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Interview With Deepika and Priyanka
12-30-2016, 01:37 AM
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Wank Interview With Deepika and Priyanka
The next episode of Female Film Star Secrets promised to be one of the best shows yet purely because it seemed that every show the guests were getting more and more dirtier. I had high hopes that my two guests for the next show,Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, would be just as dirty as the previous guests had been and certainly be up for some fun after the show.

Priyanka had stolen the show in huge film such as Baywatch and  and she looked stunning as she joined me on set, wearing a long black dress with plenty of cleavage to lust over. Deepika Padukone, star of the new XXX series, was the
“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, admiring my two beautiful guests, “and let’s get on with the questions. What’s been your favourite movie to make so far?”
“I love making the Baywatch film,”Priyanka replied, smiling, .I enjoy every film I make as I see them as pleasure not work. Some are more challenging than others but Baywatch will always my favourite, I think.”
“I think there’s definitely something about making film series,” Deepika replied, also smiling. “I prefer making Ramleela film to all my other ones because you know the cast, crew and people really well and it’s great fun.
“Sex scenes are becoming more and more frequent in films these days, so how are they to film, would you do more and would you film same sex scenes?” I asked, directing the interview towards sex for the first time.
“Yeah, sex is becoming more frequent in movies but they’re not that bad to film,”Priyanka replied, looking directly at me as she answered. “The main one I filmed was for Quantico and that was OK to do but it was different because it was fully clothed. I’ve done some but I’m definitely not opposed to doing more, or doing lesbian scenes.”
“I don’t understand the overhype with sex scenes personally,” Deepika answered. “I did one for XXX  and it added to the plot and was fun to film. They’re easy and natural if you love sex like I do, so I’d certainly not be opposed to doing more. As for lesbian sex scenes, that’s something I’ve never gone down before, but never say never.”
“So how are the real life sex lives?” I asked.
“Mine’s pretty good actually,”Priyanka responded,
“Well, being single currently means sex is a lot harder for me to get than Priyanka,” Deepika replied. “As I said before, I’m quite a sexual person, so I do enjoy having sex and when I’m not it’s disappointing. But that’ll hopefully change when I get myself a boyfriend.”
“I’m sure that won’t be long,” I replied, excited that Deepika hadn’t had sex in a while as she’d be keener to oblige in some fun. “And do you masturbate in the periods when there’s no sex?”
“Of course, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t,”Priyanka answered immediately. “Masturbation is extremely underrated in my book, and it’s frowned upon, but I don’t know why. Everybody’s done it at some point and it’s so beneficial, it can relieve stress. I masturbate every day, regardless of where I am or whether I’m getting laid.”
“I totally agree with Priyanka,” Deepika said, “and I actually think it’s healthier to masturbate then not to. For me, masturbation’s a way to relax after a long day at work, a way to cure my sex drive and something to do when I’m bored. I’d do it every hour if I had the stamina, as it is it’s currently about two times a day.”
“Wow, that’s a lot,” I said, cock growing as I imagined my guests masturbating. “And what gets my guests off?”
“A variety of things to be honest,”Priyanka answered, smiling. “It can be anything from porn to just my imagination. I’d have to say porn’s probably my favourite to masturbate to, especially the parody stuff. But I like fan fiction as well.”
“Mine’s always been the same since I started doing it,” Deepika replied, also smiling. “It’s always been imagining myself in sexual situations with other celebrities. When I was younger, it used to be the bigger stars but now I’ve moved on to people I star in TV shows or films with, which I know is naughty but it just gets me going.”
“Interesting, Deepika, anyone in particular?”
“Well, no it just ranges from what mood I’m in,” she replied. “If I’ve just watched a film with a hot guy or girl in, it’ll probably be to them. Most of the people that have been on your show have been subject to my wild fantasies.”
“And have either of you ever experimented with other girls?”
“Yes,” both girls answered at the same time, before they laughed.Priyanka was first to continue, “Yeah, I experimented a lot when I was breaking through with any member of the crew or cast I could find. That was through my extreme horny stage. Since then, it’s become less and less but I created the lesbian initiation on the Marry com for any new female cast.”
“Nothing beats a little experimentation now and again,” Deepika continued, smiling atPriyanka. “It’s a change from the normal and I’ve actually had more success with women than men recently, just for a little bit of fun here and there.”
“Ok, we’re running out of time so one more question to finish,” I said, my cock fully hard as I anticipated what could happen after the show. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done or the kinkiest place you’ve had sex?”
“Mine answers both questions,” Deepika said first. “It was back just before I made it big and I was out shopping with my mates. This really hot guy came up to me and my best friend and said were we up for some fun. At that stage of my life, I was up for anything so we enquired and ended up having a threesome in the car park.”
“Wow that’s amazingly kinky, Deepika,”Priyanka said, looking impressed. “I just have a fetish rather than a kinky thing or kinky place. I just love getting fisted, which might surprise a few people, but I really do. It just turns me on so much.”
“Wow, what great answers,” I said, ending the show rock hard as always. “Join me next time”
The moment the interview was finished and the cameras had stopped rolling, I released my rock-hard cock to the fresh air of the studio and in full view of Priyanka and Alexandra. The girls had made me so hard with their answers that it was getting to the stage where it was uncomfortable for my boner to be covered by my trousers. However, the guests didn’t seem surprised or disgusted by my sudden movement and in fact, a smile broke out over both their faces.
“So the rumours are true,”Priyanka said, standing up and removing her long black dress to reveal the fact she was wearing no underwear, “you do fuck your guests after they appear on your show.”
I was sitting there speechless, my hand on my cock, starting to stroke up and down as Deepika too got up from the couch.
“Time to add two more conquests to your list,” she said, as she took off her shirt and skirt to reveal her cute panties and made her way with Priyanka over towards me. Both girls were walking seductively and squeezing each other’s asses as they walked, their bodies’ things of perfection.
Deepika sat down next to me on the couch and turned her body so that her hidden pussy was facing in my direction. She pushed her hand inside her panties and began to rub asPriyanka kneeled at the floor in front of me, her hands replacing my own around my cock and gripping it, before lowering her head and sticking her tongue out to seductively lick the top of my hard cock.
She slowly lowered her head until my cock was in her mouth and then began to suck it passionately, her eyes fixed looking up as I watched the precious sight down below. Deepika had dispatched of her panties by this point and was now rubbing her pussy, completely naked, her other hand playing with her succulent tits and nipples. The brunette looked beautiful as she rubbed herself, slowly pushing a finger inside her with a soft moan as she continued to watch the blowjob.
As Priyanka looked up at me with her mouth full of my cock, I knew that if she continued sucking me in this manner, it wouldn’t be long at all before she made me cum. Knowing this, and deciding I didn’t want to cum through a blowjob, IPriyanka's mouth off my cock and pulled her onto my lap, giving her a kiss before beginning to suck on her tits and nipples.
Not being able to resist the urge any longer, I grabbed my cock and guided it towards Priyanka’s wet pussy and got ready to fuck the super-hot Indian star. Finding it, I pushed my cock inside her and grabbed her waist as she began to bounce up and down on my member, moaning as she did so, pushing her tits into my face.
Deepika was enjoying the fact that Priyanka and I had moved on from a blowjob and were now involved in sex, as she continued to play with herself. Her fingers were moving extremely quickly as she worked three of them in and out of her pussy, moaning incredibly loudly as though on the verge of her own powerful orgasm. Moments later, she did exactly that, as her moans became inaudible before she let out a terrifyingly loud scream and gushed her juices over her fingers, licking them after and tasting herself.
It was hard to contain myself, with Deepika orgasming in my ears and Priyanka bouncing up and down on my cock, but contain myself I did, at least for the next few minutes. It was certainly very difficult though, because Priyanka was incredibly hot and my cock felt so good buried in her pussy. My efforts weren’t at all helped either, by the sudden appearance of Deepika sucking on Priyanka’s nipples as I fucked her, an incredibly provocative sight.
Despite all my efforts, I knew they were going to be in vain, and as I pumped Priyanka as hard as I could, I soon felt my cock exploding inside her and my cum pushing deep into her womb. The feeling of hot sticky cum inside her seemed to spur Priyanka on towards her own orgasm, and as she kept bouncing up and down on my cock, her nipples being pleasured by Deepika, she reached her climax, screaming out profanities as she climaxed hard over my cock.
We sat there for a good minute, Deepika sending her head in the direction of our fucking area and lapping up any loose juices with her tongue, before I pulled Priyanka off me and stood up. Looking down at the two naked women sitting on my sofa, I couldn’t help but admire them for a couple of seconds. Reality soon kicked in though and, realising they would be getting impatient, crouched down on the floor in front of them.
Pulling Deepika Padukone closer, I buried my head in her pussy, her patch of brunette hair at the top a big turn on as I began to lick the up and coming actress.Priyanka pulled her in for a kiss, interrupting her moans, but there was no way I was going to leave her unsatisfied. Glancing up from Deepika's pussy, I found Priyanka’s area with my fingers and began to rub slowly what was an already soaked pussy from our earlier fuck.
Once I began to pick up a rhythm I was easily able to continue to lick Deepika's pussy as I pleasured Priyanka Chopra with my fingers. I pushed a couple inside her with relative ease, as the two women continuously made out above my head, separated only by the occasional moan from one of the two women.
I was passionately working away on the two women, using my fingers on Priyanka and my tongue on Deepika, and it seemed I was more skilled with the latter of my two movements. Deepika hadn’t taken long before she was cumming when she’d been masturbating, so the feeling of a tongue in and around her pussy was something that meant she had hardly any control. She let out another huge scream as she climaxed for the second time that evening, covering my tongue in juices.
Once I’d lapped up all of Deepika's sex, I was able to solely focus on making my other guest reach climax again and, remembering what she’d said before, I tried to work my whole hand inside her pussy. A couple of minutes, and some strenuous hard work on both counts, and we were finally there, as my whole hand pushed up and down inside Priyanka’s pussy, her fetish being realised once more.
I didn’t realise she was cumming until her juices began to flow down my arm and she let out a huge sigh of pleasured relief, kissing Deepika passionately, I sat down on the sofa next to the two beautiful ladies and began stroking my cock again, back hard and ready for another fucking.Priyanka looked eager to have another go on it, but I put my foot down and grabbed Deepika and straddled her across my lap.
I began to guide my cock to her pussy, but decided that it was about time I got some anal sex, and earmarking Deepika as a type of girl who enjoys that, rubbed my cock against the entrance to her back passage,
“Fuck, I’ve never done anal sex before,” she said, catching me off guard as she lowered her tits into my face to give me better access to her asshole. “Take my anal virginity go on, take it.”
Not wanting to refuse the actress’s request, I pushed my cock into her asshole, having lubed it up, and worked my way deeper and deeper inside her, until I had nearly six inches inside her pussy.Priyanka, meanwhile, had disappeared for a few minutes but so focused was I on fucking Deepika's asshole, I hadn’t noticed her leave the room.
She returned moments later, as I was still working my cock deeper into Deepika's asshole being met by a lot of resistance as it refused to widen, but she came bearing gifts. In her left hand was a huge dildo, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen.
She climbed back onto the sofa and took up the position Deepika had earlier when she had switched positions with the Priyanka, and brought the dildo up to her mouth, sucking on it and wetting it before she thrust it inside her. It was a hot sight watching her fuck herself with a dildo, but Deepika's ass had widened enough so she could take my full cock, and as she rubbed herself at the same time, her third orgasm of the day neared.
Moments later, that familiar scream came out of her mouth as her juices flowed over her fingers and my lap, my cock buried in her ass.Priyanka had been working her dildo in and out of her pussy so fast, she had sped up her orgasm speed too, and moments after Deepika, she was covering the dildo with juices, before sucking them off.
That left just me. I was coming closer from fucking Deepika Padukone up the ass but the girls seemed to know exactly what to do to make me reach my own orgasm. Clambering off me, she got into a position and began to take my cock in her mouth and suck it passionately, her eyes fixed upwards just as Priyanka’s had been. Talking of Priyanka, she soon joined Deepika and started to exchange my cock between them,
As the two tongues exchanged my cock, I felt my cock ready to burst again. Taking over, I jerked my cock over the open mouths of Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra and covered them both in hot sticky cum, before collapsing with a huge smile, as they cleaned each other off.

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