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Tina Naked in School
09-20-2012, 07:35 PM
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RE: Tina Naked in School

The lectures were the only time when tina would used to be free from attention and reasonable requests.but on friday during one fine lecture,there was an announcement from the principle that all students of std Xth were supposed to gather in the school the students entered the auditorium,they saw a huge board kept on the stage which read SEX EDUCATION.tina was sensing something really bad all the time and indeed something bad happened.

There was an announcement,"miss tina and any one boy from among shekhar or rohan,please come up on the stage."tina was so irritated at
that moment.she thought to herself,"why the fuck should they have sex education the day i am nude."she even feared whether she would be told
to have sex.tina and rohan went up on the stage.

Then miss geeta came up on the stage in a stunning blue jeans and black top and all students cheered loud.then,miss geeta gave some basic info on sex and called up rohan.then,she one by one started to show his genitals and explain their functions to the students.there was a video
camera that zoomed down to his private parts that were also shown on a big screen.

Then miss geeta called up tina and started with her breasts.she asked the students what was the use of girl said,"for feeding the
baby".a boy said,"for us to look at."there was a huge laugh.miss geeta said,"ok.both of you are right.breasts are used to feed a baby and are also
a source of sexual arousal."then she went on with her vulva and buttocks,touching and fondling them in front of all students.

After the topic of sex organs came the next topic 'masterbation'.miss geeta told the students how boys masterbate and asked if any girl wants
to volunteer for jerking rohan.the self centered bitch chandni came up.she jerked rohan so well with her hands that he cummed real good.his
semen was collected in a glass and circulated all around the students so they could have a look.

Next was tina's turn.purab,the brat,volunteered and fingered tina as she miss geeta told both tina and rohan to go back to their
place and showed the students an animated sex video.tina thought that this much embarrassment for the day was over.but she didn't knew that
the fun was just started.miss geeta took out a dildo and explained it's functions.

Miss geeta then called up a volunteer as she wanted to show a live demonstration of using a one came forward.suddenly,chandni went
up to tina and said,"go up on the stage and be a's a reasonable request."poor tina could do nothing but obey chandni.she went ahead
and volunteered.miss geeta strapped the dildo on her own waist and asked tina to lay on a table,spreading her tina spread her legs,
miss geeta lubricated the dildo and then inserted it into tina's first,tina felt pain,but soon recovered.then miss geeta slowly started
giving jerks.tina muttered small moans.with time,miss geeta increased speed and as speed increased,tina's pain and moans increased.

Miss geeta lifted tina's legs and placed the lower part of tina's legs on her shoulder and thrusted the dildo even faster and deeper.tina
couldnt bear the pain and humiliation and started crying all of a sudden.miss geeta had to stop the fuck session and calm tina down.when tina
felt a little calm,came another atom bomb.miss geeta asked,"any girl wants to take my place and use this dildo on tina?"all the girls were silent

and would not dare to do such a thing as they feared they might hurt tina physically.

Much to tara's anger,once again chandni came up on stage.she had a wicked smile on her face.she strapped the dildo around her waist.miss
geeta asked her which position would she like to insert the dildo into tina.chandi replied,"doggy style."poor tina was crying from within.her
face was pale with disgust and shame.aryan and tara too cried but aryan didn't show much of his tears to others and controlled himself a lot.
chandni cruelly inserted the dildo in tina's vagina and started fucking her violently in the start itself.tina yelled in pain.miss geeta told chandni

to stop quickly.

Miss geeta told chandni to go slow but then tina wouldn't allow chandni to insert the dildo in her vagina.chandni asked miss geeta if she
could insert the dildo in tina's ass hole.miss geeta announced," can be either vaginal or chandni shall demonstrate anal sex
as she penetrates tina in her anus."poor tina thought to herself,"what an asshole am the quest of protecting myself,i just got myself into

more trouble."

Chandni fucked tina in the ass.tina was feeling so humiliated at that time.she couldn't imagine the fact that chandni was literally fucking her
in the ass in front of everyone.tara couldn't bear that and immediately walked out of the room.she was follwed by aryan and then surprisingly
by chandni finished the fuck session with tina,she removed the dildo out of tina's asshole.tina was crying like a little baby.just then,
miss geeta came upto her and took tina in her arms.

She announced on stage,"students please give a round applause to tina,the most gutsy girl in the whole world.students you should treat her
as a queen."there was a loud applause for tina as all the students shouted,"tina is the best.tina is the best."but that wasn't enough to cheer
tina for the day.she quietly walked down the stage and out of the room.miss geeta continued the session by inserting the dildo in shekhar's ass
as a part of female domination sex education whereas aryan,rohan and tara stayed out,helping tina to recover from the most embarrassing

incident of her life.

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09-20-2012, 07:35 PM
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RE: Tina Naked in School
The friday school was over and now it was just one last day for tina to be naked in school.tina was already crying regarding the incident
of being fucked by,arun accompanied her tina reached home,seeing her mom and dad,she started crying again.arun was totally clueless as to why tina was crying.tina's dad asked her what had happened.tina,still crying narrated the whole incident to her dad,mom and arun.arun grew so angry that he was just about to leave the house and find chandni so that he could beat her up.but his mom stopped him and angrily sent him to his room.arun went into his room,stamping his feet heavily.

After lunch,tina went to her room where arun came upto her and told her,"di,tomorrow when we leave,just show me who that chandni is.i'll
beat her like anything once she is out of school."tina who was already frustrated and disturbed,just scolded arun,"just get lost.don't irritate me."
even tina's dad was so furious on hearing the incident that when he was alone with tina's mom,he said to her,"i am a father of a girl.thats why i
think twice before i take any such harsh decisions.i think in this way that even chandni is someone's daughter.if i weren't the father of a girl,
then i would have just fucked that chandni in her ass."

It was difficult for tina's father,either to stay quiet or even take some action.he was stuck between two problems.the only thing he could do now
was to make tina forget the he took the entire family for a movie that day.tina felt a little better after that.she even apologized to
arun for being so rude in the afternoon.arun forgived her by saying,"chillax di.actually it's my fault.i was so angry at that time that i forgot to use my brains and talked see,i am the only guy in this world who has the official right to trouble you.if someone else makes you cry,then i get angry."

Tina smiled to herself on hearing that and said,"oh man arun.please don't say that.i'm not used to hear you saying all these matured gives me a feeling that you are growing up and becoming sensible.but i like you the way you are.and that is the irritating little why don't you do the thing that you do best.and that is trouble me?"arun gave a shyfull smile and said,"anytime di."

That day she even received a call from tara and aryan,asking her how she was.aryan told her,"tina,don't you worry about that bitch chandni
right now.always remember that each one of us will be getting naked till the end of the can take your revenge on chandni,the day she
gets me.i shall construct such a plan that we will surely rape her pride and kill her attitude.

The next day started as tina came to school and in the way,even promised arun that she will show him who is chandni so that he can teach
her a lesson.the first few lectures went easily without any reasonable requests.then it was lunch break.tina was called to the principal's
office where she met rohan and shekhar who were fully clothed.rohan came up to her and said,"congratulations tina.your naked camp for the
week is over can put back your clothes."tina was so happy on hearing that.she put back her clothes on and firstly went and hugged
rohan and said,"i'm sorry.i was wrong about you.i always thought that you were a spoilt brat.but you are one of the most sweetest friend i ever

had."rohan blushed as shekhar looked at him and gave a teasing smile.

As tina came back to her class,she was met by tara and boy suddenly came up to her and said,"hey tina.reasonable request.hey..............why did you put back your clothes?" to which tina proudly replied,"get off asshole.i'm no more available for reasonable requests."tara and aryan laughed out loud and congratulated tina.after lunch break,all the students of std Xth were called on the school playground.

Guyzz n galzzz.stay tuned for the last part of this series where tina receives her final surprize of nude camp.plzz bear with me as the last
part would require some time to be then,can you guys guess,whats gonna happen on the school playground?????
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09-20-2012, 07:36 PM
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RE: Tina Naked in School
After lunch break,all the students of std Xth were called on the school playground.suddenly shekhar came up to them and told them that he
and tara were called to the principal's office.tara went off with shekhar leaving tina and aryan alone.tina shyfully called aryan and whispered
to him,"hey aryan.i want to thank you for being such a good friend and supporting me in such a hard time.well,you've never asked me for any
reasonable request for the entire week.but i promise you that you can ask me for a reasonable request any time in the entire year.i owe it to


Aryan looked at tina in a way as if he was angry at her.tina bit her lips as if she had said something wrong.aryan spoke sternly,"after all
that positive thinking i had about you,you actually concluded me in this way? you thought that i helped you always just for a stupid reasonable
request?i'm sorry tina but if you look at me in this way,i'm sorry but we have to end our friendship right here."

Tina felt so disgusted with herself at that moment.she quickly apologized to aryan saying,"i'm sorry aryan.i'm so supported me so
much and me like a fool,just broke your heart.please forgive me.punish me for all the rubbish that i've just said but please don't put an end to
our friendship."suddenly rohan came up as he and tina were also called by the principal.but tina refused to leave unless she could get an answer

from aryan.

Aryan put aside his anger and accepted tina's apology.tina hugged aryan and quickly kissed him on the cheek and before he could realize
anything,ran away with all the students gathered on the playground,the principal came up on the stage along with tina,tara,rohan and
shekhar and said,"good morning students.i'm happy to announce that the first week of nude camp is completed.students please give a round applause to miss tina,miss tara,master rohan and master shekhar for being the commencers of this camp."

He continued,"as i had said earlier the week,there would be marks awarded for this you know 20% marks for the board exam are
alloted by the school,so you would be awarded 5% marks for the nude tina and rohan were the first students to participate in this
camp,only they will be awarded full 20% marks."on hearing that tina and rohan jumped with joy.tina finally felt that something positive had come

out of her getting nude.

the principal added,"speaking of tara and shekhar.they were the first to volunteer to go nude on their own a result,both will be
awarded with a scholarship worth rs. 2,00,000 each by the government for further studies."the entire school had their mouths open.2,00,000
was really more than what you asked for.tina felt so happy for tara.tara was a brilliant student but she was from a poor family and was
really tensed about how she could afford for her further studies.but now she could pursue her dreams.

"Now",added the principal,"there is one more thing i want to say.the nude camp doesnt involve only nude involves all students.i
had expected better co-operation from all of you.i'm really sad to see what happened on the first day when poor tina was assaulted by a
group of boys.i had told everyone that it was our duty to respect one's nudity and support the nude students.but all that you students kept
in mind was 'reasonable request'.i found only one student doing his duty well.that student will be receiving the best student award today.
students please give a round applause for master aryan kumar."

Aryan was called up on the stage and given the award.the principal added,"these are the only 5 students who have gained my respect in this
week.and all of you surely deserve a punishment for being bad your punishment will also be a part of the nude camp.ALL OF YOU

There was pin drop silence on the playground after that statement.tina was very much "YES" in her mind.she had promised her dad that she
would gain double respect and all those who teased her would cry in front of her one day.her words had come true.the principal told the
still quiet and clueless students,"i give you just 10 seconds to star taking off your clothes.if you don't,you are going to face the consequences."

At once 90% boys and girls took of their clothes.remaining 10% went ahead slowly but soon,they too took of their clothes except 1 boy
and 4 girls including chandni.all the boys started teasing this one boy of being shy like a girl.he got so angry that he took of his clothes
at once leaving 4 girls clothed.the principal turned to those 4 shy girls and said,"10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2".by the time 2 girls started taking off

their clothes and got nude.

Now only 2 girls were clothed apart from the 5 clothed students on stage.but those 5 students weren't supposed to get nude that day.
chandni and another girl aanchal were still clothed.the principal first turned to aanchal,then to tina and said,"tina.your friend miss aanchal
needs your help.please go there and take off her clothes."as tina left,aanchal out fear,quickly undressed on her own,leaving chandni as the
only clothed girl.tina was called back on stage.

The principal now turned to chandni and said sternly,"miss are no different than other students.please don't force me to come
there and undress you."chandni was still scared to undress.she didn't do anything.the principal then jokingly said,"chandni.if you don't understand
english,then i'll say in hindi. 'apne ang ke vastra utariye chandni beta.' ".there was a huge laugh.suddenly there was a comment from a student.
"chandni.kapde kaadh pori." all laughed again.the principal said," have got an invitation in marathi also in case you don't understand hindi."

One student said,"she is a gujju,sir.ask her in gujarati."the principal said,"i'm really sorry.i don't know gujrati.please forgive me if i say
something wrong.KAPDE NIKALO CHE DOBI."there was a loud cheer when all heard the word "dobi".but chandni was still in no mood to strip.
finally the principal had to take some rough decisions.he turned towards aryan and said,"aryan.i want you to get that girl on the stage
right now.if she refuses to come,just drag her on stage."

There was a devilish smile on aryan's face.tina and tara were shocked to see such a look on aryan's face but never minded as they would
love to see aryan punishing chandni for all that she had done.aryan walked to chandni but before he held her hand,he politely requested
chandi by saying,"chandni.please come on stage."chandni was sobbing.she said,"please don't do this."aryan waited for no second then.he grabbed
chandni's arm and dragged her so badly that she fell down.but aryan never minded to pull a fallen bitch onto the stage.

Aryan finally got chandni on the stage.the principal once again told her to strip as chandni refused again.the principal said,"you were the
one always standing first in the line for reasonable when it's your turn to undress,you're backing out?are you a coward.either

you strip or you tell all your friends on the mike that you are a coward."

Chandni didn't want to do either thing but thought that if she said that she was a coward,she would be free from the stripping
she confessed on the mike,"i am a coward."the principal then said,"well miss chandni has confessed that she is a coward,she will not
undress."the students shouted with disappointment.they wanted justice.chandni wasn't different than them.but the principal said,"silence students.i haven't completed my sentence.chandni won't remove her clothes because aryan,rohan and shekhar will take off chandni's clothes."

There was a huge cheer with joy.tina and tara's joy knew no bounds.but the happiest of them were shekhar and rohan who had the
opportunity to strip a bitch in front of all.and the guy on cloud 9 was aryan,who finally had the opportunity to kill chandni's ego.rohan
just went upto her and tried to take off her jacket.chandni tried to defend herself and pushed rohan back and said,"what are you doing?don't
you have some shame to undress a girl?"

Rohan with rage in his eyes literally jumped on her and looked straight into chandni's eyes and said,"don't you dare give me a lecture on
shame.weren't you ashamed of yourself when you made me cum in front of everyone and when you fucked my friend tina in front of everyone?"
he caught hold of her left hand and placed his leg on her left leg.shekhar came forward and held her right hand and and placed his leg on
chandni's right leg.they both turned chandni so that she was facing the audience.then rohan called out aryan," are the lucky one."

Aryan stood right in front of chandni.chandni was falling out of all the ways she could try to help herself.she had no option left.she knew
that she couldn't fight with aryan.he was too strong for her.she had a last option left.that is emotional blackmail.she brought tears into her
eyes and talked in a timid and childish tone,"aryan.please don't do this.we are family friends na?we know each other since kg.i'm like your sister

na?i know you won't want your sister to be in trouble."

The moment aryan heard that crap,he was literally pissed off to the core.with rage in his eyes,he exploded on her,"just shut up you egoistic are good for nothing and don't you dare compare yourself to my sister or i shall knock your teeth are just an egoistic,self
centered,rude,brainless and a coward wanna be i've ever seen.i've beared with you all these years just because you were my family
reality i have zero respect for you." saying that,aryan almost ripped off chandni's jacket and undid her tie in one single pull.chandni could see
the anger on aryan's face.she was so scared that she never even dared to cry.

Aryan undid her shirt and forcefully removed no second,he pulled down her skirt as well,leaving chandni in her bra and panties on the
stage.chandni gathered some courage and in a weak voice said to aryan,"aryan please don't go are really like my elder brother."
aryan on hearing that,lost his self control and slapped chandni across her face,so badly that it's sound echoed through the entire playground.
students and teachers from all the classrooms rushed to the windows to see what was happening there.arun too came to see what was
happening and when he saw chandni with her hand placed on her face as if someone had slapped her hard,jumped with joy.

Aryan quickly came back to the real world and realized what he had just done.chandni's face was totally numb.aryan turned to the principal
and said,"i'm really sorry sir.i shouldn't have slapped her."the principal told him that he needn't be wasn't his fault.but aryan being a
good boy didn't like what he had just did and told rohan and shekhar to take off chandni's remaining clothes and quietly walked back to tina
and tara.tara came upto him and whispered in his ears,"good job done aryan.chandni deserved every bit of that.please don't consider yourself

guilty in any way.chandni provoked you to slap her."

It wasn't difficult for rohan and shekhar to undress chandni as she was still recovering from that slap across the face.chandni was now
completely nude on the stage.she started crying out of embarrassment.aryan walked back to her and said,"see what you've done to yourslef.
if only you could have dropped your ego much earlier,you wouldn't have been in such a are among the ones who love seeing
someone else suffer but can't bear the fact that even you shall suffer one are solely responsible for your condition right now.but
still,being a boy,i have no right to slap a girl.and i'm really sorry for that."

Seeing aryan's honesty and humanity,everyone applauded for him.aryan turned to the principle and said,"sir.i have never asked anyone for any
reasonable request till date.but can i...." he just stopped speaking and pointed towards chandni.the principal understood what he meant and said,
"go ahead son.your wish is granted."aryan turned to rohan and shekhar and told them to turn chandni around so that her ass faced the
public and hold her in the same way they held her before.

As rohan and shekhar obeyed aryan,without any waiting,aryan gave one tight smack on chandni's ass.chandni cried on top of her voice in pain.
in one smack itself,chandni's ass became red as a tomato.suddenly tara cried out,"reasonable request.reasonable request."the principal allowed
tara to have her request too.keeping chandni in the same position,tara took a leather belt and spanked chandni on her ass.smack smack smack.
tara didn't bother to stop.aryan had to come forward to stop tara.

The principal looked at rohan and shekhar if they wanted any reasonable request but they were quite happy holding chandni and in the
meantime,touching her all finally the principal looked at tina who stood quietly for so much time and asked her," you want any

reasonable request dear?"

Tina in a meek and feeble voice said,"sir.i know that penetrative sex is not a reasonable request.but i just wanted to give chandni a tit for
tat."the principal understood what tina wanted and told miss geeta to get the strap on dildo.tina was very happy.she went to chandni and said,
"you have made me do this for today.i had just asked you to help me because i thought that you were my weren't there for me.but
tara supported me know,tara and you have one thing in common.both of your names mean the same thing.i mean the words
chandni and tara have the same meaning.but you never stood up for your name.where as tara,she justifies her name.she is a true STAR."

The dildo was brought in.tina took no time in strapping it and fucking chandni's vagina first.she fucked chandni till she cummed well and good.
chandni,on the other hand was feeling damn pain and embarrassment.tina then inserted the dildo in chandni's anus.chandni yelled in pain as her
small virgin aashole could not bear the pain.but tina was in no mood to stop.she said she won't stop until chandni apologized to everyone.
chandni had no option but to apologize everyone while she was being fucked.arun could see everything from the window and was very happy.

Finally,tina herslf had pity on chandni and removed the dildo from chandni's anus.chandni just lay on the stage in pain.tina then went to her
friends and hugged tara,aryan and rohan.the principal told all the students to put back their clothes.then he announced that the contestants
for next week's nude camp would be decided by tina and rohan.tina had a devilish smile on her face as she looked at a nude girl on the stage

and the rest is history.............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!
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