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Sauteli Maa ke Saath Chudai
10-22-2011, 10:29 PM
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Sauteli Maa ke Saath Chudai
I`m Abu and Im 20 yrs. old, very handsome guy. I`m am a crazy fan of FSI and want to share with U my sexual experience I had with my sexy, 27 yrs. old step-mom. our family hails from Hyderabad,India. My father married Sameena when I was 14 yrs. old. She is 5'7" in height,perfect figure with big, round and firm boobs and a sexy large ass. Till now I had a motherly relation with her.
Couple of months ago, as usual I entered her room without knocking when she was dressing up after taking bath and what I saw surprised me. She was hooking up the buttons of her Bra and her voluptuous Breasts were held tightly inside her Bra, I just couldn`t take off my eyes from her boobs. But suddenly I realised that she was my mother and Apologised and came out of the room. But I just couldn`t manage to wipe off her picture from my mind. The view of her naked breasts kept on disturbing me till 1`o clock in the night. Feeling helpless, I had to masturbate 2 times dreaming about fucking her. And since than I had a crush on her. Many times I tried to see her naked when she was bathing and failed always.
But the day came, when my dream of fucking her was suppose to come true. It was 2 Nov`99. My father was admitted in Hospital for a minor surgery and my elder brother stayed with him for that night.It was 11 in the night, after making sure that every body were asleep I went to bedroom and as usual took off all my clothes and started masturbing. On the other side fortunately, Mom got up to have a glass of water for my younger brother and through a shutterless window of my room saw me lying fully nude over my bed and Masturbating my 8 inch hard prick with both of my hands. At the same time Iwas unaware that she was watching me. It was all over,I jumped into my regular Kurta-Pyjamas and I started to sleep.At about 12.30 I was awaken by a knock at my door, I got up and peeped out of my window, I was surprised to see my Mom at the door, I quickly opened the door and asked the reason for her to be here. She replied,"Abu, mujhe room me akele darr lag raha hai, Kya tum aaj wahan so sakte ho?" Without even a hint of her intentions, I readily agreed and went to her bedroom. I started to sleep on a single bed which is couple of feet away from her double bed on which my younger brother was sleeping.
She said," Utni door nahi, mere paas so." And asked me to shift my brother to the single bed and I lied beside my Mom dressed in a green sari. After some time, when niether i was getting sleep nor was she. She turned towards me and said
softly," Tumhara jism kitna gora hai, tum nange bahut khoobsurat lag rahe the." as soon as I heard this, I started getting aroused. I was still confused though. What was happening was unbelievable. I was losing control. She put her arm around me and pulled me towards her. As by now my cock was hard to the full extent, It hit her on her thigh and she looked down at my prick and which made my pyjama look like tent. She said,"Tumhara Lund to usse bhi bada hai jitna maine dekha tha." She asked me to get up on her bed and so did she. Then she unbuttoned my kurta and removed it and started kissing and licking my hairy chest. Meanwhile, I was in heaven, my dream was coming true,I pulled down her pallu and started to unhook her Blouse and stripped off her top body totally by pulling down her brassiere which revealed her large firm breasts with dark
erect nipples.
I held both in a hand each and started to lick them, By now even she was fully aroused and was moaning in pleasure," ooooooooohhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhh, Abu,Abu,oh, ah." She sat down and pulled the string of me pyjamas and removed it. She first rolled her soft fingers in my jungle and then caught hold my huge Prick with both her hands and started jerking it. I
said," Sameena, aur tez, use dabao." I was getting immense pleasure, But I didn`t want to Cum so soon, I raised her up as ahe pulled off her green Sari, She asked," Abu, mere baki kapde apne haathaon se utaro." and raised her arms up, I pulled the string of her petticoat and dropped it, She stepped out of it. I turned her back and kissed her Firm, large ass like anything. She
moaned," zor se aur zor se, Ooooooh, Abuuuuuuu."I lied down and she laid over me, and gave her breast in my mouth and held my cock and stroked it. Meanwhile I sucked her breasts a lot. " Abu, Please meri panty bhi utaro aur mujhe bahut
chodo." she said. She shifted to my side, I got up and pulled down her blue panty as she raised her hips up and threw it on the floor. Her bushiness revealed soon and between it was lying her juicy wet cunt, She said," mujhe wahan pyar karo, chooso use." I bent down over her cunt , She started moaning loudly as my tounge spread apart her lips and began to tickle her cunt,She said," main bhi tumhari Penis choosna chahti hoon." I was excited and we got into the 69 position and she started to give a blowjob. soon the sexcitement became unbearable for both of us so I said, "Sammu, mujhe apne andar lelo, mujhe chodne do." She suddenly pushed me back ,so I stood up . She positined herself properly and spread open her legs wide before me. I sat on my knees, placed my hands over her shoulders, She held my cock and guided it inside her tight pussy and then started squeezing my ass and then put her both legs around my hips and locked them tightly.I started giving thrusts while both of us moaned loudly,I held her breasts in my hands and squeezed them tightly, I cummed with a splash inside her pussy and she reached orgasm too.
Then we got up She held my hand and took me out of her room to open lawn with lots of trees. She said," Main tumhare sath khule aangan me chodna chahti hoon." It was a romantic night with enough moonlight for us to see ourselves fully naked
and cool breeze was blowing around. She spread a bed sheet in the lawn. By the time I lost my erection but niether of us were satisfied. As soon as she saw this she gave me a horny smile, started sqeezing her breasts with her own hands, then slid her hands towards her vagina and started fingering into her hole, moaning like a bitch, as I saw this, Mine was again to its full length
of 8-9 inches and soon I put my lips on hers, Our tounges met and we kissed passionately for 2-3 minutes. I said," main aapki Gand me jaana chahta hoon." She agreed and got into doggy position, I bent down and I pushed my cock in her firm Ass which she said was not yet explored . I couldn`t get in. She got up, went to the kitchen and brought some oil from there. She held my long prick and oiled it with her soft hands, that was amazing I never got such a nice feeling between my thighs. Now I got inside her freely and she started moving back and forth in doggie style and so did I. I cummed again and with drew. She cleaned my prick with her soft hands and kissed it all over.By now,It was 3.10. We kissed each other passionately as we lay nude in bed till around 4`o clock. We both dressed up each other then. Kissed again And went to deepest sleep of our
life. We`re meanwhile having regular sex and we never miss any chance to kiss and squeeze each other.

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10-22-2011, 10:29 PM
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RE: Sauteli Maa ke Saath Chudai
And believe me, this time its she who insisted me like anything to post this text on the web, Right now, both of us are sitting absolutely naked into one another`s lap, shifting time to time.
I`m feeling so horny at the moment as she is sitting in my lap right now and typing the text, my hard cock is preessing harder against her ass and her firm boobs are in my hands. Oh, I`m squeezing them and she is enjoying this.Since our first Sex, we had intercourse many a times, day and night, whenever we got a chance. It happened a week ago when my father was on night duty. She came to me in the morning itself and told me about this. We were happy and started preparing for the night right
away. I could`nt wait till night but I had to. Atlast dad left at 9:30 pm and we were alone with only my 8 yrs. old younger brother and he was a problem too as he doesn`t sleep before 10:30 PM. I told her that I would wait for her in my room and requested her to come quickly. I went to my room and logged on to some XXX sites from my PC to get some arousal. At about 11:15 she entered my room fully wet, dressed in a black seethrough kind of a nighty from which i could clearly see the outline of her figure, she had gorgeous curves.
She came closer and said," Ab tumhe internet ki zaroorat nahi padegi." I quickly switched it off and took her into my arms and our lips met,we locked our tounges and kissed passionately. I unbuttoned her nighty and stipped it off quickly, she was wearing a black Bra and fuul slacks on the bottom. She said,: Itni jaldi kya hai, sari raat hume maza lena hai." she squeezed me tightly into her arms and pushed me on my bed and on my top was she. She unhooked her Brassiere and I saw her watermelons after such a long time, I couldn`t wait I pulled her down and sucked her melons, bit the hardened nipples as she
moaned," Oooooh, Aaaaaah, dheere se, Ouch, chooso unhe, chodo mujhe". I got up and said," Sammu, Ab raha nahi jaata mere kapde bhi utaro". She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, unzipped my pants and pulled then down. She saw a huge
bulge into my underwear and Said," Wow, maza aa gaya, yeh to bahut bada ho gaya hai". I replied," Nikalo ise bahar aur looto maze". As soon as she heard this, she pulled down my underwear and my cock was in her mouth right away. I was moving to and fro and she was sucking me hard Penis. She removed it from her mouth at the last moment to have the splash of her son`s milk on her body.
She rubbed it all over her breasts. I raised her up, pulled down her slacks. We were fully naked now, into each others arms, squeezing each other and having fun. I was rubbing her Ass with my hands, I squeezed them to hear her moaning," Aah, mar gayi, aur zor se jaan, dabao meri Gand". She pushed me down and sat over me, put my prick into her juicy Love Canal and started giving thrusts. I held her boobs, squeezed them, rubbed her back and Ass. She was literally screaming in joy, feeling the tickle in her choot. I couldn`t hold, I splashed my load into her cunt and she cummed too. She lied by my side,
massaging my cock with her soft hands while i was fingering her ass, after some time she sai,d," Chalo, aur ek baar meri choot me apna Danda dalo,chodo phir se apni mama ko". She spread her legs to widen her Love Hole and I climbed on her. She held my 6 1/2 inches long lund and guided it inside her with her soft hands, I loved it. Aha !!! She started giving jerks and I too
was pushing hard inside her, she was screaming again," Aaaaaah,Ouch, aur zor se, jao andar". and digged her fingers into my Ass, my lips were on hers, smooching thirstily.
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10-22-2011, 10:29 PM
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RE: Sauteli Maa ke Saath Chudai
We`re back again, but this time its not Abu, Infact its me, Sameena, His step mom. Acttually I liked the idea of sharing our sexual experirnces with U all. It realy excites me and gives me tickling sensation in my body.
I was encouraged to share the latest experience with U by the huge amount of mails from the readers of the Stories on DESIPAPA.COM.
Abu has praised me a lot in the two previous parts of our stories, He`s infact praised every part of my body he has explored which i think is a little bit of exxageration. now, if I don`t tell U all as to what he is actually like then it would be injustice on his part. To me, he at the age of 21 is a perfect man with a well crafted white body, 5'10" tall, he is a perfect piece of manhood. His Penis, offcourse, which I`ve never seen in normal size bacause he says," Mere tumhari taraf dekhne se hi ye khada ho jaata hai", is about 7 to 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter when he`s fucking me. It has always excited me and I`ve enjoyed every inch of it.Having sex with him is always an Out of the world experience for me. I generally get satisfied when he fucks me twice into my cunt but the satisfaction is instantaneous, I again feel hungry for his body after a couple of hours, hungry for his lips, his chest, his hips, aboveall for his 7 inched manhood.Yesterday again we got a chance to exlore each other in the afternoon when my son and husband were at school and office respectively. This time he said," Chalo Saamu, aaj hum dono ek doosre ko nehlate hain, Bada maza aaega". I was excited at this idea too.
We entered the bathroom with all the arrangements, I locked the door from inside, I pulled him into my arms as he pulled down the pallu of my sari, my Bosoms pressed against his chest, he squeezed me into his arms, we locked our tounges, A
shiver went down my spine. I raised up his arms and removed his t-shirt, massaged his chest with my soft hands. meanwhile, His hands were on my blouse, pressing my hard tits. He then unhooked it to reveal my large Boobs clad in a white bra. "Oooh", I moaned, he stripped my upper body totally, he rolled his fingers on my back, kissed and licked my neck and then bent down on his knees before me, He pulled down my saree, loosened my petticoat`s string as it dropped down, he squeezed my huge ass`s cheeks, rolled his fingers into my panty, gushed through my jungle into my wet Love Hole, finally he pulled my
panty down. I was feeling very horny, I was sweating with with the heat of his body. It`s always a great feeling for a woman to be naked before a man, riding him into the heaven ,u know it if U`re a woman. anyway, It was my turn now, I unbuckled his pants,unzipped it , pulled it down massaging his thighs softly. His erect manhood was now right in front of my eyes, just a few inches away, waiting anxiously to jump out of his wet underwear, Oh! I love it ! I couldn`t hold for long, I freed it immediately and started to suck it, he said," Mujhe bhi apni Choot choosne do". I lied on the floor under the shower, we got into 69 position and tasted each other`s heavenly bodies. I sucked his full length rod while his tounge reached out to my clitoris to tickle it, we both splashed into each other finally.
He took soap and rubbed it all over my body, "Aha" it was the best bath of my life, He cleaned my Clit by putting two of his fingers inside it, "Ouch, Aur andar", I said. Then he nicely cleaned my Ass cheeks, pressing them hard and spreading them apart to push his fingers deep into it. Then came the turn of upper part, he squeezed me Melons as he rubbed them with soap. My body was thoroughly cleaned by now. Then it was my turn to give him a hot bath, Starting from his hair, I soaped his upper body.Then I laid him upside down before me, I sat on my knees with him lying between my thighs. I rubbed
his back, came downwards to clean his white butts, I squeezed them, pushed my fingers into his asshole, he shouted in pain,"Aaram se jaan, dard hota hai.
Hamara hole Ladkiyon jitna bada nahi hota". I turned him back face to face, his Cock was right in front of my Love Hole now. I took it into both my hands and started stroking it, Wow, I couldn`t hold, I pushed it inside my Hot Choot. I placed my hands over his shouders and bent down to give my Melons into his mouth, he started to eat them and dig his fingers into my Ass,
squeezed it`s cheeks, while I was jumping up and down to send his cock deep inside my Choot. He splashed his hot cum into my hole and I was relieved. We then washed each other`s bodies and finished the Sexcapade promising each other to meet again soon with a long French Smooch.
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