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My Hairy Mature Aunt Leela
09-26-2012, 05:18 PM
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My Hairy Mature Aunt Leela
When I visited India
last time, I went to our Aunt Leela's house. Leela is
48 years old, slightly plump lady. Her husband works
in another city and her son studies in USA. She has
nice figures, tall, fair and sexy. She has black, long
hairs upto her buttocks and her eyebrows are thick.

Eversince childhood, I have hots for mature women and
particularly mature hairy women. I love bushy armpits
of women. I love the warm feeling of burrying my nose
under hairy pits. I love the strong, musky smell from
the sweaty armpits of an excited mature women.

When I went to Leela's house, she was in the kitchen.
She was wearing a white blouse and a brown saree. She
was coocking something. She greeted me as soon as she

saw me. She was totally wet with the sweat in the
kitchen. She enquired about me and my wife. We went on
talking for some time. Then, I noticed that she was
totally wet with the sweat. I told Leela aunty you are
totally wet. She smiled and told me that there is no
fan in the kitchen. I told her that ' you are
extremely wet in the armpits portion. She lifted her
hands to see that. I could see the wet patch in her
armpits. since she was wearing white blouse, I could
see a thick bush of black hairs matted to the blouse.
I went nearer to her and I told ' Leela you are looki
beautiful with this sweat in the pits'. She smiled and
asked me what is so special. I went closer to her pits
and sniffed her pits sweat deeply and I told her that
she has a very strong fragrance in her pits and That

smell has brought me from abroad. She said ' you
naughty boy, I am older than your mother and you are
lusting me' come to the bed room. I followed her to

the bed room.

Once we are in the bedroom, she removed her blouse and
threw it to me. I cought hold of her blouse and
started smelling deeply at her armpits portion. She
was smiling all the sway. I rubbed her blouse all over
my face. My face was full of her armpits sweat and
smelling like musk. Meanwhile she removed her saree
and I removed my pants. My cock was looking at the
fan, totally excited by the armpits smell. I tol
'Leela aunty, let us switch off the fan, I like your
sweaty body'. She put it off. I went closer to her and
she took my head in her hands and burried my nose to
her pits and inserted another hand in her hairy cunt
and more and more I sniff her pits, more and more she
started rubing her cunt. I took my own time with her
hairy pits. She had thick, black, curly bush under her

pits. Once again I rubbed my whole face in those
forest of pits and took all the sweat on my face and
slowly started licking her pits. Leela started moving
her other hand faster in her cunt. She removed her
fingers from the cunt and I immediately grabbed it and
started licking them. Leela went wild with my action
and took hold of my cock and started moving it up and
down. I went mad with her action and started licking
her pits like a wild animal. I could'nt hold longer I
came like a valcano. Leela immediately sat down and

took all the semon in her mouth.

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