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Indian Yoni Pooja with Mother
12-08-2012, 08:53 AM (This post was last modified: 02-25-2013 03:17 PM by Rocky X.)
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Wank Indian Yoni Pooja with Mother
My name is Suraj. I'm a 22 year old call centre worker in Mumbai. You've probably heard from me -- my other name is George and I can put on a very dodgy English accent. I'm the one that calls you late on a Sunday night and tries to sell you a mobile phone. You should buy one, they really are very cheap!

OK, joking aside, this story is about me and my mother. More importantly it is a story about how my mother and I, crossed that forbidden barrier imposed in all familial relations and began engaging in a live of rampant debauched sex. Interested? Read on...

My mother, Kaushalya, is a buxom and curvy woman of 40. She is slightly tall for an Indian woman of her age and time, standing at roughly 5' 4" inches. She married at 17 and had me at 18. Unfortunately her husband, my father, died from natural causes very soon after I was born. I don't have any real memories of my father, my only reference point to him is the picture of him hanging on the sitting room wall and of the various stories mother and other relative have told me about it. Mother continues to hang a fresh garland of flowers over that picture once a week. She's traditional like that.

Even though the world has moved on, she's managed to keep her old Indian ways. We have a computer at home which she's never touched. We have a TV that she can't control and a power shower unit that she can't operate. She wears traditional Indian garb such as sarees and salwaar kameez suits and even keeps her hair in a tight Indian bun with and industry-standard middle parting. Her one vice, I guess you could say, is that she dies her hair black. Except I'm not meant to know that. Nobody is. And now you don't know that either, got it?

Like all Indian mothers she makes fantastic Indian food. Except we don't really call it 'Indian food' here, we just call it food. Good honest, home cooked, spicy food. She also takes care of me, her son. From the day of my birth and all through my 22 years, my mother has been nothing but attentive to me and my needs. To be blunt, she has nothing else really. I am her whole life.

OK, that's bit of a lie. My mother has one other obsession in her life -- religion. My mother is a devout Hindu woman. She observes as many rituals as she can and seems to fast every other day for some reason or other. I myself am Hindu -- a reluctant Hindu shall we say. I'm really in it just for her. She takes this all so seriously and it's kind of rubbed off on me. I don't think I could survive at home if I didn't roll over and play the devout Hindu son routine.

I love my mother; she's been my whole life for, well, my whole life. But my feelings for her had become, confused, shall we say. I'm not sure when or how it happened but for a long time I'd been having strange thoughts about her.

You know the kind of thoughts.

Initially they were thoughts of affection. Imagining just being close to her. Hugging her. The thoughts became fantasies. Daytime fantasies. Long, night time fantasies. Wide-smiling fantasies. Cock-hurting, furious-masturbating, grunting fantasies.

Yes, THOSE kind of fantasies.

My mother has been the object of my lust for years now -- since puberty probably. I certainly don't remember a time when I didn't have lustful thoughts about her. I watch her when she's not looking at me. I stare at her big bosoms, her wide hips, her exposed abdomen under her saree -- when she wears one.

She doesn't know it of course. She's blindly unaware that harbouring in her home is a twisted, horny-as-hell son who would do anything to screw her into next week.

Nope, she just blissfully goes about her daily routine of praying, cooking,
housekeeping, cooking, housekeeping, praying, sleeping, praying, etc etc.

Just to emphasise how seriously my mother takes religion, we have a Guru that comes to our house on a weekly basis. He and my mother sit down in the little prayer room we have and talk endlessly about scripture, rituals, dos and don'ts. I say they talk; it's more him that does the talking. My mother really just sits there in awe of him, hanging on his every word as if they were kind of divine revelation. Not that I have much faith in divinity.

I myself am sceptical -- some of the stuff he comes out with is just everyday common sense and others just sound like mystical mumbo jumbo. But to my mother, it's all profound wisdom.

It's that devotion to his every word that changed everything for my mother and I. That, unquestioning, naïve willingness to believe everything that came out of her Guru's mouth was how her son eventually found his way into her mind, her heart and her sweet, gorgeous pussy.

Like with most things in life, it all happened with a careless lapse of concentration and a great deal of luck.

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12-08-2012, 08:53 AM
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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
It was Sunday and mother and I were in the prayer room listening to one of Guru's sermons. He was explaining something about cows. Or horses. Or something. I don't know, I switched off to his claptrap a long time ago. I'm only there because I couldn't find a good reason not to be -- not one my mother would believe on a Sunday morning anyway.

As usual Mother sat in blissful serenity and listened to him, nodding along in agreement with him, rocking slightly in a meditative fashion. She would occasionally turn to me and I would nod back at her, dumbly validating everything the Guru said. I was happy enough letting her feel I was taking it in. These sessions with the Guru were as much for my benefit as hers, or so she thought.

Some time during the sermon, mother realised she'd forgotten the coconut milk -- a necessary part of one of the rituals she was learning to perform. She excused herself and climbed onto her feet to head to the kitchen. As she did so, she had her back to me and I got a delicious eyeful of her saree covered ass, swaying as it did from side to side as she walked. My eyes didn't stray from their target, even as I watched her head out of the room and down the corridor to the kitchen, I kept watching her. It's only when I turned away that I realised the Guru had been watching me.

I tried to act nonchalant, but you know how it is. When you're trying to act innocent, all you manage to do is look guilty. It didn't help that he had a blank expression on his face as he fixed me with his stare, giving me no clue as to what he was thinking. For a moment I was scared. Then confused. Then really scared as my mother came back into the room.

Mother placed the cup of coconut milk alongside the other ritual ingredients and sat down again, adjusting herself as she got comfortable.

My heart pounded in anticipation of what the Guru was going to say. I expected him to mention it to my mother.

The Guru turned to my mother and calmly asked "Behnji, have I ever explained to you the virtues of yoni puja?"

"No, Guru sahib." She replied, with a confused expression on her face.

"Strange, such a fundamental aspect of puja and I've not taught you about it?"

"I know a little about yoni puja but only from conversations with people."

"So you have never performed yoni puja or had puja performed for you?"

"No, not at all."

Many of you will be surprised to find that this is a topic of religious conversation. Conversations about yoni and lingam (vagina/vulva and penis/phallus) are nothing abnormal in Hindu religion. You only have to look at the various ornamental statues we have around our very old temples to see that matters of sex and procreation aren't taboo topics. That's not to say we openly converse about pussies and cocks. Yoni and Lingam, as words and concepts are somewhat detached from their real world equivalents. We're able to talk about them without getting giddy, and flushed embarrassed or prudish. Hence my mother, talking about yoni puja (pussy worship) without flinching.

"So, betah Suraj has never performed yoni puja for you?" Guru asked.

"Suraj??" Now mother was a little taken aback. She shifted uncomfortably as she glanced across at me. The mystical concept of yoni puja and its real world ritual undertaking were suddenly making her feel a little bit prudish.

I, at this stage was completely numb to the conversation. From my earlier embarrassment of having been busted for checking out my mother's fine round ass, to now listening to this surreal conversation about her pussy, was a little difficult to get my head around.

"Well of course, Suraj. Who else will perform yoni puja for you?"

Now don't get confused readers -- our Guru really was talking about me performing a worshipping ritual at my mother's pussy. Kinky or what? It was for me anyway, I had the beginnings of a raging hard on under my salwaar. For the Guru, this was a serious topic of religious observance. For my mother, it was suddenly a very uncomfortable discussion as was evidenced in the concern on her face and the delightful pink blush in her cheeks.

"But Guru sahib, Suraj is.." Mother glanced again in my direction and swallowed hard as she tried to continue her sentence in hushed tones "...he's my son."

The Guru blankly looked from me to my mother. "Behnji, you only have your son to perform this most sacred ritual." The Guru stated plainly.

Mother bowed her head, seemingly resigned to the Guru's wisdom. There was that unquestioning obedience once again...

"Behnji, the ritual is very simple and yet very powerful. I shall explain the details to you and you can perform the ritual with Suraj at your convenience. I understand this is a matter of privacy so, please, when you are ready and comfortable."

The Guru then went through and described in detail how we were to perform the ritual. My mother listened attentively. She seemed to have lost her relaxed posture somewhat as she sat there, nodding as the Guru spoke. She would not look at me at all for the rest of the time the Guru was with us that day.

When the Guru was done, he packed his things and mother escorted him out with a smile. Guru, nodded at me before he left, as he always had as a simple respectful gesture of his departure.

I sat there in the empty prayer room, my mind racing. I hadn't dared to get up in case either of them caught a glimpse of the huge tent my erection had made in the front of my salwaar. I couldn't believe what had just been discussed. I desperately wanted to go to my room and jack-off like a mad man but was left in a bit of a muddle. Was I to wait here? Was I supposed to perform puja right now? Was my mother really going to go through with this?

Mother didn't always perform all of the rituals the Guru taught her -- but she did most of them. I could feel my cock throbbing as I considered the sordid prospects. It didn't matter that she saw it as a purely religious ritual. There was the distinct possibility that I might see my Mother's pussy and that's all that mattered to me!

I sat there, trembling in anticipation but my mother didn't return. Not straight away anyway.

I could hear her tinkering in the kitchen and eventually she came back into the prayer room. I looked up at her and just watched as she walking in, picked up the ritual ingredients and headed back to the kitchen. For a moment my heart skipped a beat as I thought this might be it -- this might be my moment -- but it wasn't to be.

I felt deflated as I heard her return everything to the kitchen. She still hadn't looked at me, not one glance in my direction. I sensed she was feeling very embarrassed and no doubt apprehensive about undertaking the yoni puja ritual.

I got up and shuffled quickly to my room, rubbing my aching cock through my salwaar. Once inside I jacked off furiously and unloaded a huge wad, relieving my aching balls as I allowed my mind to wonder, and fantasize, and hope and pray that Yoni puja was one ritual my mother would not pass up.

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12-08-2012, 08:54 AM
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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
The rest of the day passed slowly and awkwardly to say the least. I don't think mother looked at me once, moreover it certainly appeared she was avoiding me. She managed to communicate to me without eye contact. It was frustrating and equally unnerving.

I couldn't stop thinking about the yoni puja ritual. My mind had gone blank while the Guru had described it though I had managed to capture enough to know that it involved coconut milk, some washing, some drinking, and a whole lot of up close and personal pussy action. My cock was on perma-erection and it was becoming very difficult to conceal it.

Sadly, it didn't look like there was any chance I was going to get to perform the ritual that day. Instead I spent hours in bed jacking off like a dog in heat.

We didn't perform the ritual the next day either. Nor the next, nor the next. Instead, all that seemed to have come from the yoni puja discussion was my inability to think of anything else. I thought about speaking to her about it, but chickened out each time, how would I even raise the topic.

"Hey mother, hi, you look nice, so how about spreading those milky thighs and giving me a gander of that sweet, sweet kittycat? I brought coconut milk." Didn't sound like a winner to me.

It didn't help that conversation between us had pretty much disappeared. Not only did she avoid looking at me, she avoided being in the same room as me. My feelings swung from out of control horny to lonely and depressed. It was a terrible few days. And when nothing happened by the following Saturday, I'd resigned to the notion that it wasn't going to happen after all. The only chance I'd ever get of seeing mother's pussy was going to be in my raging fantasies. I actually wished the whole topic had never been discussed!

Then things changed on Sunday morning in a bizarre and frustrating way. Mother's Guru was coming again today. By then I'd already accepted that yoni puja was not going to happen, much to my frustration and annoyance. I was still in bed when I heard a knock at my door.

"Suraj behta?" Mother called for me, she sounded apprehensive.

I had just relieved my morning erection so I was glad to not have to deal with another aching hardon just yet.

I got up and quickly opened the door to find my mother standing there in her usual prayer saree. In her hand she held a glass of coconut milk.

I looked at it dumbly for a moment before she spoke.

"Drink this, betah... it's from..." She said as she handed it to me.

She stood at the door for a moment as she seemed to struggle to continue.

"It's from puja... It's blessed and will make you strong."

I held the glass in my hand and before I could reply she'd already left and busied herself in the kitchen.

I held the glass of coconut milk in my hand, confused for a moment. I shrugged and drank it down without thinking about it any further. It wasn't unusual that my mother had given me a glass of coconut milk to drink. More often than not it was connected to some kind of puja ritual anyway. All I could do was think about how it didn't happen to have been used for the one ritual I was interested in.

Mother continued her policy of minimum conversation right up until the Guru visited us once again at his usual time, mid-morning. On arrival she escorted him to the prayer room and called out to me to join them. I shrugged and followed them numbly.

Once we'd all become seated, Guru wasted no time in broaching the topic of the day.

"Well behta, did you benefit from the yoni puja?" He asked.

There was silence in the room as it took me a moment to realise he was addressing me. I was usually a peripheral member of these holy sessions so was surprised to find him speaking to me before speaking to mother. I looked across at my mother who quickly turned away, clearly as confused as I.

"Guruji, we didn't..." I began mumbling but my mother quickly cut me off.

"Guru Sahib, I gave him the blessed coconut milk this morning." She said hurriedly.

"Ahh..." The Guru turned to my mother and then back to me again. "It will strengthen you, betah. A mother's yoni is a most sacred place. It is the source of your life and drinking the blessed coconut milk will enrich and empower your soul."

The Guru smiled at me and mother, glancing between us clearly pleased that his teaching had been adhered to.

"Behnji, you are privileged to have such a caring son. Yoni puja has come so naturally to him. I recommend you undertake it as often as you can."

The guru clearly didn't' recognise the confusion on my face. At no point in the last week had any puja been performed on any yoni -- much to my disappointment.

"Tell me, betah... " The Guru turned back to me. "Did you find the yoni to be receptive to your actions?"

Well, now I was completely confounded. The Guru was clearly under the impression that I'd got to perform the ritual with mother. I turned to my mother and before I could say a word she began to speak.

"Guru sahib, I performed the ritual myself. Suraj..." Mother bowed her head as she continued. "He drank the blessed coconut milk from the ritual."

My cock twitched with the realisation that the delicious coconut milk she'd given me this morning was a little more special than usual. I had actually drunk something that had come in contact with my mother's pussy. The very thought of it almost blew my mind.

Guru, was less impressed though. He looked to my mother and pressed her on the matter with all the authority of a teacher.

"Behnji, the yoni puja ritual is meant for two people. And it must be undertaken as prescribed. It is invalid otherwise."

"But Guru sahib, it is something that is difficult for us." She glanced at me, and I recognised an expression of pity. She clearly felt worried for me. As if it would be difficult for me to undertake the puja ritual. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course!

"It is natural that it is difficult." The Guru replied patiently. "Yoni puja, and indeed lingam puja, are very old and very sacred acts. They have been performed for many, many years. It is unusual in modern families for such acts of puja to take place in these circumstances but this is only because families have changed and become more separate."

"Families are now more spread out." The Guru continued as he glanced from me to my mother. "Where in the past yoni puja could have been performed by a female relative who lived with you, it is often now not possible. In this case, it is only you, Behnji, and your son who are able to perform the ritual."

"And furthermore, if it is only women who perform yoni puja, how will men ever receive the blessings?"

Mother slowly nodded in agreement. It always amazed me how the Guru managed to get my mother to 'see sense' even where she had shown great difficult in accepting only moments ago.

"So you see betah, it is imperative that you perform the ritual." The Guru said, looking back at me as if I was the one who needed persuading. "Does your mother not deserve the right to have puja performed for her?"

I looked across at mother who quickly turned away and bowed her head, her face flushed in obvious embarrassment.

"And Behnji, you must not deny your son from performing puja of the yoni. How else is he to receive these blessings? Hmm?" The Guru, nodded at each of us, seeking our agreement to his wisdom.

"Now, Behnji, " he continued. "...remember how I described the ritual? Suraj betah must apply the milk and massage it around and into the yoni. He must also..."

I think I fainted at that point. Too much blood had rushed to my cock and my mind had simply given way. The Guru once again described the procedure to mother. She listened attentively this time and even asked questions from time to time. He occasionally made gestures with his hands as he described the actions I was to perform. I'd like to say they were hot kinky finger thrusting motions but they were actually more bland and educational. This was clearly very much a religious ritual being described by the Guru and my mother was obviously absorbing it as such.

Mother looked at me from time to time. She had a determined expression on her face as she concentrated hard on the instructions she was receiving. For a moment it almost dampened the intense arousal I was feeling. But only for a moment.

When the Guru finally finished, he smiled warmly at me and mother, taking pleasure in having educated us to yet another religious doctrine. Mother escorted him out as always and just like last week, I chose to stay seated to avoid offending anyone with my aching, engorged cock.

But unlike last week, mother returned to the prayer room and sat down again. She didn't look at me as she busied herself in performing a prayer at the statue of Ganesh we have in the centre of the room. All I could do was sit there patiently, waiting for her to finish so that I could excuse myself and jack off in my bedroom once again.

Once she had completed she turned to me and for the first time in a week, just looked at me. Her expression was blank, which I found slightly unnerving. She seemed to be lost in thought, even staring through me for a while before she came back to her senses and just smiled warmly - that glorious motherly smile that warmed my heart and comforted my soul.

"Betah, it is ok. It is a most blessed ritual and you shall receive great empowerment from performing it." She repeated the Guru's words to me as if I required persuading. I in turn nodded and feigned a slightly concerned expression. Enough to make her feel I was a little unsure but not so much to make her feel I wasn't willing to take part in this.

"There's a bowl on the kitchen counter, get it please. There is a fresh carton of coconut milk in the fridge as well." She said with a hopeful smile.

I couldn't believe it was actually going to happen. I swallowed hard and climbed up onto trembling feet. I remembered to angle away from her to conceal my erection. Having mother see me with a boner was definitely going to be a deal breaker at this early stage!

I hurried to the kitchen with lightning speed and returned with the carton and the bowl. I placed them on the floor between mother and I and sat down, remembering again to conceal my twitching weapon. I then stared at mother dumbly, awaiting further instruction.

Mother turned to Ganesh again and seemed to whisper a prayer under her breath. She then swallowed hard as if to draw some strength and resolve from within. Then, with surprisingly quick movements she climbed up onto her feet and pulled the cushioned stool from the corner of the room and placed it right where she had been sitting. She then lifted up the skirts of her cotton saree and held them at her waist as she sat herself down on the stool. She then shuffled her ass forward so that the stool was under the small of her back and her ass was mostly off the seat. She placed her hands on either side of herself to assist in supporting her weight in this less than comfortable position. She picked herself up off the stool a couple of times as she meticulously adjusted her saree and her position until she was satisfied.

I then stared dumbly at the sight of my mother, sitting opposite me, legs open and relaxed with feet flat on the floor and her pussy, her gorgeous womanly pussy, slick with feminine moisture, heavy folds of curly pinky-brown and glistening skin, was splayed out in front of me like some delicious delicacy waiting to be tasted and devoured.

"OK betah, bring the bowl under me to catch the coconut milk." She said as she nodded in my direction.

I don't know how I managed to stop my self from leaping in and burying my face in that snatch. I could feel the saliva build in my mouth as a ached to run my tongue amongst those delicious folds and taste her womanly essence.

Instead, I managed to keep my cool as a shuffled forward and pushed the bowl under her ass -- keenly aware that my hand was only inches away from the glorious sex.

I could smell her cunt as I came closer. It's rich musky perfume making my nostrils flare and my mouth drool. I inhaled deeply but discreetly and edged closer, thanking my lucky stars for this glorious day.

As strange as this whole situation was, mother was unusually calm, and focussed about it. She began instructing me on how I was to perform the ritual. Talking through the prayers I was to say, the actions I was to perform, the thoughts I was to think. I listened intently, trying my utmost to focus on her words and not the beautiful gash she was presenting to me so freely.

And so I proceeded with the ritual. I took my time obviously, savouring every moment that this magnificent woman, the source of all my most sordid fantasies, would allow for me to be so close to her sex. I poured small amounts of the coconut milk onto her pussy. Into the cute small patch of natural unmolested pubic hair. Directly onto her clit, or where I presumed her clit was. Over the slit itself and round and around. I watched as the pale fluid drizzled down over her lips in rivulets, streaming down and sinking into the crevices, emerging out further down to dribble and drip into the ceramic bowl underneath.

I looked up a couple of times to see if she was watching this delightful sight with me but she was simply staring up at the ceiling -- no doubt thinking of anything apart from the thought that she was sitting in her prayer room, exposing her pussy to her son who was now washing it with coconut milk.

I didn't care that she was obviously uncomfortable with it. This was my moment. My moment with her pussy and I wasn't going to flinch for a second.

I remembered to whisper the prayers as I reached down with trembling fingers and began to mages her slick yoni. With my fingers pressed together I massaged her sex in circular motions, keeping pressure on the top of her pussy while curling my finger tips and letting them sink in a little at her entrance. I kept this up in slow rhythmic motions and glanced up occasionally to watch as my mother's chest heaved as her breathing came in deep slow breaths.

I placed my fingertips at the top of her pussy and pressed firmly while making a couple of quick circular motions. I thought I heard a gentle moan escape her lips and when I looked up I saw she was biting her lip. I did this a second time and there was a definite gasp and I watched in fascination as her cute toes curled.

On the third time the moan was unmistakable as a gush of clear fluid erupted from her cunt, splashed against my fingers leaving droplets all over her cunt and along the insides of her thighs. I've seen enough pornos to know when a woman ejaculates. It wasn't a big massive mind numbing gasping and panting orgasm. It was a small, uncontrollable, why-did-it-have-to-happen-now-in-front-of-my-son, whisper quiet orgasm. Like her pussy couldn't bare the excitement any longer and spilled forth, despite all efforts to hold back. A cute, orgasm.

My mother was breathing quickly now as she slowly recovered from her. I immediately went to try and bring her to that point of ecstasy again, greedy to watch the incredible sight of my mother reach her climax again.

As my fingers pressed again on her clitoral hood, mother spoke in barely a whisper. "Betah... undhar bhi... inside as well..."

She was still staring up at the ceiling, only now her face was flushed and a sheen of sweat glistened on her rosy cheeks.

I naturally obliged as I proceeded to the next part of the puja. I ran my fingertips down along her slit and just before they began to sink into her slick sex, I pulled them away. I repeated this a few times and smiled as slowly I was sure my mother was lifting herself off the stool as my fingers played at her opening.

I continued teasing her until she was pushing her hips up in tiny thrusts, her body responding now despite herself.

"Please betah, undhar bhi. Inside as well. Puja... undhar..." her voice was soft and pleading.

Mother craned her neck forward and gasped loudly as I pushed two fingers up into her hot pussy in a single powerful thrust. For a brief moment I saw the beautiful mix of delirious lust and gratitude on her face as her pelvis made minute circular movements designed to grind her cunt against my invading digits.

Her head fell back again. I watched as her eyelids fluttered and she mewed and gasped as my fingers began pumping into her greasy cunt. I ran my thumb up and down the outside of her pussy, up along her slit and pressing it firmly against the firm nub of her clit, tweaking it with each motion.

I began working up a rhythm, thrusting two fingers into her soaking cunt and stimulating her clit with my thumb as my knuckles made it passed her vulva. Her warm velvety canal enveloped my fingers as they attempted to cling onto them in a vain attempt to hold them inside. The squelching sounds of pussy flesh being furiously attacked were soon drowned out by her gasps and moans as she approached her climax once again.

I frigged her harder, my fingers thrusting into her receiving cunt in powerful hard thrusts and she made no attempt to pull away from their assault. She began to thrust her pussy up to meet my motions now, her body having relented to the long ignored scintillating pleasure of deep vaginal stimulation. She lifted her head several times and I saw an expression of delirium and lust, her lips pursed as she took quick raspy breathes through clenched teeth.

Finally, she let out a loud screech as her pussy clamped down hard on my fingers and an explosion of juice squirted out from her abused pussy. Her body stiffed as she pulled her knees together, clamping down on the fingers that were still inside her. Powerful surges shot through her body causing her muscles to spasm randomly and sending shocks from her tingling pussy outwards to her fingers and toes.

As she gradually made her way down from her peak I eventually drew my fingers out ran them up and down her slit a couple of times. Her body continued twitched.

"Nahin betah, bus. That's it betah, no more. Please." She panted. She lifted her head and through tired eyes she found the sanity of mind to instruct me to wash my slick fingers in the coconut milk.

I dipped my fingers into the pale white fuild and washed off the mixture of her watery ejaculate and slippery cunt grease. As I did so I watched as she slowly climbed off the stool and let her saree skirts fall to the floor. She then went and sat down against the wall. She drew her knees into her chest and hid her face away. Her breathing slowly becoming more regular as her body retreated from its climax.

Eventually she looked up at me, her flushed face twinkling from a sheen of sweat and framed by tussled clumps of matted her. She turned her face away in embarrassment as she spoke "The coconut milk will give you strength."
She then got up and left the room. I heard her make her way to the bathroom, close the door and lock it behind her.

I sat there, mesmerised by what had just happened. I picked up the bowl of coconut milk and gulped it down expecting it to taste of her essence. All I could taste was coconut milk.

Blesses coconut milk.

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12-08-2012, 08:56 AM
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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
I expected the rest of the day to be a repeat of the previous week with minimal conversation and interaction between me and mother. She had rushed away quickly after the yoni puja ritual so I presumed that she was maybe embarrassed about it.

I'd seen her at her most vulnerable and as beautiful a sight as it was to see her panting and gasping in sexual delirium, it was also a very personal and private act and one that a son doesn't usually get to experience with his mother. It's certainly not one that mother ever thought she'd undertake with me and her discomfort at the situation had been plane to see.

What had happened had happened. As with all things of this crazy nature, I couldn't see how things could go back to they were before. I can't un-see what I had seen and I can't undo what I had done. I had masturbated my mother. She'd been pleasured by her son. That truth would no doubt resonate with us for the next few days at least.

Things were slightly different; however, as I didn't receive the same cold shoulder treatment as I had before. Instead mother was actually quite amiable. Not quite chatty but definitely a bit more conversational. To be honest, I wasn't really capable of that much conversation myself. My mind was only thinking about one thing.

All I could think about was the yoni puja ritual and if we were to talk about anything, that should be it. However, that appeared to be the only topic she would not raise. Instead there were short banal exchanges about which one of my shirts needing washing, what groceries I'd need to buy from the bazaar, whether I was going to finally fix the satellite tv connection, etc.

The day passed quickly with mother following her usual routines of housework and meal preparation. We even sat together to watch some tv in the evening, as strange as it sounds. It's as if this morning hadn't happened and in a weird way I even began questioning in my mind whether it had or not.

I guessed that she found it easier to accept the ritual mentally if it meant it didn't change anything in her day to day life. As if it was something aside and apart from her normal duties and function.

That night I jacked off like never before. It was the 5th time that day I'd masturbated in fact. All I could do was imagine once again the sights and smells of my mother's beautiful juicy pussy. The way it quivered and pulsated as I'd pumped my fingers into her. The way she'd thrust her cunt up to meet my digital assault and the sudden gush of ejaculate that sprayed out as she climaxed. It had been a mind blowing experience and I fell asleep that night wondering whether it was the first of many yoni puja sessions or whether this would be the end of it.


I was woken the next morning by a soft knocking on my bedroom door.

"Betah, have you woken yet. It is already 8 o'clock."

I jumped up and out of bed as I realised I was going to be late for work. I picked up my mobile phone from the dresser to find that I hadn't remembered to set my morning alarm the previous night.

I quickly rushed to get cleaned up and get dressed for work. Mother called to me from the kitchen asking what I wanted for breakfast but I really didn't have the time to eat. Like all mothers she complained sweetly about how important breakfast was and for a moment I was sad to break her heart by not staying to eat. Unfortunately, the call-centre industry can be quite ruthless and any tardiness was an easy excuse to get rid of people. Not that excuses are all that necessary in a country with no employee rights.

I didn't get much time at work to think of anything other than getting those calls in. Call after call after call, each time listening to people explain how they weren't interested in getting a free mobile phone. I had the usual mix of attitudes from our foreign customers -- racist abuse was just part of the job for us. At first I had been quite upset by it but now it didn't bother me. I'd learned that a person abusing me on the phone was just extending my opportunity to sell to them. The only useless calls for me were the ones that ended quickly, didn't get picked up, or were handed to someone who clearly couldn't make a decision to buy, like a child. Anyone else, anyone who was able to give a name and address was fine by me -- it was a potential sale.

You'll be surprised to know that I hadn't even thought of my mother again the whole day till I was almost home that evening. As I approached our apartment, those images filled my mind again and I cursed myself for getting aroused right as I was about to enter the front door. I shifted uncomfortably to hide my erection as I came in and was glad to find my mother didn't happen to be passing at that point. I have no idea how I'd managed to conceal a raging hard-on from her for so long!

"Ma? Kahaan ho? Where are you? Koi khana milega kya? Will I get any food?" I was absolutely famished, having not had breakfast and also working through lunch to make up for my lateness that morning.

"Aarahan houn, betah. I'm coming." Mother emerged from the prayer room wearing one of her plain cotton sarees. "Kahatha na meiney? Dekhliya keysa lagta hai agar subha khana nehi khaya? See what happens when you don't have breakfast?"

She shook her head as she passed me, smiling in mock frustration at my poor eating habits. It was hard not love this woman's delightful mannerisms, even as my damn cock twitched right at that moment.

"Mein abhi khana banaata houn, I'll make something to eat." She called form the kitchen. "Baad mein..."

She paused for a few seconds making me wonder what was up.

"Khaney ki baad...yoni ki puja karogey?" She added innocently as if she was asking me something as innocuous as setting the table or tidying my room.

"Kya? What?" I asked, poking my head into the kitchen to check I'd heard her correctly.

My presence startled her as she looked over her shoulder at me, her face was suddenly blushing and she seemed a little nervous and unsure of herself. It was cute seeing her in discomfort. I felt a bit of a thrill watching her feel so uneasy as our mother-son relationship was momentarily turned on its head and she was seeking direction from me. She looked away in shyness and continued in an almost squeaking tone. "Yoni ka puja karma hein. Guru sahib ne kahan... We need to perform the yoni puja ritual. The Guru said that...."

She trailed off her sentence, her voice having become an inaudible squeak.

She nervously adjusted her pallu, then her hair, then her pallu again, clearly uncomfortable and embarrassed to have to ask me such a thing. She turned as if to busy herself with some pots and pans though not actually seeming to achieve anything in particular, no doubt waiting to see what I would say.

I didn't respond for the moment, choosing instead to let her feel uneasy for a bit. I had to admit I felt a bit of giddy thrill from the thought of this life long figure of maternal authority turn into this trembling little girl so easily.

"Abhi karloun? We can do the ritual now." I said, eventually giving her an answer. She turned around to find my eyes fixed on hers and she blushed even further, her face turning a delightful pink. She shied her face away again feeling self conscious.

"Lekhin thumne khana nehi khaya. But you havn't eaten yet." Her voice was unsteady and barely a whisper.

"Khana baad mein deydo. Aagey yoni ka puja karloun hum. I can eat later, Lets perform puja first." I said, plainly, enjoying the control she seemed to have inadvertently handed to me. I was the one telling her that we should perform the yoni puja ritual now and not the other way round. It was weird, last night I'd worried about ever getting the chance to doing it again and here was me telling my mother we're going to be doing it now. Strange how things turn out.

"Shayed, Yoni ka ashirvaad na payi tho lakta hay us Callcentre ko bachney ka aadat nehin hey, ma. How else will I survive the bloody call centre without any yoni blessings?" I added, smiling while trying to ease the tension a little. Slipping in a little cheeky joke was a bit risky. Mother still saw the yoni puja ritual as very much a religious act so joking about it had a good chance of offending her -- and ending any potential chance of a repeat of yesterday probably.

Mother chuckled nervously at first, and as her body seemed to relax, she joined me for a little playful giggle. I jokingly pinched her nose and went to poke her a few times, playfully pretending to tickle her as we had done many times in the past. We laughed together for a bit, both of us coming to ease and enjoying the mutual release of tension.

"Bus, bus betah." She pleaded as her cute girlish laughed slowed and ended in a wide smile across her warm and beautiful face. She told me to go and put my prayer clothes on with an intoxicating hint of excitement and adoration in her eyes.

I rushed with a spring in my step to my bedroom to get dressed. My head was buzzing with sexy images of my mother while my cock throbbed and ached within the confines of my pants. In moments I was dressed and hurrying to the prayer room to find my already seated mother in the lotus position and rocking back and forth in silent prayer to Ganesha.

I sat down quietly and joined her in prayer, clutching my hands together and holding them up to Ganesha to think him for the glorious ritual I was about to perform once again. I tiny part of me felt like a right shit, but a much more louder part of my body throbbed with an urgency, reminding me of just how many years I'd lusted after this wonderful woman and why it was my duty to myself to subvert the holy nature of this sacred ceremony in order to satisfy my perverted needs to see and play with her cunt. It was a matter of personal development, sanity and simple motherfucking dickishness.

As I turned to face my mother I found her beaming with pride having rarely seen so much enthusiasm from me in performing any kind of religious ritual. Strangely it didn't seem to occur to her that her son was excited because he was a pervert, not because he cared one iota about the ritual. Of course, I felt a little guilty to be deceiving her, but in the grand scheme of things, wasn't it better this way? Surely it was better that she felt happy with the arrangement, this way we both get what we need. I get pussy, she gets a ritual-happy son. Everybody wins.

Just like the previous day, mother brought the stool to the centre of the room, lifted up the skirts of her saree and positioned herself on it. She shifted around a few times to find the position she felt most comfortable, before eventually settling down and splaying her thighs open to present her glorious pussy to me once more.

She was a lot more comfortable today and even smiled warmly as she once again explained the importance of the ritual and the meaning of each of the actions. It was a surreal experience listening to her talking about how I must massage the external and the internal of the yoni, how the secretions of the yoni bless the coconut milk with the strength of the earth mother, Kaali.

It was surprising how the thought of performing some kind of sacred ritual made the whole thing palatable for her. Flashing her gorgeous lady gash would have been a completely abhorrent thing for her to even consider doing. Yet right now, she practically beamed at me and showed no embarrassment at all in parading her sex like this.

She spoke with polite patience and diligence, describing in detail the religious significance of a yoni, its properties and its symbolism. I'm not sure I was listening. It's hard to listen when you have your fantasies coming true in front you. I was too fixated on the hot pussy presented to me, barely able to conceal my delight as she herself drew my attention to it periodically just in case I wasn't listening. As if I was going to look anywhere else??

I inspected her sex with hungry eyes. Her cunt was a beautiful pink and brown, darker towards the centre and more rosy around the outside where it blended into the pearly white of her soft skin. Large and fleshy outer lips, framed thicker heavy set and curly inner lips. They looked like they were pouting like some delicate flower waiting to be kissed. They wobbled ever so slightly as she shifted her weight around the stool, quivering in anticipation. I imagined them parting and sliding down my invading cock, settling over the base of my shaft to place a silky soft wet kiss there while forming an airtight seal around my manhood to keep me safe and snug in her velvety cunt. Her folds were already glistening with moisture while her sensual feminine fragrance filled the air to tantalise my senses and tickle my nostrils, seducing me with her natural womanly smell.

I looked up at her and blinked a couple of times as I realised she'd just asked me something and was waiting a response.

"Uhm... Kya bola aapney?" I replied dumbly.

She smiled patiently, even rolled her eyes in mock frustration at her inattentive son. She even appeared to be quite pleased that I was so captivated by her yoni, spreading her thighs a little wider and pushing her ass a little further forward off the stool, seeming to bring it just a little closer to me. I smiled quietly as her delightfully thick pussy folds jiggled a little more as she did so.

"Arey nasamja, Silly boy..." She said playfully, her smile wide and beaming. "...Meiney kahaan ke usko mera neechy raaklo, jayso woh nariyel ka dud usmey padey. Place the bowl under me to catch the blessed coconut milk." She said as she nudged her chin towards the ceramic bowl.

I did as I was told and shuffled up closer to her, sitting in-between her wide open thighs and slipping the bowl underneath her ass. I leaned in closer, closer than necessary to perform the ritual but my mother didn't seem to mind. In fact she actually shuffled her ass even further forward and made more of overt gesture of presenting her cunt up to me. I inhaled deeply at her cunt, letting the musky odour titillate my senses. My mother looked at me curiously but said nothing.

I ran the palms of my hands along her inner thighs, bringing them together at her apex, holding them either side of her sex as if to frame it. I repeated this a few times, my motions emphasising to her how open and accessible she had made herself to me. I looked up at her, catching a confused expression cross her face, curious about the giddy thrill she felt from suddenly feeling a little vulnerable.

And so I began the ritual once again. Washing her first with the coconut milk, massaging it into her skin, paying keen attention to soaking her engorged labia and running my fingers up and down along her crevices. Her cunt responded immediately as I felt warm slick juices coat my fingertips as they played over her entrance. I brought my fingers up to my lips and ran my tongue over them, sucking each saline finger into my mouth and sucking off the slimy juices.

She was watching me still, trembling a little now at the sight of her son, sat poised so eagerly at her most delicate and private place. She felt goose pimples appear down her arms and legs, as she tried hard to mentally focus on the sacred symbolism of the ritual. Even as she did so, her stare looked distant and her eyes slightly glazed, giving her expression an enchanting lusty quality.

Yesterday, the mere fact of having me perform the yoni puja for her had troubled and terrified her so much, that she'd coped by staring at the ceiling, embarrassed to look at me while she was so lewdly exposed. Today, she felt an unexpected thrill at seeing me there, the realisation of which aroused and frightened her in equal measure.

I massaged her slick juices all over her pussy as she mewed and gasped quietly, trying to focus hard on reminding herself that being pleasured was an important part of the ritual and it was ok to allow it to happen. Her pussy lips made smacking and squelching sounds as they slid over, under and against each other as my fingers continued to massage them.

Placing a finger either side of her pussy I spread her lips apart and eyed the pink flesh of her inner cunt, now exposed after having been concealed away behind the protective coat of her curly inner labia. They parted like a sensual veil, opening up to reveal their precious and most private possession. They reminded me of a trembling virgin bride, disrobed slowly and earnestly by her groom, pledging herself and surrendering her innocence up to him. I thought about how much I wanted it to be just like that between mother and me. She offering herself to me, pledging herself, drawing me into her precious place and promising that it was now mine. For eternity.

Her entrance was surprisingly small with a stream of slick pussy juice pouring out and down into the crevice of her ass. The smooth bud of her clitoris peeked out shyly from under its heavy hood, hoping tentatively to receiving love and stimulation as it throbbing with a long forgotten hunger and urgency.

I zeroed in on that sensitive nub and made quick strokes from side to side over the top of the curly hood. I pressed firmly as the fleshy curls of skin buckled and folder over each other and made cute clicking and smacking sounds under my fingers. The sudden stimulation at that sensitive bud made her gasp and moan, her brow furrowing as she watched me intently through lust filled eyes. My fingers played quickly across her slick fleshy hood, occasionally sliding down to her opening to reapply more cunt grease to my fingers tips.

Soon I was rubbing her clit furiously, switching between firm circular motions to quick side to side swipes until she stiffened and groaned as her first orgasm washed over her trembling body. A gush of clear fluid ejected from her cunt, spraying against my fingers to splish-splash all over her crotch and thighs and drain down the crevice of her ass and into the waiting bowl of coconut milk underneath.

Before she could settle from that peak, my fingers returned again to that engorged nub of sensitive flesh and with a couple of quick swipes she erupted again. Even as her legs trembled I continued to work her clit, bringing her to climax twice more before she had to pull my hand away.

"Bas, bas behta. No more." She panted, her clit too sensitive to touch now.

I watched as her cunt twitched from residual spasms, her heavy folds quivering and her entrance seeming to pulse, undulating in tiny motions. I placed my palm flat against her sex and massaged it slowly, soothing it with gentle rhythmic motions as her orgasmic shocks subsided and she was beginning to beath calmly once again.

She smiled at me with a vulnerability I'd not seen in a long time, giddy from her orgasm yet uneasy with how readily her body was yielding itself. Her cheeks were rosy and her face flushed. It conveyed a warmth and gratitude, as if pleased that her puja partner was so masterful at performing the ritual and so attentive of the yoni, understanding its needs and drawing out its climaxes so expertly.

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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
She glanced down at my hand as it cupped her cunt, surprised at how natural it felt to have it there. It felt strangely reassuring and protective, covering the whole of her fleshy sex with ease. At the same time, its boldness and confidence felt thrilling, as it seemed to claim power and domain of that precious and private place.

I continued massaging her cunt with my open palm for a while, soothing it while maintaining a constant low level stimulation. Never allowing her to relax completely yet keeping her from becoming too aroused and drawn into the path of another mind shattering orgasm. Her pelvis gyrated in tiny motions as she responded to my touch, her body dancing to its own sensual music.

"Yoni ka undhar aajao, betah. Come inside me now." Her tone was soft and meek. I could see she was embarrassed at how easily her body yielded to my touch and how she could no longer control or conceal its needs. I continued to massage her cunt with the palm of my hand as she pressed harder against me, gyrating in small teasing motions, unable to restrain herself, her body seemingly no longer under her control.

Her eyes were wide and deep, pleading for me to stop teasing her sex like this, begging for me to complete the yoni puja ritual soon so that this torture could end and she could regain her sanity and the control of her body. She felt restless and helpless, betrayed by her own body as it shamelessly sought pleasure and stipulation from my touch.

Her eyes flew open as in one quick motion I curled two fingers and pushed them up into her cunt. She let out a loud gasp from the sudden penetration and I watched as her body froze, easing slowly as she accustomed to my presence in her velvety soft canal.

I held them there, pushed as far up as they would go and gyrated them slowly, twisting them in mini circles to apply a rhythmic pressure to every part of her vaginal tunnel, teasing her open wider and wider. I drew them out a few times and pushed them back in with a hard thrust making her hiss and moan as I resumed the deep stimulation of her sex.

I watched her beautiful face now, matted in a sheen of sweat, a lusty gaze full of need and desire. Her brow was furrowed and she drew in quick breaths through clenched teeth. I played her like an instrument, reading the signs of pleasure and pain on her face and working my fingers in her pussy accordingly. When I saw the hints of a grimace on her pretty face I withdrew my fingers, easing the pressure in her pussy and watching her begin to relax and exhale deeply. As her expression softened and would look to me pleadingly again I would thrust them back in, hard and watch as her eyes widened and a harsh throaty grunt escaped from her pretty, full lips.

All the while her eyes were fixed on mine, enchanted in her lusty delirium. I'm not sure if puja was on her mind at this moment, I think a more carnal desire for sexual gratification was probably at the fore. Right now she was simply a women having her cunt whipped into a frenzy and all she wanted was to surrender herself to my masterful handiwork and allow herself to be brought to the peak of sexual release.

Perhaps this was the point of yoni puja after all. To surrender all aspects of self and allow the yoni to take control and be pleasured.

I took my fingers out and heard her mew softly in disappointment as she felt the sudden vacancy in her opened up cunt. I brought my fingers to her lips and watched as she took them into her mouth with curiosity. She sucked on them, running her tongue all along each digit tasting the curious saline flavour of her own cunt.

I returned my fingers to her cunt, this time placing a thumb firmly against the opening to her clitoral hood. Something in my expression told her that the time was near and she responded immediately, holding tighter onto the edges of the stool and preparing herself for another powerful release. She seemed to nod, ever so slightly, as if to signal her readiness. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me weakly. Her expression was pleading as if to ask me not to hurt her too much and at the same time, liberate her from this relentless torture of being on the brink of climax for so long.

I pressed my thumb against her clit and worked it in circular motions. She let out a deep satisfied moan as that sensitive nub was stimulated once again. I rubbed my fingers against the roof of her vaginal canal, pressing against her g-spot, working it firmly. I began working both areas harder, rubbing the sensitive bud of her engorged clit while at the same time pressing and massaging her cunt flesh from within. She was breathing quicker now, on that steady climb to her climax as she started to gyrate her pelvis in small cyclic motions to heighten the pleasure she was receiving in her cunt.

She mewed and moaned and I began working her furiously twisting my wrist right and left, pulling her cunt this way and that. I then switched to thrusting motions and watched as her eyes widened from the harsh pummelling her poor pussy was receiving. I continued like that, through her grunts and sighs pumping my fingers furiously into her pink drooling gash.

Finally she lifted her torso completely of the stool, stiffened and let out a long screech and erupted violently, splattering my face, my hands and her legs with a powerful jet of ejaculate from her throbbing cunt. My fingers remained there, twisting and massaging her tightening vaginal canal with my thumb rubbing harshly at her clit.

She stared at me with bulging eyes, full of fear and lust as my continued thrusts and my relentless tweaking of her clit borough on a second powerful climax, then a third and forth until each one seemed to fuse into one continued period of gut wrenching spasming as her body convulsed and sprayed her watery juices everywhere. I held my fingers deep in her poor abused cunt feeling it clench and spasm desperately, while her body convulsed as surge after surge of wracking spasms shocked her body, sending deep throbbing jolts of electricity in her cunt and all over other parts of her body.

She dropped back onto her stool as her body began to climb down from its intense multiple orgasms. As she did so, my fingers slipped out and I quickly brought them to my mouth and sucked off the juices from her climax, a delicious saline cocktail of cunt grease and watery ejaculate.

I placed my hand back onto her crotch, cupping all of her hot fleshy sex and massaged gently and lovingly, soothing her poor womanhood after having violently abused it. She mewed, at my touch, enjoying the warmth of my palm against the whole of her tingling and throbbing cunt.

Muscles throughout her body continued to spasm as mini orgasms continued to jolt her senses like mini electric shocks back and forth from the depth of her cunt to her fingertips and toes.

She moved off the stool, preferring to lay curled up on her side on the floor where she could relax better. She was careful not to spill the bowl of coconut milk.

She stayed there for a long time, the skirts of her saree remained crumpled at her waist leaving her ass and legs still exposed. I could just about see her pretty cunt, peeking out from between her thighs, brown and glistening while drops of her juice remained splashed all over her legs, drenching and staining her clothes. She had placed her face in the palms of her hands as her breathing slowly became more regular.

I lay down next to her, cuddling up close to her. I pushed one arm under her head and let her rest on it like a pillow. I reached the other between her legs and placed my hand once again over poor cunt. She winced at first, unsure of my intentions and fearful of the contact I made against her tingling flesh. I pressed my palm firmly against her crotch and just held it there, cupping her delicate and sensitive wet sex feeling its heat and its gentle throbbing against my skin. She didn't seem to mind; at least she made no effort to push my hand away. Even when she finally looked up at me and smiled a warm motherly smile, my hand remained at her pussy, neither of us wanting to pull away from the comforting bond it symbolised and the reassurance she felt by having it there, protecting and soothing her tender flesh.

It was when I got a little frisky by pressing my fingertips once again at the slippery opening of her cunt did she eventually shift herself backwards, denying any further access to her sex. She didn't seem mad, just that I guess, the puja ritual was complete and her sex was now her own again. Moreover, it was probably very sensitive anyway. She then pushed the skirts of her saree down over her knees and covered up her exposed legs, trying to recapture some semblance of modesty even as she lay there soaked in her own vaginal fluids. . She looked towards the bowl of coconut milk and then back to me.

"Drink betah, let the strength of the earth mother Kaali invigorate and rejuvenate you." She said as she smiled.

I sat up and I brought the bowl to my lips and sipped the sweet nectar. Mother watched me with pride and reverence as I drank it all. Once finished I placed the bowl to the side and for a long moment mother and I just gazed lovingly at each other. I don't know what she was thinking at that time but all I could think of was how much in love I was with this beautiful earth mother.

I don't know whether it was the heady perfume of arousal that filled the air or whether it was the sight of a woman having been sexually pleasured, or indeed whether it was the cocktail of coconut milk and pussy juice that I had just drunk but suddenly yoni puja didn't seem like mumbo jumbo at all and for the briefest of moments, everything that mother's Guru had been talking about over the last few years suddenly made a strange kind of cosmic sense

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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
Mother and I repeated the yoni puja every day after that. Each time was as intense as the last and each time I became lost in the magnificent display of sexual energy radiating from mother as I performed the yoni massage ritual.

There was neither embarrassment nor shyness now and all of the awkwardness from the first couple of attempts had disappeared. Mother had become very comfortable about parting her thighs and availing her sex. Within the confines of the prayer room and the puja ritual, she showed no inhibitions at all. She allowed me to take complete control of her pussy during the ritual, allowing herself to be completely lost in the moment and surrendering herself to the pleasure.

As much as I would like to say that pussy was regularly on tap for me, this was definitely not the case. Mother was the one who dictated when puja would take place and all I could do was to count my lucky stars that she was asking for it every day.

My biggest problem really was that yoni puja was starting to feel very one way. I'd leave each session with a raging hardon which I'd have to relieve quietly in my bedroom. Even after performing the ritual for almost a week, mother had no idea that I was harbouring an aching erection under my salwaar.

Don't get me wrong, I would much rather be here, getting the thrill of playing with mother's pussy on a daily basis than a mere a week ago when all I had to fuel my fantasies was my own imagination. Now I knew what she looked like, felt like, smelled like and even tasted like. I had thoroughly explored her cunt and now had ample jerk off material.

Still, this all left me feeling a little frustrated and a little resentful. I kept this from mother of course, performing the yoni puja with diligence and genuine enthusiasm. I just kept quiet about my needs. It was still a delight to watch this beautiful woman enjoy being pleasured after having been denied it for so long.

It was the following Sunday when Guru visited again that it all changed. This occasion I was already in the prayer room ready to hear more of his teachings. You could say I was fast becoming a bit of a convert!

As we all settled down and made ourselves comfortable, Guruji started off quizzing me about the progress of the yoni puja ritual. I glanced across at mother and found her to be beaming back at me with pride.

"We have performed the ritual several times Guruji. It has been most successful." I answered, mentally reminding myself that both of these people still saw it as very much a matter of religious observance.

Guru turned to mother just as she also began to speak. "Haan Guru sahib. Suraj has performed the yoni puja ritual very well."

She turned to me with a warm smile on her face and continued. "He has been most attentive and enthusiastic in worshipping the yoni."

The guru nodded wisely. "I can see, behnji, I have never seen you radiate so much earth energy. Do you see now the power of yoni puja?"

Mother blushed and nodded shyly. I joined in and Guruji appeared satisfied with our progress.

"How long must the ritual be performed, Guru sahib?" Mother asked inquisitively.

I hoped with all my strength that the Guru would answer 'forever'. What a massive step back it would be if we stopped it? The thought of not being with her pussy again was agonising.

Guruji contemplated for a moment before responding. "Behnji, how long must a soul eat to satisfy his hunger?"

Mother thought for a moment. "As long as he is hungry, Guru sahib." She replied somewhat apprehensively, unsure of what the Guru was trying to get at.

Guruji nodded and a smiled appeared across his face.

"So if a hungry man must eat to feed his soul. Then a yoni must be pleasured to satisfy a woman's desires."

"But I do not have any desires, Guru sahib."

"Then the yoni puja was not pleasurable?"

Mother blushed again and despite her best efforts a small smile spread across her full lips. "It was most pleasurable Guru sahib."

"Then let the yoni puja continue. Until it stops becoming pleasurable it should be seen as a continued source of earth energy."

Mother nodded in agreement, enlightened by the Guruji's imparting wisdom.

"And aside from the benefits to you, you're also forgetting the benefits to the performer of the ritual." Guru turned to me, smiled wisely and continued. "As long as suraj benefits from consuming the blessed yoni drink, the puja should continue."

I nodded in agreement with the Guruji's wisdom and my cock twitched in my salwaar. "Ehm, Guruji, is there a similar ritual for the lingam?" I blurted quickly.

At that moment I was fully aware of a hard stare burning into the side of my face from mother. Somehow brining up the topic of lingam puja was not as acceptable as yoni puja.

The Guru smiled warmly, pleased to see this new inquisitive side of his usually less than enthusiastic disciple. "But of course Suraj, betah. The universe is made of equals and opposites. As there is a puja for the yoni, there is also a puja for the lingam."

Guruji then went on to explain in detail the benefits of lingam worship, its common practice on the Shivalingam in many temples and circumstances in which it should be performed.

I listened in ernest as Guruji imparted his wisdom, absorbing in fascination the details of the ritual, it's history and practices. I glanced across at mother a few times to see that she was just sitting there with her head down, looking uncomfortable.

As if reading my mind, Guruji turned to mother. "Behnji, this is a wonderful time for you to undertake the lingam puja for Suraj betah."

Mother swallowed hard and looked at me and Guruji apprehensively. I dared not meet her stare, scared she might see the disobedience and deception in me. My interest in lingam puja wasn't based in any desire to observe my religion. My mind is far too perverted for that. I wanted for mother to reciprocate all of what I had done for the in the past week and for once, consider my pleasure. I wanted her to worship my cock and bring me to orgasm.

"Every day," The guru continued, "whenever Suraj performs yoni puja, you may also perform lingam puja. The discharge of the lingam is the seed from which all life germinates, behnji. The yoni cultivates this seed but it is the lingam which initially created it. Suraj betah would benefit greatly from the ritual and so too would you."

Guruji then went on to explain the detail of the ritual itself as mother nodded reluctantly in agreement. She looked across to me with a pained expression on her face, her eyes full of fear and concern. There was no doubt she was unsettled with the notion of pleasuring my cock but listened attentively anyway and reluctantly agreed to perform the lingam puja alongside the yoni puja.

I myself ejaculated in my salwaar. Or at least I almost did.

We spent the rest of the session chanting hymns and listening to extended sermons from the Guruji. At first I could think of nothing other than the lingam puja and the prospect of mother performing it on me. Slowly though, my arousal dissipated and my dick hung limp in my salwaar as the Guruji went on and on and on. Mother, eventually perked up again once we'd moved on from the topic of lingam puja.

Once the session had completed, mother got up to escort Guruji out. I remained seated in the prayer room, numb after having had to endure the Guru's never ending religious diatribe. It was only when she returned and sat down once again did my mind return to the thrilling prospect of her performing lingam puja on me.

She sat in quiet contemplating, facing the Ganesha statue. Neither of us spoke but we both knew what was on each other's minds. Finally, after a long silence mother eventually turned to me.

"Betah, what Guru sahib said about lingam puja..." She had a pained expression on her face and I could see that her mind was in some turmoil. "... You must remember it is a sacred ritual. It is not to be confused with any 'worldly' desires."

"I understand mother. I..." Mother cut me off mid sentence, raising her hand gently and making a gesture for me to stop.

She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts. "You have been performing yoni puja wonderfully, betah. If you are willing to continue to perform the ritual, I would like for you to continue to perform puja at my yoni."

"If...If you want to observe the powers of lingam worship then I will undertake the puja for you." She looked to me for some reassurance, her mind heavy with the implications of what she was agreeing to.

I was quick to reply, knowing exactly what I wanted.

"I do mother. I'm fascinated by the teachings of the Guru. I never really listened to it before, I thought it was just mysticism and mythology. But I've changed my mind now. The yoni puja rituals have invigorated me. I love performing the puja for you."

Mother couldn't but smile at my enthusiasm.

"So you see the wisdom of the Guruji now?" She asked in ernest.

"I think I do. Now." It took all of my strength to force sincerity in my reply and after my mother eyed me with a quizzical stare she eventually accepted my reply as genuine.

"Can we start now?" I asked her, full of hope.

Mother chuckled uneasily, shaking her head.

"Silly boy. I don't think your mother's poor yoni can bear any more of her devoted son's puja for today." She said. She placing a hand against her lower abdomen as a pained expression appeared on her face. She furrowed her brow and hissed through pursed lips, emphasising to me how much pain she was in, even as a cheeky smile tweaked the edges of her mouth.

My mind recalled our early session of yoni puja where I had been exceptionally rough with her cunt. I had taken out some of my anger and frustration from the pleasure being so one directional and I think I may have over done it. I had frigged away at her abused cunt with powerful strokes even though she had squealed and begged for me to stop. Yet it had resulted in the most intense orgasm she had ever felt and even though she had thanked me for pleasuring her so thoroughly, she'd requested for me to be more gentle with her poor abused yoni.

I wanted to tell her that it wasn't actually yoni puja I was talking about this time. As my cock throbbed in my salwaar, I was much more interested in exploring the lingam puja ritual.

However I decided not to push the issue. She'd already indicated that she'd perform the lingam puja, it would be best for me just to let things run their course and let her proceed as she felt comfortable.

Part of me worried that she might change her mind later and that if I didn't push now I may lose the chance forever.

Alas it was not to be as mother just smiled at me warmly and kissed my forehead. She then left the prayer room and carried along with her daily chores. I was resigned to my bedroom once again, jacking off my engorged and enraged member.

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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
The next day, being a Monday, I was back at work and spent the whole day watching the clock waiting for the opportunity to head home, head to the prayer room and finally have mother pleasure me. Maybe there was something in my excitable attitude that help me to sell over 15 mobile phone contracts that day, 5 of those to one customer in the UK that was too polite to hang up. I was definitely the toast of the tea-time crowd and I was sure that Nandini, the hot girl from aisle 7, was checking me out. I would have to speak to her one day and ask whether she'd like some masala!

As soon as work was over I rushed home as fast as is humanly possible through the Mumbai madness. And joy of joys, as I came through the front door I found mother appearing from her bedroom just at that time in a white cotton prayer saree. She smiled in that soft motherly way that melts any son's heart as she headed to the prayer room.

Puja before khaana had become the norm in this house so I quickly went to my room and got changed into my prayer clothes and joined mother. I took my seat beside her and made prayers to Ganesh. As I finished up I looked across at mother and found her smiling warmly at me.

I couldn't help but smile back, my excitement showing.

"Kya hai ma? What's up?"

"Kuch nahin betah, sirf dekh rahaan houn. Nothing's up, I'm just looking at you." She replied coyly.

"Kyu? Why?" I asked playfully.

"Kyuke ithne saari saal se baad, meri ladka dharm sikhne ka shokh ayaa hain. After so many years my son has finally begun to enjoy learning about religion." She beamed with pride.

I couldn't help but smile to myself as I realised that she was actually quite right. I'd taken very little interest in religion before, but now I felt religion was speaking to me directly and in a language I understood. And most importantly with ritual's that I WANTED to perform.

"Ithne saari saal mein, humney dharm mein meri liye kuch nahin paya. In all this time, I couldn't find anything for me in religion." I replied with genuine sincerity.

"Aur abh? Kya badalgayee? Dharm se kya paayi? So what's changed? What have now you found in religion?" She asked curiously.

I looked at mother for a long moment and smiled. "Meri ma paayi. I found you, mother."

"Oh betah..." Mother became teary eyed as she moved across the floor to hug me. We both hugged each other tightly in a warm embrace, sharing our love for each other. I can't remember the last time I'd actually hugged her and I realised how much I'd missed the comfort of being close to her.

We held each other for a long time, neither of us wanting to move and break the embrace. I ran my fingers through her thick black hair and leaned in to smell the fresh fragrance of lotus flowers -- the scent from her favourite shampoo. She in turn nuzzled into my chest, pressing closer to me. I ran my fingers along her neck line and across her shoulder blades in a playful gesture, feeling her shiver and giggle delightfully.

I held her closer to me in a tighter embrace and let my hands run up and down her arm, massaging and stroking as it went along. She reached up to my face and stroked my cheek and we stared into each others eyes, exchanging unspoken words of love, devotion and loyalty.

I'm not sure how long we sat there, holding each other in complete silence. The only sound either of us could hear was the gentle sound of our own breathing. Neither of us had noticed how dark the room had become as the sun had almost set over the hot and smoky Mumbai sky.

It was mother that spoke first when she eventually pulled away from.

"Betah, thum khaana nehin khaya. You've not eaten." She said as she realised how dark it had become.

Her face showed the pained expression of a mother's concern for her son's wellbeing, as if missing one meal would cause me to die of starvation. "Challo, mein khana pukara shuru kharta houn. Come on, I'll make you some dinner."

"Lekhin puja... But the puja?" I didn't really care about dinner. I wanted to perform puja. It's all I'd wanted to do all day and I didn't want to delay it any longer.

Mother just smiled at me warmly. "Puja karne ka bohot time hain. We have plenty of time to perform puja."

As she got up to leave the room, she giggled and stopped by the doorway. "There is plenty of time to pleasure the yoni and there will be plenty of time for the lingam to be pleasured as well."

With that she left for the kitchen and began preparing dinner for the both of us. I just sat there in the dim light of the prayer room. I couldn't believe what my mother had just implied. She'd just spoken openly about how we would both be pleasuring each other.

My cock strained against my salwaar and all I could do was try and ease the tension and just sit it out. Yet more waiting for now...


We spent the whole of dinner time glancing playfully at each other. We were like two school children, giggling and joking with each other, making funny faces and wearing cheeky grins.

Mother finished first and as she got up to take her plate into the kitchen she turned to me and said she'd be waiting in the prayer room whenever I was ready. She giggled like a school girl as she left.

I couldn't believe she was being so openly playful about her sexuality and the puja ritual we were both going to perform for each other. When she returned from the kitchen she carried a ceramic bowl, a carton of coconut milk and a glass of warm cow's milk. She smiled at me as she walked passed the dining table and disappeared round the corner, heading to the prayer room. I was sure her hips were swaying moreso than usual, though it was probably just in my mind.

I couldn't finish the rest of my food. With a boner as hard as the one I had at that point, my appetite suddenly went out of the window. I took my plate to the kitchen and left it in the sink after chucking the leftovers away. I washed my hands and could barely keep myself from stumbling as I hurried to the prayer room.

As I entered, mother looked up at me with a beaming smile on her face. "Ithni jaldee khaliya? You finished so quickly?"

"Nahin, I couldn't eat anymore." I replied honestly.

"You're not hungry? Saab teekh hai na? Is everything ok?" Her expression was one of concern as she fretted, like all Indian mothers, about their son's not eating.

"I think my hunger, right now, can only be satiated with yoni puja." I replied, smiling at her and putting her at ease. I know I was being a bit cheeky but she didn't seem to mind.

She smiled back at me and pretended to be annoyed at my brazen comments. As I sat down, I noticed with a startle that mother was only wearing her blouse. Her saree lay in a crumbled heap in the corner and she was sitting here, in the lotus position complete nude from the abdomen and down. Her magnificent pearly white skin seemed to glow in the harsh light of the prayer room.

Sitting adjacent to her I tried to peer across at her nudity, my unhealthy fascination with her pussy commanding my mental faculties once again. I could see just the beginning of her small patch of black pubic hair but nothing more.

As I looked up I realised mother had caught me checking her out and though I felt embarrassed she didn't seem to mind. Instead she simply turned to face me and unlocked her legs from the lotus position and spread her feet apart. She bent her legs at her knees and let her thighs fall open as she leaned back and propped up her torso on straightened arms.

My heart skipped a beat as my magnificent mother showed no inhibitions in displaying her sex to me.

"There is neither shyness nor embarrassment in performing puja, betah. It is a glorious and sacred thing. Why would I wish to conceal my yoni when my son shows so much enthusiasm in worshipping it?" Mother smiled. "From today, whenever you wish to perform puja at your mother's yoni, you may approach it freely."

I moved closer to her, approaching her splayed form, my eyes locked on the sight of her delicious cunt as I once again began undertaking the worship of that sacred place.

The atmosphere was electric as my mother leaned back and settled herself on the floor, arranging her body into a seated position that felt both comfortable and accessible. She spread her legs wide apart, her milky white thighs splayed open unashamedly, and unreservedly. I licked my lips as I eyed the delicious pussy being paraded in front of me once again.

I took my time, drinking in the sight of this magnificent maternal woman, charged with sexual confidence as she opened her femininity to me. Her bosoms heaved as she breathed slowly and calmly while her low cut blouse showed off ample cleavage. Her nipples made small peaks in the otherwise smooth cotton fabric as they strained against their tight confines.

She had a warm and welcoming smile on her face, brimming with love and adoration for me. Her cheeks were rosy and flushed as her body tingled with excitement and anticipation.

I placed my hands gently on her shoulders, pushing her slowly further back till she was lying flat on the floor. Her legs fell open naturally as she bent them at the knee. I pushed her thighs back further, forcing them wider and opening her sex even more as a soft gasp escaped her lips. She held her legs open like that, her gash exposed to me lewdly.

I reached down to that gorgeous pussy once again and massaged the fleshy folds softly with my finger tips. She lifted her head and watched me, smiling encouragingly, her face beaming with a mixture of pride and tenderness.

I was much more gentle this time, having been so rough with her on the previous occasion. I could tell she was in some pain as she hissed and cooed whenever I pressed too hard. I apologised several times but she just smiled back at me with maternal patience.

"A yoni is sacred, betah. it must be cherished when pleasured, not punished. Please be gentle with me today." She explained softly and patiently.

A silent exchange passed between our eyes, one of trust and devotion as I leaned into her sex and kissed her tender folds lovingly. She sighed as I whispered my love for her and for her yoni. She reached down to run her fingers though my hair pressing me closer to her cunt.

"I will love this magnificent and sacred yoni with all of my heart." I whispered. "You have offered me your yoni and I shall love and pleasure it with my entire being."

She watched with a mixture of fascination and lust, mewing and gasping as I placed tentative kisses all over her sensitive flesh. She moaned and lifted her ass off the floor, pushing her pussy into my face ever so slightly as my kisses played close to her clitoral hood. I lapped hungrily at her slick folds; sucking them into my mouth and watching them jiggle delightfully as my tongue flicked over and across them quickly.

I pleasured her delicious cunt, teasing and tweaking her arousal. I ran my tongue all over her sex, from the slimy entrance where her lubricating fluids oozed to the very top where I let my tongue flick at her smooth sensitive clitoral nub under its heavy hood of curly labial flesh.

I focussed on that sensitive bud, flicking it quickly with my tongue while sucking the thick hood into my mouth. Her breathing came in quick shallow breaths as her legs began to tense, I realised she was fast approaching her first orgasm. I sucked harder at her sex and flicked my tongue quickly against her clit bringing her closer and closer to her release.

Her hips started to gyrate as she struggled, unsuccessfully, to pull her sensitive nub away from my relentless attack. Finally she clamped my head between her thighs and pressed my head to her pussy as she erupted into my mouth, screeching as her climax finally took hold of her.

I lapped away hungrily at her gushing cunt, gulping down all I could of her delicious watery ejaculate while the rest dribbled down her ass to soak the carpet underneath. My tongue continued to thrust at her engorged clit, tweaking the sensitive heart of her climax as electric shocks surged through her body.

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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
I continued to place soft kisses lovingly all over her pussy as she slowly began to relax and ease from her orgasmic peak. She cooed at me encouragingly, still holding me at her cunt, enjoying the teasing flicks of my tongue and the delicate kisses I placed tantalisingly all over the tingling sensitive flesh. I hooking my hands under her knees and pushing her legs all the way back, pressing them against her chest. This gave me better access to her delicious vaginal entrance where I lapped up the drooling fluids while jabbing my tongue into her hot velvety canal.

She stared in wide eyed fascination at the confident way in which I took control of her body, opening up her sex to inspect it luridly. She was suddenly unsure and fearful of how accessible her pussy was to me and embarrassed of being splayed open so lewdly. I held her like that, applying enough force to let her know that I was in charge, enjoying seeing the mixture of lust and fear in her eyes.

"Sharm aata hain, betah. I'm feeling embarrassed." She whispered weakly. Her eyes were locked on mine, seeking comfort and reassurance.

"Kyu? Why?" I replied softly. I leaned into her cunt and placed teasing kisses along her slit from the fleshy hood to her slick honey pot. I dipped the tip of my tongue into her cunt teasingly.

She mewed softly. "Dhar laktaa hain. I'm fearful."

"Fearful of the lust you see in my eyes?" I asked, staring deep into hers while I continued to kiss and suck at her fleshy cunt.

"Fearful of the lust you might see in mine." Her eyes were wide and glazed as they twinkled in the bright light of the prayer room. "Fearful of how easily you get my body to open up to you and ashamed of how brazenly my body allows itself to be conquered by you."

"Does it thrill you to see me, your son, suckle at your delicious sex?" I pushed her legs further back, lifting her ass off the floor, exposing her further and allowing her to watch me tease her throbbing snatch. "Or does it thrill you to offer up your sex so shamelessly?"

She gasped as I ran my tongue up and down her cunt, pressing purposefully between her curly labial folds. I kissed and sucked at her tasty flesh all over, seeing the fascination and lust in her face as she watched her sex being pleasured by me. Occasionally I would lick my way down, passed her slick opening, and run my tongue over her salty rosebud. She would gasp at first at the strange sensation she felt there before pulling me away quickly, bringing me back to her cunt.

I lapped away hungrily, concentrating on her tender clit once again. I closed my mouth around her hood and sucked at her throbbing flesh while my tongue darted at her sensitive bud. She groaned as I pushed a finger easily into her wet hole, quickly adding a second as it too slipped inside her without resistance.

I curled my fingers up to press and massage her g-spot while my tongue continued to thrash her poor clit. I'd release it occasionally to place long licks from her opening to the tip of her pussy giving her some brief respite before zeroing in again on that throbbing bundle of nerves.

She was moaning now, climbing that orgasmic peak once again as her body gyrated under me, mashing her cunt against my face. Her hands were clawing at my hair, pushing me into her crotch, holding me at her pussy.

My fingers worked her g-spot masterfully and as her body stiffened I began fucking her cunt with quick deep thrusts, stabbing into her slick canal and bringing her to her climax again. My mouth stayed closed around her clitoral hood, sucking at her flesh furiously as she exploded again, her thighs flailing as she moaned and groaned and her pulsing pussy spewed forth yet more torrents of ejaculate.

She trembled and whimpered as I continued to eat her tingling sex. I held her legs back as far as I could, pinning her to the floor and preventing any escape. I suckled and lapped her slick folds, making my way up and down her cunt, teasing the throbbing flesh as her orgasm began to subside. I kissed my way passed her slimy entrance and placed tentative flicks of my tongue once again at her salty brown flower. I watched as it twitched nervously, seemingly aware of its vulnerability. I pressed my tongue purposefully against the wrinkled eye, even as her sphincter held tight to deny me.

She struggled vainly to pull free of my hold, alarmed at the strange sensations she felt from having my tongue play at her asshole.

Weak from two powerful orgasms, she resigned reluctantly to my actions and began gasping in hushed tones at the curious feeling of having her anus be the focus of all my attention. She twitched and clenched as my tongue tickled her rear orifice, while my strong hold denied her natural bodily urge to pull away and protect her asshole from this sudden attack. I held her firm and insistent, long enough to push the tip of my tongue into that forbidden exit, even while her body continued to protest.

"Bhas, beta. Bhas. It is time to stop now, please. This not part of the ritual, betah." She pleaded as she ran her fingers through my hair and nudged me away from her sphincter. I stopped and kissed my way back up her pussy, dipping my tongue once again into that delicious fountain before continuing up to the peak of her fleshy pussy folds where I made a few quick teasing licks of her engorged clitoris.

She sighed playfully. "Bhas betah, please."

As I pulled away I raised my head to see the sight of my glorious mother's face, flushed and sweaty with clumps of damp hair clinging to her cheeks. Her smile was beaming with pride and she glowed with a post-orgasmic energy. With quick movements she sat up and leaned forward to kiss me. For the briefest of moments I was stunned, having never shared an intimate kiss with anyone in my life before, let alone my mother.

We kissed tentatively, like two lovers seeking comfort and reassurance from each other. Light playful kisses soon became deep and urgent as we sucked at each others lips and moaned and gasped into each others mouths. We broke away momentarily to gaze longingly into each others eyes, exchanging silent promises of love, loyalty and devotion. We leaned into to each other once again, sealing our forbidden promises to each other with a long tender kiss. For the briefest of moments we were not mother and son but two lovers declaring our loyalty and devotion to each other.

I held her in my arms, pressing her body to mine as she rested her head on my shoulder. I ran my hands up and down her back, massaging and caressing her smooth soft skin. I whispered enchanting words of praise and adulation in her ears, declaring my love for her and her yoni. She in turn hugged me tighter and sighed in my ears.

She surprised me by climbing onto my lap and sitting with her legs astride me, shuffling up close and pressing her body to mine. We wrapped our arms around each other and cuddled. I ran my hands freely over her nude body, squeezing her buttocks and running them briskly along her spine. She pressed my head to her cleavage, cradling me in her arms, and grinding her hips against me.

I inhaled deeply on her seductive fragrance as I pressed my face into her cleavage, nuzzling against her boobs. I pushed her boobs together pressing them into either side of my face, smothering myself with her bouncy soft boobs. She chuckled as I did so, letting me fondle and play freely with her tits, even though we both knew this was definitely not part of the yoni puja ritual.

I pulled back slightly and reached up to undo the buttons down the front of her blouse, unsatisfied with being separated from my mother's gorgeous boobs by the thin cotton of her blouse. She stopped me quickly, placing her hand softly on mine. I looked up to see the sorrowful expression in her teary eyes as she shook her head.

"Nahin, betah." She said weakly. She squeezed my hand, as if to reassure herself as she held it against her chest.

I reached my free hand up and pulled her to me, pressing her lips against mine. We shared a long, passionate kiss, both of us now at ease with this casual expression of love, forbidden and erotic as it was. I fumbled with her buttons once again despite the muffled sounds of protest that escape her lips. Though her hand continued to squeeze mine, I felt her resistance wane as one by one I popped the buttons down the front of her blouse.

She sighed when I pulled away from our kiss to watch my fingers nimbly pop the final button of her blouse. I reached under the loose fabric to squeeze her boobs in the palm of each hand. She moaned as I caressed them gingerly, pushing and massaging the firming globes against her chest. She looked down at me with lusty eyes and sought my lips again kissing me with a hungry urgency.

We kissed passionately. Our mouths open and tongues thrashing against each other in a forbidden incestuous dance. I pushed the blouse off her shoulders and down the length of her arms, freeing her from the last piece of clothing on her body. Soft moans escape her lips as my hands groped her boobs, massaging the tit flesh firmly in the palms of my hands. I tweaked her taut nipples between thumb and forefingers making her hiss delightfully from the tingling pain of having those sensitive teats pinched and tweaked savagely.

I pulled away from our passionate kiss and darted for her nipples, sucking each into my mouth and switching back and forth between the two, sucking and nibbling at the tingling flesh. She cradled my head in her hands, holding me to her chest as she ran her fingers through my hair and caressed my scalp.

"Yeh theek nahin hai, putr, achaan nehin hein. This isn't right my darling son, we shouldn't be doing this." She whispered hoarsely; even while she made no physical attempt to push me away form her. Her voice was weak and sorrowful as she held me close to her bosom.

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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
She mewed and hissed as I sucked harshly on her tender nipples, flicking my tongue roughly over the taut buds. I released my tight grasp of her boobs and let my hand run a trail of caresses down the sides of her body and over her hips. I massaged my way around to her back, reaching under her to grasp her buttocks firmly, and pull her roughly to me.

I stretched my fingers further into her crevice and found her sex easily. I pushed two fingers into her sopping cunt, eliciting a long sigh from my mother's pursed lips as she felt the deep satisfaction of being penetrated once again. I worked them into her slowly, pushing them in and out of her slimy hole while she squirmed and pushed back in subtle sexy motions.

I ground my body to hers, aligning her wet sex with my erection and pushing her down roughly into my lap. I gasped as I felt her warmth envelop my cockhead. Even though I was still wearing my salwaar, my cockhead disappeared easily into her lubricated and loosened cunt.

She stiffened suddenly as she realised what was happening.

"Nahin betah, yeh bahoot bada paap hain. We mustn't do that. It's so, so wrong." Her eyes were watery as a pained expression crossed her face.

I held her there, grinding in gentle motions against her, knowing that she wouldn't be able to resist me.

"Please, putr. Aisah mutt kar. Don't do this, my love." She held my face in the palm of her hands and pleaded with large tear filled eyes.

I stopped and let out a long frustrated sigh. The urge to push on despite her protests was so overwhelming, putting a halt to it right then was the most difficult thing I had ever done. Mother placed her hand under my chin and lifted my face to meet hers and stared deeply into my eyes.

I suddenly felt ashamed of myself. She was, after all, my mother and despite everything, I could never bring myself to hurt her or disobey her. As I stared into those deep patient eyes, filled with love and adoration for me, I realised that she wasn't ready to be pushed any further and would be hurt and disappointed with me if I tried.

I reached up and stroked her cheek, smiling into her warm face as her pleading expression melted away to reveal a loving smile, full of maternal love and acceptance. Despite her reluctance, she hadn't made any attempt to move away from me and my cock remained lodged snugly at the entrance to her warm motherly cunt.

She mewed as I rocked her gently on my lap, emphasising the presence of my throbbing cockhead at her entrance. She tried to move away this time but I stopped her quickly and as I stared deep into her eyes, she saw something in mine that made her take pity.

She settled back down, despite her reservations. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself closer, pressing me into her delightfully full boobs. She remained on my cock, rocking on it ever so slightly, letting me enjoy this briefest of pleasures, forbidden though it was.

We held each other like that for a long time. Stroking each others bodies and whispering soft words of love into each others ears. My hands moved freely over her body, no part of her was denied to my exploring and caressing fingers. It was only when they flicked across her wrinkled rosebud did she flinch. Even then it was only when I began massaging that tight sphincter did she push my hands away.

Occasionally I'd gasp at the feeling of her clenching her pelvic floor muscles, causing her cunt to squeeze and suck on my aching cock. She'd giggle delightfully as I cursed her for being such a tease. There was something about the separation of our sexes, through the thin and soaked fabric of my salwaar, that let her feel at ease and even playful about what we were doing.

Eventually, mother leaned back and stared at me with deep twinkling eyes. She still had her arms wrapped around my shoulders as a wide smile appeared on her face and she squeezed her cunt once more around my cockhead. "Lagtaa hain usko puja ka zaroorat hai, na? Feels like the lingam is in need of puja, no?"

She chuckled delightfully at being so cheeky.

I wanted to tell her that my cock had been in need of her puja for years and it took all my strength to bite my tongue and hold back that particular tidbit of information. Instead I grinned up at her sheepishly, my mind devoid of any witty response.

She smiled confidently as she lifted her weight off my lap, letting my cock spring free from its warm sanctuary. She shuffled her body backwards while still resting on my lap and peered down between us.

For a moment we both just stared down at the sight of my cockhead, clearly visible through the white cotton of my salwaar. Her copious vaginal fluids had completely soaked the fabric leaving it almost transparent. My cock throbbed and twitched, both on its own volition and from me clenching my groin. We both giggled at its jerky movements.

She reached down and deftly undid the cord of my salwaar with her nimble fingers, pulling the waist out and peeling the wet fabric off my cock. With expert fingers she reached down and gingerly pumped the shaft up and down. I was surprised at how confident she was in manipulating my cock, showing no shyness at all in handling it.

She looked up at me and smiled warmly, then looked across the room. My eyes followed hers to where the glass of cow's milk had remained all this time.

"Dud ko phir garam karna padeyga. I think I'll have to warm the milk again." She said, her fingers running teasingly over my sensitive glans. She chuckled sweetly at my vulnerability and returned her fingers to my shaft where she continued to pump up and down.

I groaned softly as she climbed off my lap, removing her hand from my cock after having teased me so delightfully. She stood up and before she could leave I dived forward and pressed my face into her crotch, finding it completely irresistible. Mother squealed in mock protest as I inhaled deeply on the musky smell of her cunt. She was in no hurry to leave as she ran her fingers through my hair, pressing me to her sex gently.

"Phir? Yet more?" She asked playfully. She spread her feet a little wider and squatted over me, offering her cunt to me. I hungrily lapped away at her slick sex, probing my tongue as far as I could into those delicious folds. She mewed and smiled down at me, grinding against my face.

"Bohoot mazaa aata hain, na? You enjoy the taste very much, don't you?" She teased, licking her lips and gyrating sexily over me.

Before I could nod my reply she pulled away, stepping back and gently pushing me away.

"Bhas, bohoot ho chukka hai. Ok, that's enough now." She smiled. "Ab ussey thaamney ka time deydoh. Give the yoni some time to rest."

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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
She leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips before flicking her tongue over my chin and cheeks, cleaning her own juices off my face. She then turned and quickly left the room, taking the glass of milk with her to warm it up again.

I sat there in the prayer room, my mind buzzing with excitement and my cock throbbing in anticipation. Even now, I found it hard to believe any of this was real, constantly worried that I'd wake up any moment now and find it had just been the hottest wet dream of all time.

It was amazing how I could be so free with her pussy, never being pushed away and never feeling denied. Far from it, she welcomed my attention there, showing no embarrassment or shame in parting her thighs and offering her cunt to me.

Mother returned quickly, having warmed up the glass of milk in the microwave. I was disappointed to see that she'd put on a floor length petticoat as well as a new blouse. She was beaming, a wide smile on her face and excitement flickering in her eyes.

I stood up to approach her, suddenly feeling a bit stupid kneeling on the floor with my cock in my hand. I leaned in to kiss her and was a little disappointed to receive nothing more than a quick peck. I reached up and casually groped her boobs through her blouse. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite as positive as before and nudged my hand away slowly, but not before I'd managed to cop a good feel. Even while she smiled at me warmly, she was making it clear that my moment of freedom with her body was over -- for now at least. Unrelenting I reached down and pressed my hands against her crotch, cupping her pubic mound. She wrinkled her nose in mock annoyance, tutting quietly while still in good humour.

"Jao, wahaan beht jaao. Sit over there." She said, nodded towards the stool. Her tone was a little more stern and commanding now, reclaiming her role as mother once again. For a brief moment, my natural instinct was to assume my subordinate position of 'son' before I realised she was just being playful.

I took a seat on the stool, wearing nothing but a vest and feeling decidedly embarrassed of my nudity. My cock had already lost some of its vigour and was slowly deflating. The feeling of being 'inspected' didn't help my arousal either as I watched mother eye my cock.

"Shuru karloun? Shall I begin?" She asked innocently, curious that my erection had all but disappeared and my cock now hung limply. "Usko seeda karlo. Make it hard."

I looked at her dumbly. Suddenly the prospect of lingam puja didn't seem as sexy as I had imagined it would be. She looked at me expectantly, her face unnervingly devoid of any expression.

I reached down to my limp prick and wanked myself nervously, wishing desperately that it would spring back to life. Having her stare down at me didn't make it any easier.

Mother then burst out laughing, covering her mouth with her hand, trying to hold back her outburst. I looked up at her, wandering what else she could possibly do to suck all the eroticism out of the scene.

She stepped closer to me and ran her fingers through my hair, still chuckling like a giddy schoolgirl. She leaned down and kissed me reassuringly on the lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth quickly. She took my hands and brought them to her bosoms as she lowered herself till she was kneeling between my legs. Immediately I began groping her boobs, squeezing them eagerly as we shared an open mouthed passionate kiss unlike any a mother and son should engage in. I felt my cock finally twitch back to life.

She pulled away to peer down at my cock and smiled as it slowly regained its stiffness.

"Achaa. Samajgayee meiney. Maa ka pyar ney usko kada kartha hain. I see now, it's your mother's love that makes it grow." She smiled seductively and placed several delicate kisses on my lips. Her hand glided down to gently stroke the length of my inflating cock, teasing me back to life.

I reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse. I half expected her to push me away but instead she just watched as one by one my fingers popped open the buttons. Her fingers continued to dance over my cock, teasing and arousing me to full length. By the time I'd popped the last button her fingers were wrapped around my thick shaft and she was pumping it purposefully, just as her big boobs spilled out from the confines of her tight blouse.

She watched me demurely as I pushed the blouse over her shoulders without any protest. I reached down to the cord on her petticoat and paused for a moment, awaiting her reaction. She looked down and watched my fingers toy with the cord as her chest rose and fell rhythmically. I think the sight of my hands there, and knowing that they would expose her sex once more gave her a thrill.

I pulled at the cord until the knot came undone and the loose petticoat dropped to the floor quickly. She stared up at me lustily, her eyes deep and twinkling and her lips parted slightly.

I leaned in to kiss her deeply while my hand moved swiftly to press against her pubic mound. She moaned into my mouth as she pushed her hips forward, allowing me to massage her cunt gently. I reached around and took hold of each of her lovely buttocks, pulling her closer to me, as our tongues thrashed in each others mouths. She pressed her body to mine and we kissed passionately, sucking on each others lips and probing each other's mouths. She released my cock and pressed her abdomen against my crotch. She gasped as I reached under and found her sex once again, sticking two fingers straight away into her slimy cunt.

I probed her cunt freely as I grinded my cock against her. I thrilled at how easily she availed her pussy to me, without hesitation or hindrance. Her pussy really was mine now, just as she had promised in all those tender sweet whispers. She mewed and moaned into my mouth as my fingers worked her cunt from behind, sliding along her slit to spread the moisture around before returning again to her hungry opening.

My mother watched with lusty fascination as I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted her delicious slick juices. She leaned into me and together we lapped away at my fingers, cleaning them as we continued to snog passionately.

Finally, she broke the kiss and smiled warmly at me. Her cheeks were rosy and she was visibly flustered.

"Bhas, aab shuru karloun hum. Ok, let me start now." She sat back as she finally prepared to begin the lingam puja ritual.

Still kneeling on the floor, she shuffled forward until her knees were almost touching the stool. It was an incredible feeling, sitting there with my legs splayed out whilst my mother sat between them, her mouth mere inches from my massively hard cock. She picked up the glass of warm milk and dipped her fingers into it, then held them just above the tip of my erect member. She curled her fingers to direct the rivulets of milk before letting them drip down onto my purple cock head. She repeated this a few times, whispering inaudible prayers under her breath.

The fifth time she did this, she lowered her hands and wrapped them around the shaft of my cock. Then in one quick motion she dropped her head onto me and I felt her warm mouth envelop the throbbing head of my cock.

I gasped out loudly as I felt the delightful sensation of her soft velvety lips wrap around my member. I bucked a couple of times uncontrollable but she didn't flinch and successfully held my cock in her mouth. Gently she began sucking my cock as she bobbed her head ever so slightly.

With her fingers wrapped around the shaft of my cock she began pumping up and down while her other hand cupped and massaged my balls. She used her mouth expertly on my cock, swallowing the head and pumping it out in and out of her mouth in rhythmic motions.

I think I was on cloud nine at that point. It was a mind blowing experience to finally have my mother suck me off. I don't know what excited me more, the incredible feel of her tongue flicking over my glans, or the sight of her head bobbing in my crotch or just the incredible thrill of knowing that it was my mother who was pleasuring me.

She serviced me so thoroughly, sucking me off with her mouth, teasing my cock head with quick flicks of her tongue, pumping my long shaft with her hand while tickling and teasing my testicles. Her enthusiasm was intoxicating and it was difficult to hold back much longer even though I desperately wanted to take my time to enjoy the most intense feeling I'd ever experienced.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to last very long. I couldn't. I had so much pent up arousal that my orgasm came far too quickly. Mother kept her mouth closed tightly around my cock and continued sucking at it as I ejaculated hard into her mouth. She sensed I was about to spew even before I did and was ready when I flooded her mouth with my seed. She gulped down hungrily, moaning around my cock as thick wads of my cum squirted into her mouth and down her throat. Even as I bucked uncontrollably into her mouth, she stayed with me all the way through, sucking hard and keeping her lips wrapped tightly around my sensitive throbbing glans.

All through my climax she continued to pump my shaft and massage my balls, drawing out my orgasm and coaxing out all of my cum. She continued to suck me gently, teasing my sensitive head with quick flicks of her tongue until she was satisfied that my balls had been completely emptied into her mouth.

I sat there gasping as she continued to fondle my deflating cock, kissing it lovingly. She looked up at me a few times, a cheeky grin tweaking the edges of her smile as she kissed and licked me playfully. She cupped my balls repeatedly, lifting and measuring them, feeling their weight in her soft palm.

"The lingam produces the seeds of life, the source of all life force." She said, without looking up at me, still fondling my cock.

"Today I have performed lingam puja and have received nourishment. As have you received nourishment from my yoni." She said, looking up at me with big innocent and hopeful eyes. She then planted several light kisses all over my cock, from the head, down the softening shaft and over each testicle. As she trailed her kisses back along the shaft she extended her tongue and wrapped her lips around my cock head, sucking on it gently and flicking her tongue teasingly over the hypersensitive surface.

She stayed with my cock for a long time. Mewing and sighing as she continued to tease and tantalise with her mouth and tongue. She only released it when I eventually climbed off the stool and sat in front of her, pulling her close to me and held her against my body, my wet cock pressed against her abdomen.

We wrapped our arms around each other lay down together on the floor. I cuddled up close to her, pushing my thigh between hers and feeling her wet sex grind against my skin. We caressed and groped each others bodies openly, kissing each other freely as we whispered lovingly into each others ears. She snuggled up close to me, enjoying the feeling of safety and security; her dainty body pressed against my large frame.

We held each other like that for a long time till both of us fell into a
gentle and peaceful sleep, right there on the prayer room floor.

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