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Parineeti Chopra ki Badi Gaand
07-10-2016, 03:58 AM
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Wank Parineeti Chopra ki Badi Gaand
Priyanka Chopra's cousin Parineeti Chopra had always wanted to be a actress like her cousin, her cousin was her role model. On her 22nd birthday she asked her cousin to help her meet a director a get a movie. She gladly accepted it. The next day Priyanka c

John: Hmmmm uh could you stand up and take off you clothes please.
Parineeti: (looks at her cousin, Priyanka nods in yes, she then gets up takes off her white shirt and then her jeans revealing her black bra and panty.)
John: (Looking at her body) Ok could you turn around please
Parineeti: (Turns around)
John: ok, ok you may sit now. Uh yes Priyanka I can help her lose her weight but it will cost her lots of money.
Priyanka: Oh ya John don't worry about I'll give you all the money you need
John: Okay according to her weight it will be 12 lakhs
Priyanka: I thought so
Parineeti: (Shocked on hearing how much money it was)
Priyanka: Here you go John. (Gives money to John)
John: (Takes the money) Alright then and Priyanka does your cousin know what kind've exercise she will be doing is she comfortable with them.
Priyanka: Ok Parineeti uh you will doing whatever he tells you to do ok.
Parineeti: Yeah I know, running, weightlifting right
Priyanka: Right, but with those exercise's he will be fucking you
Parineeti: (Drops her jaw) WHAT no how can I do that
Priyanka: You have to sis, if you want to become a heroine you have to, don't you know this you even have to sleep with directors, producers, and even the actors.
Parineeti: Do you sleep with them.
Priyanka: Uh duh why else do you think I'm one of the top Bollywood actresses. So tell me are you ready to.
Parineeti: I guess so.
John: Okay how about this Priyanka I will fuck your cousin right now in front of you and if she has any problem during me touching and fucking her you can leave with her alright.
Priyanka: Yeah sure, Is it okay with you
Parineeti: I guess so
John: Okay then take off your bra and panty as well.
Parineeti did as she was told she was now fully nude. John then took Parineeti and Priyanka to his gym in the basement where Priyanka then strip fully naked and got on the treadmill. And John laid down on the bed and told Parineeti to dominate him. She did that she got on top of him put his slowly in her pussy and started going up and down till he cummed in her pussy. After John cummed in her he sent her on a treadmill he tied her hands tight to the treadmill and set the speed for 7.0 and the time for 2 hours and let her run if she stops and puts her feet on the floor she will bruise her feet because the treadmill is going to fast it will scrape her skin. After she is done running she is forced to suck John's dick and Priyanka's pussy. And Parineeti did more erotic exercises like these after a long tiring day her hands were tied behind her back, and there were vibrators in her pussy and ass and then she was left on the cold floor which was her bed for the next 6 months.

After 6 months Parineeti was in a good shape and she got her first lead movie "Ishqzaade". Where she was everyone's whore, and slept either with the director or Arjun her co-star at the hotel. And then after their movie was completed she was sent to sleep with the person who decides who to give the award to at IIFA. And after winning the best female debut award at IFFA she had then turned a real Bollywood actress.

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