely. Tell to Reddi and me through your lips. I will not open my eyes till you reply."

I said with a pause," I would open my eyes only after your reply and none of us would ever speak of this again. "

I saw trace of treats in her eyes. She read the paper again and again at least three times and cut her lower lip between teeth. I saw her eyelids were becoming heavy and intoxicated as she read it third time. Uncertainly an unprecedented rag of passion was engulfing her like wild fire.

I said deeply looking at her," But you would swear in name of my life...and speak truth how you take him."

She looked at me as if she had been thrown from a cliff. Even her ears began turning red.

Before her tears could emerge any more, I spoke," Take it in you please. I would never feel offended how you feel about him dear. He is a damn sexy man even from his look. He has biggest possible manly energies and is untouched by any woman for so much years. A virgin strongest and important man indeed. Every one has feelings. Now this has become prime important as I have to reply Sen in after noon. I fact I would also be excited if you have some fancy. This would really help us."

As I spoke about his capacities her eyelids dropped heavily and her lips went dry. She took my arm in her palm," But I can't swear for your life."

" We want to know truth even from ourselves. I can swear what I said is true to letters."

She took the paper and folding it went downstairs.

I had more than an hour to lay. Although I had given her that set of questions but I knew what her reply would be! She had the only choice of giving Reddi one Star means she didn't like him but may meet him while I would be there. Although stars for me didn't matter much but she had no choice but to give me three stars means she was only mine.

My basic idea was to break her erotically for the first time, as she would compulsorily kiss my cock knowing that it meant kissing Reddi's huge naked penis.

It gave me a strong surge in my loins. I would have to control or I may cum on my face. I didn't want to show my own weakness even to me at moment because that stuffed multi-millions transitions in it.

I had been laying there for more than half an hour.

It was 7:50. She came swiftly counting her steps. Her face was still heavy and reddish with sex load she had.

She came near to bed but before she could speak I pulled her to me and put my lips on hers. I kissed her and slid my tongue in her mouth. The three minutes union under that circumstance sent both of us in hot furnace.

She whispered as if she was in biggest guilt,"Pleasseee don't ask me to do that. I can't think...Nooo I can't dare that."

"Do that, open up pleeaassee. We have to, you know." I said pulling her lower lip between my teeth.

"You will not be upset?" She asked shakily.

'How could I? I know a weighty man that matters me has gone insane for you." I said like a child,"You tell your mind and after that we will never speak about it and reply to Sen that, let the things come at their own. But please not forget you are under swearing. "

Her face had gone wholly sultry as if she had extreme twitter deep in her female wealth.

She bite her lower lip and moved out of room.

I was 7:58, only fifteen minutes more –I was not worried about her answer, as I knew her only choice. It was the thrill of speaking to my wife about another man that had given me a wild excitement.

I had not taken bath but I postponed that for between 8:15 and 8:30.

My cock was straight and up and bursting under an unknown fear and tingle. I felt I would not be able to hold discharge. But in any case I had to keep control over me.

I got up from bed and with shaking hands put off my night kurta and pajama, followed by baniyan and underwear and carefully concealed them under the mattress. I was shark naked standing besides that empty wedding bed.

I laid myself on the bed. I lay straight and pulled the flower printed cotton sheet over me up to neck. My stiff had tented the sheet. I had no control over that but thanked God that I had not cum.

I saw the clock. I was 8:08.

I continued to watch bigger needle moving second wise. Its each 360-degree round looked like moving along periphery of Pacific Ocean. I didn't know how many times I might have tried to count my beats till it trickled to 8:13.

I prayed to God to give me more self control.

I pulled the sheet over my face and head. I lay there like a man waiting for a tempest to come in my life.

Ultimately a minute later I heard cautious sounds of opening and then closing and bolting the door.

From the micro pores in sheet fibers I sensed her image coming near the bed. She remained there for few seconds perhaps looking at the stiff tent. I closed my eyes tightly.

She drew the sheet from my face and pulled downwards to my thighs. My pole was fully erected, naked to ceiling.

I got a feeling of complete stillness in the room for about five seconds and as I had anticipated I felt her kneeling on my face.

I was going to get four may be five hot kisses from my sweet heart. Her tender lips touched mine. If she gave me five stars ; I thought ending of export line.

She kissed me once, lowest grade I could have

I am yours but impressed by manly Reddi.

Her lips moved away and after about 10 seconds again came in contact with my lips and she kissed once more. I clearly felt her lips were shaky.

Second kiss, I was unguarded to second step:

I am yours but also think of Reddi ji.

Her exhalation drifted from my lips and again there was the gap. I loosened my lips this time just to give her lips this time a swift bite.

I gap of time became more evident, she was teasing me.

To my wildest incredulity of life I felt her face was moving towards Reddi's side.

I sensed her breath close to my strained shaft. It came near the testicles and gradually climbed upwards along the shaft. I shivered as I felt her exhalation seeping on mushroom head of my...I mean on Reddi ji's penis.

She kissed the head by flatting her lips to hold it as much as she could do.

Reddi got one star, lowest grade but better than zero ;

---As woman I don't like you, but we are grateful to you so I can give you some company in my husband's presence.

Two stars to me and one to Reddi ji and that were the solution. I could give some positive answer to Mr. Sen.

Her breath drifted away but I could hear her both, the inhalations and exhalations. My heart had come almost to stand still. Reddi ji had a kiss on his shaft from my wife.

Again very slowly I felt another feel of her breath gradually coming near to penis.

Surprising she again began from balls, gradually climbing up. She almost took the head in mouth and gave a feeling of her salvia wetness all over it and then withdrawing her lips, she kissed again.

Second kiss, best possible stars to Reddi ji

---- After meeting you with my husband if I feel impressed, you may take me to public places like movies and hotels.

There was a deadly silence in the room and I heard breathing of both of us.

I thanked my lady. She had given reply in most suitable way. I could now perfectly speak to Sen and things would become straight. I still had my eyes tightly closed.

Suddenly I felt her fingers trickling on the shaft again and she pulled the skin to towards base, making pink head more exposed to air.

Gradually I felt her breath again coming near the head. She brought her lips near to it in hesitation. She lowered her shaking lips and kissed it once more.


I felt a cloud had abruptly burst on me and I was flooded with water. My heart missed at least five beats in chain.

I got TWO and Reddi got THREE Stars. He was the clear winner.

Was he getting another star? I thought sweating almost to my neck.

I had lost track of time. I felt her female heat near my face and then drifted to my left ear.

She whispered," Are you angry dear giving three to Reddi ji! You swore me not to lie. "

Still closing my eyes rigidly, I pulled her and passionately kissed her lips," Nooo dear never thanks."

She kissed my ear again and I heard sounds of her walking out of room.

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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
Still lying naked on bed, I was in hell of excitement as only few minutes before my cute wife had at last broken the
most critical dilemma of our married life and revealed her mind in favor of other man. My cock was steeling rigid and was straight up to roof.

The CEO of my mill after seeing my wife in a function had gone crazy for her beauty and had sent bumper proposals that my family had never dreamed. That obviously meant getting our consent for her hand.

For complete three days and nights my family had been in the clutches of extreme lusts and fears, grossly unable to decide the way. It was not in my guts to discuss those indecent things with my wife but my witty mother helped me to great extent.

After collating all possible plus and minus she modestly replied questioner by kissing CEO's mock cock precisely three times. That was exactly three times of my expectations and meant she gave three stars to CEO and one star to me and that finally meant, I could not only say yes to him but she admired him as a man.

Else she had also given me a silky rope to tie our future!

I felt as if I was sitting on a bullet train and objects were fast trailing behind like dots. For the first time in four days my colleagues appeared to me as tiny grains of sand.

On other real side, I had only few minutes for leaving for mill but my cock had left me in no position to go even for bath. It was exploding and wanted to cum. I swept my hand over that, it came parallel to my loins momentarily but sprang up again.

In grip of strong lust I called my wife just loud enough for her to hear me downstairs. Few minutes later I heard her footsteps climbing the stairs. She came in and saw me naked on bed with my standing pole.

She smiled with annoyance," Chhh chhh, You would be late!"

I looked in her eyes and spoke most sultry words of my life," Take it please."

She came towards bed and glanced my hard shaft for few moments. Then smilingly she knelt besides the bed and took her mouth near my shaft. She then opened her mouth quite wide and leaning further lowered that on my standing penis to almost three fourth of its length.

There was no lip or tongue contact with my shaft but I could feel the wet warmth of her breath around whole shaft. A couple of minutes later she lightly closed her mouth but not making any grasp to shaft and she slipped her lips loosely up and down few times. After that she finally kissed at mushroom tip and stood up.

She softly slapped her hand over my wet shaft and smiled," Get up now or you would be late."

Looking at my pity state but unable to stay any more, she left the room.

I got up from the bed but had the most difficult bath of my life with that hard cock.


At 8:55 am, I was entering the same gate of mill but that looked completely different that day.

I went to floor and then to my tinny cabin. I didn't know why I felt more affinity for that wooden cabin. Sitting there I tried to listen noises of machines but they appeared strangely calm.

Some where in my mind I was worried how it all was going to happen so drastically. It was important for this bumper assignment that my wife had better consideration for big people we were likely to confront. The most crucial to take- off was Reddi ji. My wife had hijacked his sexual peace. The others would be big and influential people of other continents.

I was now getting better perception of situation. Mr. Sen was a sharp man and had bigger dreams. To the best senses of me, he was looking himself as new CEO or may be vice president of company.

His primary concern was to capture highest trade links in Sub-Saharan Africa and show his strong talents to management. For this specific aim he wanted to obtain Reddi's endorsement on his indecent proposition to use my family for export aims and consequently unspoken approval from company board.

He was not taking risks with new comer like me and wanted me to put on a new additional place as manager exports just to use my wife's assets for new links in African sub continent. For the original post he needed an experienced man to look regular complex office business.

I was shaky how she would encounter colossal black Africans for multi million matters. To my guess if that came to her, she at the best might give them a limited freedom to the extent of touching and may be kissing but it was difficult beyond that. Today it was clear to me that she was conservative but it was not like that her assets were made only for me, there was every possibility for a man with capacities to attract her.

However I was afraid that if it came forcibly on her than our married life would be in greatest mess.

I kept on thinking but again and again came to same unsure ending: let the things take their own course. I was not sure that an uncertain answer would do with Sen.

Sitting in cabin I became scared of frequents tremors of uneasiness coming to me. I left the cabin and amid machine crawls, walked to the third floor that was next to mine and saw Ravinder. He was a colleague of me and we worked under the same boss. Seeing me, he flashed a smile and I towed him to canteen to have some rejuvenate.

At canteen we chatted aimlessly with cutlets and tea. He casually mentioned our boss's worries when Mr. Sen had asked a report of my work and conduct. I made a hit-or-miss type reply that was even not clear to me. In between talks I continued to think of the pleasures a woman can give to man.

We killed about an hour and then leaving him to his floor I came back to my cabin.

Slowly it was now 3:15 in after noon.

Fifteen minutes later again I would be in that princely chamber of Mr. Sen.

- - - - - - -

Mr. Sen looked friendly sitting on revolving chair as I said calculating each word," Sir I think as you said last day a touch by an exceptionally beautiful woman might break even a king. Certainly my wife can give reasonable freedom to high persons for specific company aims. "

"Suppose, demands more?" Sen asked keenly.

"If we push it on may not work. Believe me sir, it would be a lifetime opportunity for shark African to have courtship with my cute wife, even if it has limits. We have positive outlook and things take a way of their own... I mean we may expect high success rate. "

"I appreciate your point." He spoke," But we are much counting on your wife's talents. Of course we appreciate your mother's maturity but I am yet to see how your wife answers a man of highest business."

I was now getting his shrewd prospective even better.

There was silence for few seconds before I said," Reddi ji is a great man. Believe me sir, I too wish that he got ease. I have no hesitation if he meets my wife but...she has never been with any man except me... he should have better patience with ladies. After all he can get any sexual comfort from women only...he can win a woman by patience." I gave him the best hint.

"That is helping," Sen said, "I believe Reddi ji would be diligent this time. "

After a brief silence Mr. Sen again spoke," You know! Reddi ji is leaving for South Africa tomorrow mid night...I will let you know later."

I said in no hesitation." As you like, sir."

"Ok thanks. " Sen said.

I left his office feeling an uncertain triumphant and came to my tiny cabin.

At about 4:45 while I was completing one register with weekly details my intercom buzzed. It was Sen himself. He asked," Would it be possible for you and your wife to come for dinner today around eight in evening. Please also bring your mother."

I was dazzled to hear him direct on line," It is a honor for us, sir." I said.

I was surprised how fast the jet was taking off.

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12-08-2012, 10:32 AM
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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
It was little late than six as I reached home and told mother about the invitation. She smiled but was not surprised. Ruchi was in our room so I walked upstairs.

She wore black synthetic sari and was leisurely lying on bed reading a magazine. Her both legs were widely open and a bit folded upward, while her loose hairs were over her breasts. Hearing steps she looked up and found me at door.

She grimly smiled but her face was heavy and her eyes were filled by sexual tint. I came to bed, sitting besides her kissed her lips. Before I could speak she told me with dry tongue that about an hour back Mrs. Sen rang mother and invited us for dinner at 8 in evening. She has specifically asked for me.

She looked like as if she was in some fantasy.

Mrs. Sen invitation to them was surprising to me. That meant that before talking me on intercom, Mr. Sen had some consultations with his wife.

My wife was feeling some unease and was opening and closing her legs alternately.

I asked," What is darling?"

She shyly said," I am having uneasiness there." She vaguely pointed her finger towards her leg joints. I recalled her telling me last night of tightening underwears and itch problems.

That gave me a partial erection," may I give some relief by my tongue." I spoke sultrily.

"You naughty man!" She slapped at my back but her face lit in passion.

I said her," You are tempting... Now please get up and be ready for Sens. take a bath... I want you to look exceptional... Wear that black long kurta and white tight salwar?"

She made the same glance at me and closing her thighs bit more tightly she said," What you were saying?"

"I mean just hurry up..." I said.

"No about that... Here." she again pointed her finger towards her groin.

I had immediate reaction on my cock," I could give ease there by tongue."

"But we have no time."

"I can do that quickly." I said.

Her eyes became heavier and she swept her tongue on her dry lips.

"But in five minutes only. First close the door. " She said shakily.

Believe me, for the first time in our married life she said like that. My cock was tortuous.

I sprang to the door, closed that and came back to bed. She was still lying with open and legs folded upward.

I knelt and delicately hold the hem of her black sari and clipped it with her petticoat in my fingers and pulled them up together till both came to her waist. Her legs were already open wide.

I knelt further and saw her crack with small hairs. It had swelled and was wet that emitted an extremely salty smell. I put my tongue to her exact womanhood pie and she shivered. As I slipped my tongue more on her crack and she began hissing and pushing her shivering groin up.

Every tongue slip of me began drawing heavy liquid from her hole.

It continued for five minutes and she was completely blasted herself by passion.

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12-08-2012, 10:32 AM
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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
It was little dark at 7:50 when we reached in mill estate adjoining to our mill. There was a VIP enclosure, which had six old red brick bungalows. Each had a hedge boundary. Sen's bungalows were third in row. A guard with gun at gate escorted us to verandah through a wide paved way. The out side of house was full of flowers and to the extreme right was green house for plants.

While moving on that small approach road through big lawn I looked at Ruchi. She wore long black kurta, tight enough to nicely display her sexy contours and that had slits from hem up to her waist on both sides. These long cuts to some extent sexily revealed sides of her thigh warped in white curidar salwar. Her white bra over her firm round & heavy breasts revealed through her tight black kurta. Her both arms were full of glass black bangles.

Her delicate clean feet were ties in moderate 2" high heel black sandals and showed her dark red polished nails and silver toe ring. At my insistence she had kept her hairs loose that were flowing at her back to her hips.

I was just following her and looked at her lovable wide hips gracefully swaying with her every step. I really felt proud for what I had at my bed. In winters before bathing she stroked her body by wax like cake of solidified coconut oil, which maintained her silky skin and sexy female fragrance. Indian herb shampoo kept her hairs dense and deep right up to her hip mounds.

The guard pressed the bell and a servant quickly answered the call and led us through a wire netted verandah to a lavish living room.

It was big and high roofed room richly carpeted and with long curtains hanging over imposing windows. There were two parallel majestically large sofa sets each with one large four seated and a pair of love seats in graceful blue tapestry. A big-black glassed center table was placed at the center over a white and blue checkered Persian carpet. A number of chairs and stools were placed in between sofas. Roughly those six sofa pieces made a hexagon.

A big TV and musical system was set along right wall. The room was softly lit through over hanging lights. All around on wall there were big imposing oil paintings and enlarged photographs.

Towards inner wall there was a large dining table separated by a carved collapsible wooden stand. On back of it was a door for kitchen and a gallery in center leading inside of house. There were other doors on sidewalls for other rooms.

Ruchi and I sat on a big sofa towards dining side while mother preferred love seat on our right.

A little after Mrs. Sen emerged from gallery. She appeared in late thirties, fair color, not very tin nor fat but bit busty and with nice hips of high-class matures woman. She looked artistic in blue sari with sleeveless blouse and matching black sandals. Her untied hairs not very long, were loosely fell on her back.

On her both arms she wore a pair of gold bangles and in between them her almost forearm half arm was filled by about a dozen of dark blue glass bangles and in few whites between them. Her nails on long fingers were carefully polished in reds and she wore a diamond wedding ring in her forefinger and a silver ring on her married feet's toe.

Although other's wife always look attractive but if I was made a beauty judge, I would have given her half marks to my wife.

Ruchi and I stood as she greeted us. She came near to Ruchi and waved me to sit on sofa that was on verandah side. She sat close to my wife on her right on that large sofa. Mother remained on her right on love seat arranged at an angle to large sofa.

She looked at us intimately as if knowing all for years. Her eyes said she was delighted to see us. The air was calm except some noises of cooking coming from kitchen

She asked my mother about her health and said something about their only kid of ten years. Looking at my wife, she smiling congratulated me and asked my mother to tell her the place where such beautiful ladies are made. Mother smiled and softly tapped her back.

Little later Mr. Sen bit tall and with out unnecessary flesh appeared from gallery. He was wearing a steel gray suite and black tie and had same shining rectangular glasses on his fair face. He was carrying a colorful booklet in his hand.

This time mother also got up from her love seat. He smiling folded his hands towards mother and waved us sit. He came near to me and sat same large sofa to right of me. I was directly opposite to Mrs. Sen while he faced my wife.

The room had a pleasing cool air but it was giving me erotic blow- hot-- blow- cold type breezes. I looked again at Mrs. Sen. How on earth one could even think that she was sleeping with some big man that too with the consent of her husband? The couple looked absolutely faultless.

Mr. Sen flashed a brief smile at my mother and asked," How are you? I still remember the old days!"

" We are well by grace of God and well wishes from good people like you." Mother said waving at me," I very much remember your help in taking him in mill."

"No... No you shouldn't say like that," Sen softly said and asked mother," How do you like we are doing now?"

"I know you always think big." Mother said admiringly.

With a pause he again spoke to mother looking at his wife across the carpet," She was telling me you felt bad for Reddi ji."

I saw that a wave of redness crept on my wife's face. Had he known how many stars she had secretly given his boss, he would have lost his breath!

"No... No Sen are our own people, how can we feel wrong." Mother replied gracefully.

"You know Reddi ji is careless about that but later he felt extremely said." He said.

Mrs. Sen looked at her right to mother," Actually aunty, these both man have become biggest admirer of your family. " Then looking mischievously at her husband she said," Last evening Reddi ji was here and he said me to ask you to find an another wife for him just like your bride."

I looked at my wife sitting in front of Mr. Sen. The redness of her face suddenly engulfed also her ears.

Mrs. Sen hold my wife's hand and teasingly eyed her husband before she spoke to mother," Aunty, Reddi ji is having his problems but you know what my husband said to me...he said me I ask you... You should not to forget him for another wife for some time... "

Sen's fascination for my wife -that was news to me. I was compelled to look at my right to Mr. Sen. He was sheepishly looking at his wife. Mrs. Sen teasingly continued to hold my wife's hand who had lowered her eyes and her face had completely gone red.

My mother again smilingly slapped at the back of Mrs. Sen sat at her left.

An old servant came with a try having coffee and served us.

I looked at Sen from corner of eyes. He was stealing a glance at my wife as she slightly bent to keep her cup on a stool and eased her legs again crossing one over other.

The atmosphere in the room had turned sexy.

As the servant disappeared behind the wooden partition Sen gave me the booklet he was having in his hand.

As I carefully saw and turned paged, I felt that my wife was looking at me curiously.

It was a brochure prepared by India's Textiles Exports Promotion Council displaying pictures and data that exports of synthetic and rayon textiles had risen sharply to Rs. 4,3350 millions a 27 % rise over the previous year. The brochure highlighted that it planed to explore market potential in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana and Mauritius. The council also had programs to introduce Indian manmade textiles through exhibitions in Kenya and had invited industries.

Sen told me that we are one of the best in country in synthetic and rayon's and had best scope in that matter. He meaningfully suggested that my wife and I should begin getting all knowledge regarding this trade.

Mrs. Sen was talking to my mother and I was keeping my ear as mother was telling about my wife's cooking perfection and her talents in music and dancing.

I intervened looking at my wife," Actually if you ask me, she was fanatic for making garden but we do not have much space. She has been insisting for bonsai plants and I think that is what she wants most." I looked at my wife. Ruchi eagerly nodded.

This made Mrs. Sen almost to jump. "You never told..." Then realizing it was our first such meeting She said," We had big collection on bonsai. Last year Reddi ji went to Japan and added a truck load to that."
It compelled my wife too to jump in talks and she asked," Really, in this house?"

'We have a semi closed terrace garden on roof. It is best in area. I will show you. It is in fact a creation of Reddi ji."

I never saw Ruchi so curious.

Mr. Sen took brochure from me and waved her to come to him. She was swift to answer and walked to us. He waved her to sit and she carefully sat on his right, tilting towards him and not resting her back on back of that large sofa. She had shrieked her legs inwards to base. Surely he had a good feel of her coconut mingled womanly fragrance.

Sen gave her the booklet and asked her to see it. She turned the pages with keen interest. As she came to last leaf, Sen tried to explain by extending his forefinger to paper but she had difficulty in holding paper flat in air so she put that on her lap.

Sen told her moving his fingers over the paper, "See this, I would like to know how you think about this exhibition business in Africa." He explained at length to her about business prospects in Africa with his fingers softly moving on graphs and data on the paper. Her ears were becoming reddish.

She read that again and told him that was best idea. Sen told her to think about it and they may discuss it some other day. She took that booklet and glanced at me for couple of seconds and went to her place on the side of Mrs. Sen. While Sen was talking to my wife I had seen that his wife had been curiously seeing him few times form edge of her eyes.

It was now little late than nine and I though of time.

Suddenly we heard a sound of a car that stopped on paved road just outside the house. Then there were thuds of closing of car's door. Mr. Sen sitting on my side came to a distinct alert and every one looked towards door.

Few moments later to my surprise I saw Reddi ji entering the door escorted by gunned watchmen.

The first one he saw in nicely lighted room was my wife sitting on sofa that was almost facing the door. He then looked around. His amazement told me that he was not expecting us.

Sen and we all except Mrs. Sen stood as he walked in.

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RE: Wife's Affair with Boss
Reddi ji came in and sat on that large sofa on right of Mr. Sen and I went to love seat on left of Mr. Sen. In that way I was near and opposite to my mother. That made Reddi ji directly in front of my wife.

I was seeing him first time after that horrible incidence in the wedding function but he appeared better composed today. His large wheatish body was not sweating but as usual his hairy chest was visible through his cloths.

He wore white sports shirt below a dark black blazer that had three large shining brass buttons but none of them was used. He did not put tie and had pulled out his shirt's large collar over his blazer and folded them over it. His top button of shirt was also open. He had shark white pant that was little loose and his testicles countered below his leg cloths.

His face was reasonably wide but appeared slightly extended to neck with a pair of thick male lips and those thin moustaches of four to five millimeter hairs were best suited to his frame. He had sharp eyebrows and his hairs were moderately dense and combed backwards making his broad forehead dominating over his face.

The broad shoulders and flat strong tummy were quite muscular as happens with gym lovers. He wore black calf lather sandals in his big feet.

The other feature that attracted me was the pair of his huge thighs that was almost double thick than mine. I thought a while that they were made stronger to give better support to hanging weight of his huge genitals. He saw at my mother who was sitting at his diagonal left and submissively folded his hands. She replied folding her hands too and also gracefully leaning towards him.

Mother was now in late fifties and always looked a refined elder lady. She wore a pink blouse and white sari with streak pink borders and had medium sized golden button type earrings pinned to her earlobes. A long golden chain that had black beads in between in her neck went up to her busts. Her hairs still reasonably black were folded in a bun on the back of her head.

His eyes moved right and passed though Mrs. Sen to my wife wearing that black kurta and white thing slawar. In this hush up I had forgotten about her. I too looked at her. She sat cross-legged, sinking her back on that cozy sofa and arms half full of black glass bangles were folded in each other displaying her a reserved female beauty.

She looking as if suddenly a hot wind from Reddi ji had melted her in a sex object. Her eyes were at ground to ignore eyes of the man in her front.

Her right thigh was crossed above her left thigh so on her left the long side slit in her kurta had made black kurta fallen on seat. Although her thin black duppata [About a meter cloth for covering bosoms] nicely covered her killing bosoms but the display of the sides of her white slawar tightly warped over her thigh's pulpy rounds with her overhanging feet in black sandals was mouth watering.

Believe me! With that look she had the capacity to make a real man to cum in his pant with out even touching her.

Seeing her like that, Reddi ji's face displayed colors of extreme temptations but he quickly composed him before he was caught publicly. Her face had become sexily heavy.

I recalled my wife kissing his mock penis in morning and though of his luck! Last day I had given hint to Mr. Sen that if Reddi ji wanted womanly pleasures from my wife or from any lady he should show better respects for s females. Tonight definitely he was showing better control over his wild passions.

- - - - - - - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

He smilingly looked at me and said, "How are you, man?"

Lowering my eyes I said," Very nice sir."

"I hope you had useful discussions with Mr. Sen during last days," He said, "we are much looking at you for results."

I said just raising eyes," I will do best of me sir."

He then turned to Sen," I hope we will talk on that report for Pretoria. I shall be meeting Mabuto on Friday. I think there appear no overlaps this time."

"There are certain more points I would like you to know tomorrow about that New Delhi group." Sen replied curiously.

While they talked I continued to look at my wife and once while our eyes met. I gave her a discrete admiring look but she avoided her eyes.

Mrs. Sen turning her right spoke to my mother, "Actually aunty, Reddi ji is going abroad so we planned a dinner for him and wanted to give him biggest surprise but...," She teasingly looked in Reddi ji's eyes for half a minute and then glancing at me said," a real treat would depend on his patience."

Then she again turned her eyes to Reddi ji and asked him," Have you put every thing in roll."

"Yes madam." He replied with a smile that came to him first time since he came.

Mother looked at him and gracefully said," You are going that long for fifteen days!"

He appeared gratified to hear her speaking," Aunty for a month."

"For a month! I thought it was for a week or so." Mother too was surprised like me.

"Initially it was for ten days but only today evening it has been extended like that."

"Where are you going.You always remain busy." Mother asked.

He said showing apparent regard to that elder lady, " From here I shall go South Africa and then to Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey. After that I plan to stay for a week to Mauritius before going Europe. I shall be here next month."

Mention of Mauritius had distinct effect on mother and me too. She said softly," I have been at Mauritius. My very near cousin lives there. They are in Port Louis."

This raised Reddi ji's curiosity," Really when? That's a paradise."

Mother said," After my marriage she invited me."

Mrs. Sen who was hearing this conversation said naughtily," You went for honeymoon, aunty?"

Mother smiling slapped her back.

Sen interrupted," It is place only for honeymoon."

Mrs. Sen said," Why don't you go there?"

"Alone?" Sen asked.

Mrs. Sen said to her husband, "I have seen you can make honeymoon at other's cost." Then she lightly hold my wife's arm and looking at Reddi ji, spoke mischievously," I will tell you later Radii ji about what he was doing with...!"

The air of room was turning sexy.

I didn't know how my mother understood that but I noticed a bond of affinity was gradually forming between her and Reddi ji.

Mother looked at Reddi ji and asked," Mrs. Sen was saying that your wife is living at Bombay."

There was a momentarily silence. I lightly kneeled forward and looked at my extreme right to Reddi Ji. A cloud of pain crossed his eyes.

He looked at my mother and she too felt his pain. She waved him to come near to her. He stood and slowly walked and dragging a cushioned stool sat just left to my mother's seat.

In that processes he was now almost in front of me and near also.

She affectionately placed her hand on his back.

He said, a suffering was apparent in his eyes," She had taken Tinny and I have not seen her in three years."

"Have you talked her...I mean your wife?" She asked keeping her hand on his back.

'No I have not even seen them."

"But why should she do that?" Mother asked him puzzled.

Suddenly I remembered some one told me that she left because she was not able to bear his excessive fucking. Was he correct!

Mrs. Sen tapped the arm of my mother and said, "I told you that day. She is thin and physically not like him...not able to sleep with him...I his woman. "

I saw a blush came to her face as Mother quickly recalled.

There was again a deadly silence in the room. Sen was quite far from them to hear and was stealing glances on my wife who had full ears on conversation. Apparently he didn't feel much interested in his wife's exertions to his friend's miseries.

Mother spoke again in low pitch," If you wish I may meet and talk her. At least you should get your daughter. "

Mrs. Sen intervened," Aunty, six months back Mr. Sen and I went Bombay and I met her alone to find a solution. The problem is physical... She is not averse to him otherwise. "

After a longer silence Mrs. Sen spoke again in voice hardly distinguishable to me," She says that he is a terrific man and it is impossible for her to make physical contact with him. She used to come occasionally to him with their daughter and tried...I mean... sleep alone in the same house but it was not possible for him to hold him and he began forcing..."

She continued in same pitch of words, " I told her to at least send her daughter but she said how a small girl could live there alone while her father is so occupied and mostly travelling."

Hearing her, mother became notably thoughtful. I saw Reddi ji was looking at ground and had pressed his legs tightly in each other with his both hands in between them. My wife's face was also had a peculiar shade. Mr. Sen was still not in audible range.

Mrs. Sen glanced at Reddi ji and again spoke," He rarely sleeps in nights and I know he weeps." She continued," As a self discipline he kept his eyes away from every women for complete three years, till...I told you about that aunty. "

Mother thoughtfully turned her eyes right at Reddi ji and said," Have you thought to marry another woman? "

Mrs. Sen replied on behalf of her husband's boss & friend, "It is not possible aunty, unless she divorces him. You know tedious Indian divorce laws. That would entirely tear him and poor Tinny. It is difficult to decide. "

Mother said grimly," I think there are solutions for every thing." She lightly put her fingers on Mrs. Sen's right arm and said sympathetically," But it is no fault of Reddi ji if God had built is him like that. Man should be proud of his strength. "

Mrs. Sen still holding my wife's arms by her other hand spoke calculatedly," I talked her about that, aunty and there is some light. She could live here and would not object if he sleeps with some woman to relieve him once a while in a week."

I saw at my wife. Her eyes had a distinct color of shame.

Mother said," Oh! That should be."

Mrs. Sen said," But that is not so simple aunty. It would have many serious implications for a man of highest status like Reddi ji. He can't hire a woman or bring an unmarried girl at this age and make them sticking to him for whole life. "

Mrs. Sen again looked in motherly eyes to her right," I know it is no fault of him. I thought about... a married woman of a close family sleeping with him once or twice a week."

She continued, "However again I have doubts. Every neighbor would soon know it, unless we are extremely cautious. We have to have consent of both families. I am still not sure but we need to have a family that has emotional attachment and shares his miseries."

Mrs. Sen held mother's hand tightly and said, "I think she may live with him on that condition." She looked at Reddi for conformation. He was silent and appeared like a third degree culprit.

There was a carnal silence! I had never seen mother thoughtful like that. Ruchi patient hearing each word of conversation was holing her breath.

Mother looked at Reddi ji and slowly spoke word by word," We are always with you and wish to share your miseries. I know you whom you adore. We talked about that at home and you have freedom if you both are willing. However Mrs. Sen and I would have to get your wife's consent for this arrangement in plain terms to avert any bad name later to all of us. "

In a moment Reddi's eyes were filled with real tears. Ruchi and I both felt us like a like a fresh snow that was freezing in ice.

Understanding the conversation was ending Mr. Sen waved his wife to come to him. She stood and walked to him and sat on empty love seat on his right and Sen also drifted on extreme right of that large 4- seater so they both were away from audible range of others.

They had some low voiced lip to lip conversation for two to three minutes and after that looking at my mother she went back to her place on right of Ruchi on other big 4-seater. - - - - - - - -

It was now around nine thirty. Mrs. Sen told Reddi ji that my wife was also crazy for bonsai like him. Reddi ji interestedly turned his eyes towards my wife and that was ever first time he officially looked at her.

He had now my mother's permission and she too.

I captured the moment as their eyes met. The intense heaviness that suddenly came on her face as their eyes met distinctly told me that her cherished desires for him were melting by those words of my mother.

They had forgotten that there were four other persons watching them. Their eyes remained locked in each other for two breath holding minutes.

Reddi ji's extreme sex lust had peeped in his eyes. It looked that all of his dried semen for three years was now boiling to explode. He utterly failed to speak a single word to my wife or to any one and I saw that unbelievable happening. I quickly looked towards my mother. She too was holding her breath.

It was again a naked display of his lust for a married woman but it came so naturally that it didn't look brutish. More over it was equally from both sides.

They appeared real seabirds. If that woman had not been married to me, I would have hailed it as a pure gravitation between a male and women. This union was now inevitable.

Their eyes separated but I saw he had firmly tied all of us in an invisible rope of desire,

There was longer silence that pinned the complete air of room.

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