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My friend and sister
06-23-2011, 11:52 PM
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My friend and sister
The holidays are always there to enjoy and so we both decided to visit my place – me and my very close friend, sandeep. This was like any other holiday but it turned out to be different for both of us and also for some one else. The story is not very old as i feel now. My close friend was not new to my family and hence no one objected to his spending about 20 days with me at my place. Every morning the routine was very clear. Get ready and go for “hunting”. I introduced him to all my friends and girl friends. The time was passing very comfortable, always spending time with the girls in the college canteen. And after that while coming back, discussions used to be who can be screwed or not, who will be ready for my hero. So overall my friend happened to be frustrated that he was not able to even touch a girl for last about 6-7 days and holidays were being wasted. I was trying to console him that everything will be ok for him after few days of effort.

One day he suggested that we go to a movie and also take my sisters for the same. I knew my mother will not agree but some how, we could convince her and we four went for the movie. It was very rare that me and my sisters have ever gone for movies together. All was going well in the movie and we were enjoying. My friend was sitting next to my elder sis, sunita, and i was sitting on the other end. During the movie, there was no chance of talking to each other so everyone was quiet and we did not even realize that suddenly the interval was declared and we came to know only when the lights in the hall came on. I suddenly felt some unwanted movement in the area where raman and sunita were sitting. Oh my god! I could not believe my eyes; i saw raman’s hand coming out from sunita’s shawl. I was shell shocked. So this was going on. My own friend was busy with my sister. His hand was on the boobs of my sister. I did not know what had hit me. And i could not say a word. During interval, i got up and went out and came back early. I took seat next to sunita and sat in place of raman. I was acting protective and did not want raman to touch and probe my sis again. When he came back from toilet, he realized that i have caught on the game and that is why i am sitting over there. He quietly sat on the next seat and did not say a single word. After interval, i could not see the movie. My mind was wandering. I knew my sis was sexy. She had if, i am not wrong a very voluptuous body. Her bust was 38 or 40- too big for anyone to start dreaming about her.

She was in peak of her youth. I had my self seen her naked, not completely, but in her panties and bra. What a body she had. I had masturbated, may be, more that 20 times remembering that scene. I had myself entered the room where she was changing and i knew that she must be now in that stage of dressing. She was also standing in those two pieces- admiring her own beautiful and sexy body. For a moment, she did not realize that i had opened the door and entered inside and i was also spell bound, standing as if i do not know what to do and kept admiring her physique with my erection full. The moment she looked at me and our eyes met, i paused and said as if i did not know that she is changing clothes and actually, i had come to collect the copy. So, in place of going back, as i did not want to miss chance of seeing her sexy body more, i moved to the table, picked up my note book and went out of the room through other room. There, i kept thinking and my hands automatically moved to my dick. I opened my pants and started jerking my cock. I did it with violent audios in the other room, and i am sure she must have heard my moaning and sounds and my desire. But i was helpless. Never in my life i had seen a full blown girl naked in that pose and never could i imagine that i will enjoy my own sis like this. I enjoyed it more as i got long time to see here in that pose and it was more sexy as she was standing appreciating her own body. She had big boobs; the size was a bit too much. I had seen in those days photos of katy mirza and i could compare her boobs only with that. She is sexy… no doubts. This had kindled my desire to find more occasions when i could see her naked and also over a period of time, even felt that i must have sex with her. She may be my own sis but she is a woman. She also needs a man. So how does it matter even if our relation is like that? But all these thoughts were in the next half of the movie, but still i felt that why it should be my friend doing it with my sis. I had stayed with him at his place and i never looked at his sisters and tried any thing like this. I do not know when the movie ended as my thoughts were stuck up. My sis and my friend tried to talk to me but i could not speak even while walking back home.

I did not know what to do. But suddenly i realized that my friend could not have done anything without the consent of sunita. So she is also a partner to the whole game. Yes may be she also needs sex and a body like her needs more sex and so more cocks. But why with my friend, who is like her brother, and heart of heart, i felt jealous also that what i could only imagine, raman could do it. Oh, i have to be more careful now. And it was already night. After dinner, we decided to sleep and the sleeping arrangement gave me another shock as everyday me and my friend were sleeping on a bed next to my sister’s bed. This was the routine. Raman used to chat quite a bit with my sister at night so he used to sleep next to her and i used to be sleeping on the other side away from sunita. Even when i used to sleep off, i had heard them chatting in the dark. But i could never imagine that he may be having a ball at night. I felt that raman and sunita must be doing everything at night also, so i decided to sleep next to my sis and told raman to sleep on the other side. He had no choice. So the night passed off only thinking. Next morning, i realized that while dozing off, i had great erection thinking that raman and sunita are having a ball and he is squeezing her big boobs and i am watching and shagging. So i still felt that though i was not happy what they were doing but it was still giving me erections.

Next day i tried to forget the whole incident and i expected that my friend will not repeat this after i had shown him my displeasure. So in the evening, i tried to act normal and i did not resist that we should still sleep the same way like everyday. I was happy that both of them were again chatting but were cautious about me. I tried to laugh and pose that all is over now and i feel all will be ok and they will not do it again. So i slept off in the same place like earlier and in no time i dozed off as last night i had not slept at all. I could hear them chatting and then saying good night, so i expected that they also have slept off. No one in the house knew what had happened in the theatre and so could even doubt that there is something wrong. At night, i got up as my bed moved. I kept lying down and trued to listen to what had happened. I opened my eyes and in dark, i could see that raman had put his hands on the boobs of sunita. She was holding the hands and trying to adjust it so that he can enjoy, perhaps, more. This had moved the bed a bit and so i had woken up. They did not realize that i was now watching and listening. I moved to one side slowly to see clearly. Sunita realized that i may be up so she moved his hand away. But i could hear clearly raman told her that i am fast asleep as i had not slept at all the whole night. So she also moved her head up, looked up at me and finding me fast asleep, got assured. That i am now not up. I thought i must pose as if i am asleep and see what all they do. I saw his hands again moving to his boobs, she was wearing a shirt at night, but i was surprised that she had opened her top buttons and his hand was in side the shirt. He was pressing the big boob hard and she was helping him do that. Both were quite excited. I first thought that i must get up and tell them to stop this non sense. But i do not know what stopped me doing this- was it to see what all they do and to what extent they go or was it that i had started enjoying my self and wanted to enjoy my friend and sis enjoying completely. So i kept seeing what was happening. . Slowly, she moved her hand and it came to his pajama. He had perhaps already opened his pajama and his dick was outside. She took it in hand and laughed. I could see smile on her face. She said how come you have such a small cock, i knew his cock was only 2 inches long when it was fully erect. He also laughed. Sunita said that you know that i am so big so i need very big cock. Both were smiling and enjoying the act.

Her hands were on all over his cock and balls. He was enjoying the boobs; oh these were the boobs those were compared by me with those of katy mirza. But still the enjoyment was also by raman and her as i could not see the boobs as these were in side the shirt. Suddenly, i saw raman getting up and moving to her bed. She stopped him but he did not. He said that i have to come there and feel her down below.(neche bhi to dhekhna hai mujhe). She helped him moving without making any noise. Oh, by now i had erection and my dick was also in my hand. I was not at all feeling bad about what was going on. He was next to her on her bed. His hands were down below and i think he was trying to open her pajamas now. She did it herself for him and asked him to move finger inside. Raman was lucky bastard or lucky brother. He was luckier than me, i felt at that time. He removed her shirt and that was a great scene for me. First time, in darkness, i could feel katty outside the normal bras, which she used to wear. These were really big. They were erect and up like a balloon. Raman started sucking them one by one. I my self started feeling thirsty. He was sucking one and moving his hand on the other one. Oh! What an enjoyment both these people were having. I was enjoying only a live show. She helped him removing her pajamas and i could see him going up on her. His small cock was visible erect and ready to shoot and attack. And when he came on top of her, it disappeared in some “big hole”. But still i could see both doing it and he started his strokes.

She was also helping him in his movement and they used to stop once in a while perhaps hearing my moaning sound as by this time i had started stroking my self. My cock was in my hand and i was doing as i was lucky enough only to see it and shag. After sometime, she mentioned that raman, i cannot feel it inside as it is too small and so you do it with fingers. But he moved his face down below to her cunt and i could see her moaning when he was now licking her mound. His tongue was busy and doing what his cock could not do. I wished if i could help her now as my dick was certainly bigger than him. I had no guilt. If my friend, who is like a brother to her, can do it then why not me? But this thought itself made me increase my strokes and it lead to 71-72 and low…i had done it. My voices perhaps were heard by them. So i could see them stopping for a while but even these voices, i think, increased their pleasure and they increased their pleasure more strongly. I had off-loaded everything in me for my sis, for whom i had done it earlier but never so closely and so openly. And i do not remember when i dozed off. Last i remember was that he was still on her mound, licking and his hands on her big-big boobs and she stroking his small but fully erect dick. Next morning when i woke up, i saw both these people had got up from bed and were not in the room. I also posed as if i had not seen anything. But to my surprise, raman started behaving as if he had seen me with my hands on my dick. He asked me a question which startled me. He asked how come my pajam was wet- is it shagging or night fall. We were open about these things in hostel, but last night scenes were different. He commented that any one will get erection when such things happen or you see so beautiful dreams. I did not know whether he knew or he was shooting in the dark. But no, it was clear the second day as suddenly when we were outside in a café, he said that i should not feel bad about what i saw last night,.

He said that he had seen me seeing them and shagging. He said that we both are enjoying and i should be rest assured that matter will remain between us. I had no words. He had caught me unaware, enjoying the body of my own sis. He said that she is too good and her big boobs are an attraction for all. I asked him- does she know that i was awake. He said, i did not tell her and i am not sure whether she knows it. He said that she is your sister and naturally you can enjoy only like him and have sex with her like him so at least let him have a ball. I had no words. He said that i will make sure that he will wake me up before he starts with her at every night and ensure that i have a better view of her body and big boobs. I was again speechless, but started thinking that whether i object or not, i cannot stop them. So why not at least act and enjoy. So i told him that though i do not like what you are doing but for the sake of friendship, i will keep quite. Actually my own hidden desires were coming closer to realization.

My tacit or open approval gave too much of freedom to raman and every night became special night for both of them. I could see that he moved to her bed immediately after we went to bed. Even before that, he will generally keep sitting on her bed now and kept chatting as if he is not being stopped by any one. I do not whether she knew that i am aware of all that but i had also all the night with my cock almost in open and also shagged making sounds. Many times, i tried to move my hand to her boobs, but raman will stop me. Till one day i told him, i want to feel her. He said ok. And that night when he was pressing her boobs, he took my hand and placed on her boob and moved his hand away. She never could feel the difference. And this continued for more nights. Slowly, he helped to touch her cunt and put my finger in her cunt. Oh i could never be so happy as i was doing all that what i had not even thought that i will ever be able to do. This increased my desire further and i felt that i must now put my cock in over there like he has been doing. He told me that he has taken too much of risk for me and cannot do this at all. As she will straight away know the difference in the size of my cock. No way.. But i insisted and threatened him that then they have to stop all this. This he cannot even imagine now. All nights were colorful for him and he cannot even think of missing it on last leg of visit. He said ok give me a day or night, when we were doing as usual, replacing hands, putting finger in her cunt turn by turn, i decided to move to their bed. He was helpless. I lied down next to raman and told him that if i do not do it today, he will be fucked by me. He knew i could do that. He was already feeling my big cock, behind him.. He had no second option. He told me to keep quiet and caught her hand, brought it slowly to my cock, in place of his cock, and put her hand on my big dick. She moved it back with a jerk and said what is this?. He posed as if nothing has happened. She asked how come it is so big today. Raman said he had applied a type of oil and this increases the size and thickness. She gave a good smile and said that you are too good a brother and looking after her so much. He again moved her hand and gave my cock to her. She started massaging it and started touching my balls also. He had been able to convince her and dodge her. I was happy. I told raman that now i must put it inside. He said, we shall try it 2morrow. But i insisted, i was in full mood to screw her today. There was no waiting possible for next night. He had no option and suddenly told her that he wants to put it inside. She turned towards him and started kissing him.

I also felt that though i have pressed her boobs, put my finger in her cunt and now given my dick in her hand but we have never kissed each other. I moved my cock behind raman and pressed it hard indicating that if i do not get chance he will be fucked from behind. I am sure after screwing such a voluptuous girl, he would never like to be fucked by a man. He played a trick now. He told her that he is going to toilet and will be back soon. He aksed me also to get up and move with him. Over in toilet, he told me that now it is up to me. I should go and sleep next to her. He will not come there. He will ensure that there is more darkness so that she will not be able to see me. I really got shaken up that if she recognizes me then hell will be broken. But he insisted that i go alone and as she is really hot now she will not make out the difference. Even if she knows, she will not stop as she needs a cock now. Go go friend. Life time chance….

I moved fearing as if i am a thief. I went and saw that she has turned her back towards me. I went and lay down next to her behind her. She felt my body and i could first time feel her full hot body. Slowly i moved my hand on her body and touched her boobs. She said that why i am slow. She told” raman give your cock as today it is in full size and bigger then other days. She suggested that today we should put in inside as today being big because of that oil, it will satisfy her. I thought she has been tricked properly. I was happy that so far she has not recognized me. I started fondling her boobs violently as i had never touched these so freely. She smiled and said that oil has really made me also excited. Suddenly, she turned towards me – flat on her back and i could see her so closely in that pose and each part of my body touching her full body. Oh, finally i was going to get my own katy mirza but courtesy my own friend. She asked me to move up and guided my cock to her beautiful cunt. It went inside – initially a little difficulty but later very smoothly, it was wet …and hard long cock was moving slowly like a shaft. She put her lips on my lips and we had a long kiss. Oh so sweet. She had really not been able to recognize me. She told me suck my boobs and start strokes down below. I did that but i was not speaking rest she will come to know who i am. I was just following orders. I increased my strokes, and she started reaching to final pleasure, but i was in no mood to finish off as i was feeling that when raman leaves from here, i will never get her again. So i slowly withdrew my cock and moved my head to her cunt. Before she could speak, my head was doing the licking job and i knew she would love it. It was good. She caught my legs and moved these towards her. We were now in 69 position and she started a good blow job. Oh, i had not seen her doing it with raman. So i thoroughly enjoyed it. After some time, when time came, i moved again and placed my cock on the great entry. I started stroking and the speed was increasing. She was also helping me a lot now and we were kissing, sucking her boobs, and pressing it violently. I had forgotten that i am not raman and she is my sis. When we were both on peak, i suddenly felt one hand on my back, i thought it is her but i realized that it was raman. I slowly moved his hand away and told him to go. He said that i have taken too much of time and cannot wait so long with erect cock in his hand.

Oh, i thought i am now caught as i could feel that while i was on top of her, he was lying next to her though not touching. But i had no time to get diverted and so i pushed it hard. It was as if the whole energy had been thrown out of my body. It was in her., she also did the same. I had got what i wanted. But only thing it was in the name of my friend. But so what… cock was mine and she was mine…i lied on top of her and she told me after sometime that this was the best fuck by me, raman. I was happy that she was really happy. Though i wanted to speak but stopped as i knew that it can spoil the whole evening. She told me to get up and go to my bed less my brother will get up. So i got up, kissed her again, sucked her boobs again and felt her great thighs for the last time. I moved but to my surprise raman did not get up from her bed. While getting up, i could feel his dick erect and in his hands. I got worried that he should not now give it in her hand and create problem as she will come to know that it was not raman who fucked her tonight. But without speaking , i moved to my bed and waited for raman to come back, but i do not know when i dozed off…

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