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Indian Wedding in Australia
11-17-2012, 09:45 AM
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Indian Wedding in Australia
Sanjay Shukla had seen this coming. Wise for his 18 years, Sanju (as everyone called him) was always a very sensitive kid, and he had watched in dismay and then with diffidence his parents drifting apart. But even he did not anticipate the things to get so bad that his mother would actually file for a divorce.
The fact that they were living in Melbourne, Australia helped. “Family” pressures were quite minimal. Yes there was his father’s mother and sister who tried in vain to prevent this. But their phone calls from Chandigarh (In the state of Punjab, India) did not help much.

His mother who ran a very successful textile trading business was never worried about the finances. She was the owner of PC Fashions , and her husband who was a doctor – never had any role in this business. She had built this business with her partner Clarence Smith, whom she had met while studying in Singapore for her masters.

Sanjay felt that his mother handled this situation well. His respect for her grew in the last few days of their divorce as she saw how gracefully and with firm conviction she handled herself.

However, inside her Pratima felt terrible. Rajeev, while being abusive and insensitive during the last 5 years, was once a kind and romantic young man who she had fallen in love with. However, she was helpless to prevent the jealously and insecurity of Rajeev that led to alcoholism and abuse, and a complete withdrawal from her (he used to sleep in the guest bedroom for the last 3 years) which ultimately led to this divorce.

While there was still a big empty hole in her life, she did have her business. But it had been was difficult to return to work. Depression had wrapped its numbing hold on her. Just getting up to go to work was a real chore for the first few weeks. Thankfully, Sanjay had seen her through it all, comforting and consoling her as any son would.

For a few days she maintained her façade of control. But she could not hide her troubles for long from her son. Sanjay had seen her crying quietly in her room, he had seen the look of loss and emptiness in her face. He tried his best to cheer her up, and was always home after his classes. Was always there for her. And he loved her, he loved in more ways than any son would ever love his mother.
It was a weekend, and they had gone out for dinner in an Indian restaurant. Sanjay insisted that they sit and talk once they had reached back home.

They were still dressed, he in his white Tee’s and Levis, she in a red colored traditional Indian top and trousers (Salwar Blouse).

"Well, thank you Sanju – again for spending time with me” Pratima said, smiling, sitting on the couch across from Sanjay.

"Come on Ma, I like going out with you, really" he grinned, stretching himself.

He and his father hadn't been close, so departing hadn't been such sweet sorrow for Sanjay. It was his mother that he was dedicated to. And he was dedicated to her in more ways than one. Ways she didn't even know about. While they were very close, she had no clue that Sanjay had a secret passion for her. A love that was anything but platonic.

"I want you to know just how much you've meant to me these last few months," she smiled, "If it hadn't been for you, I don't know what I would've done."

"Hey, what are sons for...if not to take care of their mother," he grinned back at her.

"Well, just so that you know how much you mean to me," she said solemnly.

They talked for some more time, and gradually it was taking on a more intimate tone.

"Come over here and sit by your old Mother," he heard his mother say to him, patting the couch beside her.

"Aw, come on, Mother," he grunted, pushing up to his feet. "You're not old."

"43" she smiled at him. "Your father seemed to think that was too old..."

"So what does he know. I think that you're damned attractive for, uh..." he said, pausing in mid-sentence, sitting down beside her.

"...for my age," she laughed, putting her hand on his thigh and giving it an intimate squeeze. "That's okay, Beta, I know what you meant. And thanks for the compliment. After what I've been through, I'll take anything I can get."

"No, really, Mother...there are oodles of women who'd give anything to have your looks," he said. "Really! Besides, I think older women are sexy."

"So, you think your ole Mother is sexy?" she asked, with a strange smile on her face.

"Uh, yeah, uh, real sexy," he said, blushing. "You won't have any trouble finding another man. That is, if you want one..."

If she only knew, he thought. If she only knew that he thought she was the sexiest woman alive. And the prettiest, as far as he was concerned. He still didn't see what his father’s problem was. Sanjay couldn't fathom anyone not thinking his mother was the prettiest woman in the world. Oh, he knew his father and mother had their differences, but he thought his father should have tried harder to work it out. And not hurt her like he did. Well, that's water under the bridge now. What's done is done...

"Why the serious face?" she asked him, squeezing his thigh again.

"What? Uh, oh, I was just thinking about how dumb Papa was," he said, looking at her “You are the best…..”

"Let's don't talk about Just about and me," she smiled sadly. "We've got to go on with our lives. Make our own decisions now..."

"Sure, Mother. Sure," he grinned, leaning back, sliding his arm around behind her shoulders and gently pulling her up against him. "Just you and me."

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11-17-2012, 09:45 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia
Sanjay didn't know if it was his love for her, the intimacy of the moment, the finalization of the divorce or what, but there was an ever so subtle difference in their new relationship. It seemed to be on a more mature level. Not a mother-son thing. It was a strange, new kind of kinship. If only...if only it was on a sexual level, he dementedly thought. Him and her. Finding love with each other and making mad, passionate love..

What could he do to bring about something like that? How could he lure his mother into such a perversion?

Nothing, he told himself. It would never happen, and he could never risk alienating her in that way. While she was a successful business woman, living in a global city, at heart she was an Indian lady with very traditional values and beliefs.
And so, no way he can even try. He loved her too much for that.
Regardless of that, nothing could stop or hide the growing evidence of his feelings toward her. Down in his jeans, his cock began to slowly stiffen and grow, pressing up against the material.

"This is nice," his mother murmured, pressing herself against him and resting her head on his shoulder.

Her soft, black hair brushed over his cheek and filled his nostrils with subtle fragrances of flowers.

"What is the name of your perfume?" he asked, sniffing.

" Escada Sentiment," she said. "Why did you ask?"

"It smells good," he said, wistfully. "It makes me wish I was on the islands. Out on a beach, with you. Just you and me watching the waves wash ashore."

"That would be nice," she smiled. "Maybe we can do that someday."

They fell silent for several moments, enjoying the quiet silence of their intimacy.

It was then that he felt something faintly brush up against rock-hard penis. Looking, he saw that her hand was still resting on his thigh, but now her little finger was brushing against his cock. Accident? Or not...he didn't know.

"I'm so glad this is all over," she murmured, squeezing his thigh one more time. "But I don't think that I can ever get involved with another man. Rajeev hurt me too much. Just the uncertainty of not knowing the man's intent would be too emotionally draining. Not knowing...not knowing if he was really in love with me or just coming on to me to try and, and, you know... I just could never do it again."

"Oh, Mother," he said, slowly easing his hand down off the back of the couch onto her shoulder to give it a gentle squeeze. "I'm sorry."

"I would have to know the man really loved me," she said, squeezing his thigh again. "And how could I know that it was really love?

What was she saying, he muzzily wondered? Was she trying to tell him something? Or was she just spilling her guts to him? What would she need before she would let herself commit to another man?"

"I love you, Mother," he whispered, hoping that she would take it the right way...whichever way that was.

"What?" she asked softly.

"I...I said, I love you, Mother," he mumbled again.

"I know, darling beta," she whispered back. "And I love you."

Nothing happened for several seconds. Then he felt her head slowly lift away from his shoulder as she turned to look into his face. She had a strange, concerned look on her face, as if it had just dawned on her what he said. And what it could have meant in the context of their conversation.

" said you loved me." She said slowly, staring deep into his eyes.

"Yes, Mother...I love you more than anything," he murmured.

It was several seconds before she spoke again as she continued to stare into his eyes.

" mean, in, in that way," she slowly stammered out.

"I...I just wanted you to know," he said softly. "I just wanted you to know that I love you, no matter what happens. I have always loved you. I always will, and I'll always be here for you."

She looked confused. Like she didn't know what to do. Or say. But her eyes never wavered from his.

"Funny, isn't it?" she finally sighed. "The only man in the world that loves me...truly loves me, is my son. That is so distressing."

She gave his thigh another gentle squeeze.

"If only. If only," she whimpered softly. "What that it were..."

"I just want you to know," he murmured. "I'm here for you, for you in any way you need me. Just tell me what I can do to make you happy again."

She continued to stare into his eyes. It was as if she was looking for an answer. An answer to her unhappiness and loneliness.

"I could never commit myself again," she said softly, then paused for several seconds before she slowly went on, "to any man. Unless, unless he promised to give me his undying love."

"I'll love you forever, and ever," he whispered back.

Finally, her eyes dropped away from his, and her hand slowly floated up away from his throbbing cock. He'd gone too far, he told himself. Way too far.
Then her hands came up and held his face, softly caressing his cheeks.
“Sanju” she murmured.
She touched his lips, and her hands crept to the backside of his head. The slowly she pulled his face closer, her eyes never leaving his.
“And I love you my son” she whispered. “So much”
Then as his body tensed and his mind froze, he saw her lips parting, her tongue wetting her red lips and then she kissed him. He was too dazed initially – but then the feelings erupted in him as her lips opened him up. He felt her tongue on his teeth, and he started responding clumsily trying to match her, failing but loving the way she played with his lips. Their toungs danced and his hands went around her – pulling her to him. It was the best kiss he ever experienced.

He could not help it – he wanted to feel her, feel her body, her magnificent breasts, and so even as they kissed his hands crept between their body. He felt he tense a bit – but she did not stop him as he slowly cupper her left breast. She did not stop him when he gently squeezed. In fact she gasped into his mouth and bit on to his lower lip. He opened his eyes and saw her eyes on him, twinkling with love and yes with passion.
“It is okay baby” she said. And kissed him again.
Pratima did not ever imagine she will be kissing a man again, and this was her son, she was kissing him and she was loving it. She loved the feel of his trembling hands on her breasts. And as she wanted more, she wanted proof of his love. Her hands moved down over his belly to his groin, and yes, yes, yes, he was hard, hard as any man ever will be. Her son, hard because of her. Hard for her!
She froze not able to believe what she was thinking, feelings and fantasies long suppressed flooded her mind. Still kissing him she managed to pull down his zipper and felt him groan as she touched him over his undies.
Sanjay could not believe what his mother was doing. He looked at her.
“Yes Sanju, is it hurting” she said in motherly way that excited him even more.
“Yes but” he did not what to say. Her lips were trembling.
This time he took her face and kissed her, already more confident but never satisfied.
He groaned as he felt her hands slipping in, touching his cock, freeing him, gasping at his girth.
She slowly moved her fist over him, caressing the underside of his penis, slowly breaking off the kiss looking down and then at him, with a strange smile.
“I never thought you will be…. “
“Maa” he groaned.
“This big” she smiled….. “It is okay, let it go” she whispered
“Maaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” Sanju screamed as his cock exploded. The feeling were too strong for him to control. He came and came in his mother’s hands.
Pratima almost came herself seeing her boy, her son climaxing and spurting in her hands. It was warm, sticky and there was lots of it, all over her hand and on her Blouse and salwar, and on the couch. She looked at him.
He was dazed. And his mother was in control of herself. She took some tissues from her handbag and gave them to him.
"Clean that up," she said, pointing down to the puddle of cum on the couch.

Then, she got up and moved toward her bedroom.

Somewhat taken aback by the terseness of her order, he watched her generous butt wiggle and jiggle under her salwar as she went.

When his mother disappeared into the bedroom and closed the door behind her, Sanjay stuffed his cock into his pants and zipped up. Then he went about cleaning up the big puddle of cum on the couch.

Now what, he wondered as he wiped away at the stain. The handjob from his mother had been beyond belief, but the abrupt reversion to mother and son at the end of the act, disappointed him. He had thought that once it was over, the intimacy would remain. But when she abruptly ordered him to clean up the mess they had made and then went storming off into the bathroom, he didn't know what to think. Finished cleaning up the mess, he sat in the chair, and waited for his mother to return. He didn't really know what to expect.

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11-17-2012, 09:45 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia
At last, the door opened and she came strolling out as if nothing had happened at all. She had changed into a plain yellow kurta and white pyjama.

"Well..." she said, looking him in the eye and sitting down across him.

"Uh...well...well what?" he asked, confused by her question.

"Was it good?" she asked, smiling at him.

"Good," he choked out, smiling finally. "It was fantastic, I mean, it was …. Great, … beyond my wildest expectations. Can we …. You know……do?"

“Do it again”? she smiled.

“Yes” he nodded.

“Do just this or more” she looked at him, holding his gaze.

“More” he said trying to sound confident.

“More, as in all the way” she asked.

“Yes, Ma, I mean, I love you, I really love you” his voice shook.

"Love me so much that you will give me what I ask, I mean, do anything that I ask” she asked him.

"What? What do you mean? " he asked.

“Let us take our time Sanju” she smiled. “Let us see where we are going”

They had entered a new phase in their relationship, it was so obvious. Pratima felt the way her son looked at her, spoke with her, and in the way her mind and yes – her body reacted to him, even to the thoughts of him.

It was not just that he was staring at her a bit more, it was not just that they would hug a kiss a bit more – it was almost like he was becoming more than just a son to her.

Pratima discouraged further physical intimacy other than the hugs, handholding and quick kisses. Her body wanted more, her soul wanted more, but she was scared of the direction they were going.

Both of them used to spend a lot of time talking and after two weeks after the “incident” Sanju was starting to feel really frustrated. His hormones were raging, and while his respect and love for his mother enabled him to keep control – he was becoming impatient, he loved her, he wanted her.

It was a Friday evening, and they had gone out for a movie. During the movie they held hands and Sanju was overwhelmed by the closeness of his mother as she snuggled up to him. He kept on holding her hands as they came out of the movie theatre.

After dinner in a nice quite restaurant, they went to the beach and watched the waves. Sanju kept on looking at Pratima, her sensuous face sparking with smiles as she talked. She was wearing a simple light pink shirt and jeans, and had left her hair loose, she was beautiful.

“Maa” he asked finally “Don’t you love me?”

Pratima looked at him “You know I do Sanju” she knew where this was going. “Why are you asking?”

He held her hands “I love you Maa, and after that day, I just cannot you know, just cannot forget what happened, and I …… really” he could not say it.

Pratima saw the love, the longing and the sincerity in her sons eyes, and as they held hands with the setting sun in the background, she began to make up her mind, she had to, the tension was getting too much for her also.

She said “Say it baby, tell me, don’t be afraid, you see, even I cannot forget what happened, and I am not upset by what happened, but what now dear”

“Maa” Sanju looked at her “I want us to, you know, I want to like that day, I mean, I really love you and I don’t want to stop…. Please understand, I respect you, I adore you, and you are the most important person in the world for me…. But, I want to be closer to you… “

Sanju looked at her. His heart was racing. He could not just ask her … what was he asking her.

Pratima’s heart melted, her eyes welled-up. So much love!.

“Closer Sanju” she whispered. “How close my son, you are already close to me” She pulled him to her and felt his arms around her. She held his face.

“Closer than a son, Sanju, is that what you mean baby, close to your mother like a man” she smiled, feeling his body tense.

Sanju was speechless, was this really happening he thought. He just nodded.

“Tell me baby” Pratima murmured, caressing his cheeks, feeling his heart thumping against her bosom

Sanju tried to sound confident “Yes Maa, yes, yes, yes, I love you and I want to be with you, I want to love you and love you and …..” he said passionately

Pratima laughed huskily. Sanju groaned she was so sexy. “Me too baby, I love you” she said, and hugged him closer.

"You remember that I told you I could never commit to another man unless I knew that he was committed to me?" she asked him.

"Uh, yes Maa" he mumbled.

"That man would have to forsake all other women," she said sternly, "and love only me, till I set him free."

"Uh, yes, uh, okay...but what does that have to do with us?" he asked her.

"You insinuated just now that you were that man," she said, looking him in the eye. "Are you?"

"Huh?" he grunted.

"So that means that you would commit to me? Totally and unequivocally?" she wanted to know.

"Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, I guess," he muttered, not knowing where this is going to.

"There's no guessing involved in this. It's either yes, or no," she said sternly.

"Yes," he hissed softly.

"You would marry me?" she asked him.

Sanjay's eyes flew open and his jaw dropped, staring at her in confusion. Was his wildest fantasy coming true?

"Marry you?" he was finally able to choke out.

"Yes, marry me," she said emphatically. “If you want me, if you want to…” she smiled with confidence of a mother and a woman in total control. “do more”

"But how? You're my mother," he groaned, now totally bewildered.

"Don't worry about the details. I'll take care of those. Will you marry me?" she asked him again. “My son”

"Yeah...yes...yes...I'll marry you. I don't know how, but I'll marry you if that's what you want," he said. “I love you”
"Good," she smiled back at him. "We'll have the wedding on next good auspicious day.."

"Wedding?" He got up.

"Yes, wedding...why? you do not want to?." She smiled slowly biting her lips.

"Tell me, I will understand if you say no" she said, coming near him.

"I will never say no” Sanjay said looking at her and holding her hands.

“Thank you darling” she murmured squeezing my hand.

He saw her bosom rising and falling, her red lips, and he wanted her, more of her.

"Uh, can, can we, uh, do it again, at least kiss?" he timidly asked as she turned and stepped away.

"Of course," she laughed, pausing, looking over her shoulder. "But after we're married. I want to be your bride Beta"

"But, but when…." he complained. "I really, want to.. just to….” He was so impatient now.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder, dear," she giggled. "Patience is a virtue and I really do not want to sin” she said with conviction.

"Oh, okay," he whined.

They talked excitedly as they drove back, suddenly the fear, and the tension disappearing from their relationship.

The next day was very normal, to Sanjay it was surreal to act as a son, with what happened. And the rest of the week was pure hell for Sanjay as it crawled along at a snail's pace. Since his classed were over, he stayed home while his mother was at work.

Once she comes home, he would help her in the kitchen, just enjoying her nearness, always looking at her, thinking of her body, her breasts, her sexy belly, her ass, her, legs…. .

After dinner, they would sit and watch television and usually end up kissing once or twice as they talked about the planned “wedding”. While kissing her tried to touch her, more than once, but Pratima kept her word and no matter how hard he tried, it never got beyond the kissing stage. Then he would take his blue balls up to his room and pound his cock back into submission while his mother slept alone in her bedroom. This continued on until next Thursday, when his mother came home from work with a big shopping bag draped over her arm.

"Hi. What's in the bag?" he asked her, opening the door for her.

"You'll see," she laughed, setting it on the coffee table. "After dinner..."

Pulling at the top of the bag, Sanjay tried to peek inside.

"Now get away from there," his mother scolded him.

After dinner, he followed his mother to the living room.

Something was different in the way she looked at him. She was sitting across him in the couch.


“Yes Maa”

She smiled and said “I went to the temple two days back”

His mind perked up “And”

“I have a got a date” she said looking into his eyes.

“Oh Maa, when” he asked

“Tomorrow” she said her voice shaking a bit despite her veneer of control.

“Oh Maa” he cried coming over to her and kneeling down near her feet. “Really”

She smiled at her baby, her son “Yes” he hands held his face “Yes, darling”

She asked still not sure if he will be ready to take the plunge “Are you sure baby, are you sure, I do not want to force this on you… “

“Yes, yes, I am sure Maa” she said kissing her palm “I love you”

She kissed his forehead. Their eyes looked into each other – finding only love and longing.

“And I love you too Sanju” she murmured.

She got up and picked-up the bag she had had got and reaching down inside, she pulled out a smaller bag and handed it to him.

“That is your groom outfit" she smiled. "You can try it on when you get to your room tonight, but don't look until then..."

"Uh, okay," he grinned.

They talked for a while, and at around nine o'clock, his mother said.

"We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow," she said, "so I'm going to bed early. But before I go, we need to go over the plans for the wedding."

"Okay," he grinned.

"Tomorrow, I am not going to office.. I will be leaving in the morning for some other things, I will take a cab. I want you to come to the temple at around 6.00 PM, we'll meet there. There is a ring in the bag I have you, please bring that. We will have a quite ring exchange there. Then we will come back and have the wedding ceremony here in our terrace. Okay?"

"Sure," he said.

"You will need to get some bricks and some firewood. Arrange the bricks in a square and make a fireplace like you have seen back in India. Can you do that?”

“Yes, sure” he agreed.

“You are so obedient son” she giggled. "Now remember, tomorrow 6.00 PM, and do not come out of your room until 9.00 AM in the morning, until I leave, because it's not correct luck to see the bride before the wedding"

"I won't," he told her, as she leaned over and gave him a soft, lingering kiss on the lips.

"Until then, my love," she whispered, standing up, picking up her bag and heading for the stairs.

Sanjay watched her saucy butt seductively swish from side to side with a little more emphasis than usual as she stepped across the room. Then when she reached the bottom of the stairs, she stopped, looked over her shoulder and gave him a seductive smile.

"Can't wait," she mouthed at him and went up the stairs as he watched on with a silly grin on his face.

Grabbing his bag, he charged up to his room and rushed inside. Digging his hand down into his bag, he took out his wedding dress. A very nice white kurta and pyjama, expensive looking but not loud and garish. There was a small wooden box and he opened it to see a gold ring with his name engraved on it. His heart skipped.

After playing computer games for some time he went to bed and he hoped that he could go to sleep soon and make the night pass faster. After all, tomorrow was going to be a big day. He was he was going to get the best present any boy could ever receive! His Mother and her body and her love...

He finally awoke around seven-thirty. Nine o'clock seemed like an eternity away. At last, after a shower and a lot of pacing, nine o'clock finally neared. He came out and saw that his mother had left.

He went to the garden and collected the bricks and arranged the fireplace, his mind numb with anticipation.

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11-17-2012, 09:45 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia
Sanju was pleasantly surprised to his mother’s bedroom decorated, with flowers and lit candles. There were rose petals all over the bed and mildly scented pink candles by the dozen. A bright yellow bed-sheet covered the king sized four poster bed.

Sanju went to the bathroom – his penis already painfully hard as he peed. He washed his genitals and brushed his teeth. Came back, and waited.

He heard her coming in, his mother, his wife.

She smiled as she closed the door and latched it. “I know we are alone Sanju, but I feel better if I shut out the world”
“Sanju” she called.

Pratima could see the tension and the longing in her son. She wanted this to be special, and she knew he will be both eager and unsure of himself. She will have to lead; she will have to guide him as her son took these steps towards manhood.

“Come here baby” she said.

He came near her “Ma you are so beautiful, so beautiful…” he said and it came from his heart.

They both just stood there staring into each other's eyes with love pouring between them for the longest time.

"Well," his mother finally laughed. "Aren't you going to kiss the bride?"

"Uh, oh yes," he grinned, wrapping his arms around her and crushing his lips down onto hers.

Their lips opened and their tongues sparred as they hungrily kissed, sanctifying the incestuous communion they had just created. She slowed him down, prolonging the kiss, drawing his lips, caressing his lower lips with her lips, pulling them, then pushing her tounge in slowly.

She felt his strength as he held her. Felt his love, and the male hardness of her son.

Holding the perfect round cheeks of her beautiful ass cupped in his hands, he pulled her against him as he pushed his steel-hard cock against her soft, pliant belly. As he did, she thrust her big, soft breasts against his chest, burning holes into it with her rock-hard nipples.

Finally, several long moments later, they broke, gasping for breath.

“Don’t be afraid Sanju” she whispered caressing his face. “I am yours now, and you are mine, and this is our night, I want you to love me, love my body” she smiled. And they kissed again.

“Oh Ma” he groaned. “I love you, I don’t, I mean, I want you, please” he did not know what to do suddenly.

Pratima stepped back and started removing her ornaments. “Let these not stand in your way” she smiled as she removed the necklaces and the earrings.

“You are looking even more beautiful Ma, I mean you are always beautiful, but today you look special” Sanju said looking at her removing her bangles.

She smiled. The entire morning she was with one of the best saloons in the city getting a complete makeover. “Thank you baby, you noticed… I wanted to be special for you dear”.

She left her mangalsutra remain on her. She removed the Pallu of her saree from her body, and saw her son swallow. Slowly she came near him. Saw his eyes riveted on her blouse and her heaving bosom. She came near him and slowly pulled of the saree from her waist and let it fall.

“Oh Ma” he groaned – and with a shyness that made her even more crazy, he kneeled down and touched her belly, caressing her, tracing a line under her belly button. She sucked in her breath and pulled his face to her.

Sanju was in heaven as he buried his face his mother’s sexy belly. A bit pump, but so sexy, so soft and it was so comforting and so arousing. He had always loved her deep navel, and breathed in. Then gathering courage he began kissing her. Slow pecks with his lips. And his mother groaned. She was enjoying this. He wanted more. He gave her a slow lick under her belly button. He hands pressing him to her and she groaned “Yes, yes ……. Yes”

Sanju licked and kissed her again and again, till she had to pull him up. Their eyes met and he kissed her. He could see the passion in her matching the burning in his body. His cock was painfully erect and tenting his pyjama.

Pratima was on fire – and that too by just his kisses on her belly. She was acting like as if she was 23 , not 43!. She wanted him, she wanted his body. She could feel his manhood on her belly.

“Let mee see you darling” she whispered breaking this kiss, and pulling up his kurta. He helped her to pull that off, and his vest followed. With pride and lust she caressed his firm chest bending down to kiss his chest and his nipples. He was panting, goose bumps on his body. She smiled at him and cupped his manhood “impatient my husband” She teased.

He nodded “Yes Ma”.

Pratima sat on the bed and made him face her. Her hands pulled on the string of his pyjama. It fell down. “Oh my” she groaned. Seeing his jocks fully tented with a wet spot where his cock was pushing it.

She looked at him. “For me”.

He nodded.

“Show me baby”

She bit her lips, and watched as he stripped awkwardly. He was hard and he was magnificent. Her sex throbbed.

Sanju saw the lust in his mother’s eyes and she stared at his manhood. He was hard, and he was throbbing, and as she slowly touched him, he was groaning.

“All mine Sanju”, she murmured caressing it. His smell, manly and musky with a faint trace of soap, was intoxicating for her.

She got up and kissed him, still holding him. His hands fluttered over her body wanting her. She moved back letting him caress up her belly and cup her breasts – more confidently. “Yes” she hissed. Kissing him harder. She broke the kiss. “Want them baby”

He said “yes Ma, I want all of you” He kissed her again bending down to kiss her neck and then as she groaned kissing down to the beginning of her cleavage, while his eager hands squeezed her breasts. Pratima groaned and slowly pushed his hands up her body onto her shoulders. “Let me then get ready baby” she said, her voice shaking.

She felt sexy, wanton, as she started undressing. She felt so much like a bride, a bride and a seductress, and bride and a mother.

Sanju was eager, trembling with anticipation as he watched her left had went to her blouse, soon it was joined by her other hand at the top hook of her blouse. Then, looking down at her hands, she undid the hook. Gulping, he tried to swallow the bale of cotton that had suddenly materialized inside his mouth. Her fingers opened the second hook, and the third as he looked on with dazed astonishment. Soon all fifth one was undone, bringing her lacey bra into view between the edges of her blouse.

Sanjay watched her slowly spread the top of her blouse open. His heart was now pounding as she reached up to his hand on her shoulder. Not saying a word, she lifted it and brought it down to the opening of her blouse. Pressing his hand, palm down, into the opening, she let go of it. Sanjay could hardly breathe as she dropped one hand down to her lap and the other back down to his thigh. But just as her hand touched down on his thigh, she moved it over to his cock.

Dazed, he sat with his arm around her shoulders, his palm pressed against her hot flesh inside her blouse. Suddenly a jolt of pure excitement tore through his cock as he felt her give it a gentle squeeze. Not daring to even breathe, he eased his hand over above her right breast. Finding the lacey top edge of her brassiere with the tips of his trembling fingers, he eased them down under it onto the soft, pliant flesh of her breast. As he continued to ease his fingers down into her bra, he felt his mother's fingers tickling down the underside of his cock. Looking down, he saw that she was slowly caressing his penis.

Then his probing fingertips brushed over the swollen hardness of her nipple, as the lace on the bra tickled up the back of his hand. Another shiver of excitement sparked through his cock as he kept easing his fingers down inside her bra. At last, he could cup the heavy, firm breast resting there. Now the big, jutting nipple was burning a hole into the palm of his hand.

Pulling his fingers out from under her big, heavy tit, he once again found her hard, jutting nipple with the tips of his fingers. Teasing and toying with the rubbery pap, he gently twisted and tweaked it.

He had never imagined that her nipple will be so hard, he giddily told himself. She must be just as hot as he was.

Savoring the touch of her nipple on his fingers, he saw her look at him and then again at his hands on her breasts.
"My..." she softly murmured, daintily gripping her hand around the thick shaft, twisting and running it up its impressive length.

After a few long, delicious moments, she opened her hand.

“I love you baby” she breathed, pulling him to her. They kissed again, more deeply more passionately than ever before.

Sanjus hands pushed the blouse of her shoulder and she moved back a bit breaking the kiss. Looking at him she took the blouse down her hands. He stared at the black lacy brassiere which was trying in vain to contain his mother’s heaving bosom.

Her cheeks became red under her sons stares as she reached for the string of her skirt. She pulled it and it fell down in a heap. His eyes were all over her she squirmed feeling his eyes on her black panty covered sex. Good that it was black she thought, she was dripping wet.

Sanju could not move as his mother came near him. He could not believe how sexy she looked in her bra and panty, and as she slowly rubber her bra clad breasts on his chest he groaned and caught her in a wild embrace.

“Don’t be shy baby, I am yours all the way” she whispered. Pushing her body to his, feeling his erect cock pulsing against her belly.

His hands roamed across her back and then she felt his trying to unclasp her bra, she was kissing his chest while slowly pushing him to the bed. Near the bed she stopped and looked into his eyes.

“Let me baby” she whispered giving him a kiss and moving back.

Looking into his eyes Pratima undid her brassiere. Feeling sexy and surprisingly still a bit shy she pushed the straps down and let the brassiere fall at her feet. Her nipples hardened immediately as she saw her sons eyes on her devouring her, his audible groan was so exciting for her.

“Baby” she whispered.

“Oh Ma” he groaned as she came near him and held him to her belly. Sitting on the bed he buried his face on her belly and bend down to kiss her over her navel. He looked up at the massive mammaries, marveling at their size, and their lovely shape. His mothers breast were big and round, but still retained a sexy upswept shape like huge mangoes. He was lost. His hands caressed her back as he felt her shiver at his touch.

Pratima felt week at her knees as her eager son touched her she moved and sat down near him. Sanju began caressing her now naked back. She sighed at the feel of his hands massaging her skin. “You can touch them beta” she murmured biting her lips as his eyes bored into her breasts. She leaned back a bit, and she leaned back Mike moved his over her thighs and up her belly, he let his hands caress her stomach and sides for a few moments before moving them up to the objects of his lust. He lightly brushed his fingertips over her tits and then finally took one in each hand and felt their soft weight.

Pratima sighed with pleasure which gave him more confidence so Sanju continued caressing her tits softly. He continued massaging her tits for many long minutes and grew tremendously excited when he felt her nipples stiffen under his touch. He traced his fingers around and over her nipples repeatedly as his mother continued moaning and sighing.

Sanju was in a different place as he touched her breasts, he could not believe how firm they were and still how soft they felt. He moved them aside and saw how deep her valley was, and getting bold bent down his head and have her a long lick making her groan with please.

“Yes yes, please” his mother moaned, as he started licking and kissing her breasts. He kissed in her valley all the way up her necks and kissed her lips, she smiled and murmered, don’t stop and pushed his head down. His kissed moved from the top of her left breast to her sides as his hands played with her other breast. His kissed and licked closer and closer to her nipples he saw that they were hard and how her breasts heaved in passion as he kissed her areaola – and licked around her left nipple.

“oh baby” Pratima moaned as her son took her left nipple and sucked her. He was not slow as his passion was overflowing and she loved it. He was a man and he was loving her body. She felt him kissing and sucking and then sucking deep at her long thick nipples. She held his head lovingly and he looked up. She smiled with lust and pointed to her other breast.

Sanju wanted to devour her, wanted her so much and moved to her right breast with increased passion. Kissing and licking and then sucking her nipples. He felt her groans becoming louder, and her hands moving down his body to his penis. She held him and squeezed.

“Sanju’ she murmured and pulled him up. “You love them so much darling” she said kissing him madly, looking lovingly into his eyes.

“yes Ma, I do, and they are better than I ever imagined” he kissed her back and spread her hairs over her shoulders. “Did I do well”

She smiled “You did, way better than you did when you were a baby” there was tearsn in her eyes when she said that and Sanju heart brimmed with feeling. He held her to his chest and kissed her forehead. “Ma I love you” he said with love and passion as he felt her touching his cock again.

"He's certainly impatient ," she murmured as he gently nuzzled her neck.

"He's had to wait for so long" he grumbled.

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11-17-2012, 09:46 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia
“No more waiting baby” Pratima said looking into his eyes and moving back to the middle of the bed.

“take off my panties baby” she asked huskily.

With trembling hands Sanju peeled down her panties. His mother was naked, her sex was revealed to his eager eyes. His eyes were all over her.

"Mother, I can't believe how beautiful you are," he groaned as she lay on her back, her legs spread, waiting for him.

With her lovely charms spread out before him in all their splendor, he knew he would have to struggle to keep from coming the moment he touched her.

"Come-...come to Mother. Come to your new wife and make her happy again," she softly said, holding her arms out to him, inviting him down into the treasure waiting between her outstretched legs.

"God!" he groaned out, crawling up onto the bed and up between her legs.

Staring down at her big tits, he watched them jiggle softly as she reached down and grasped his cock. Then he slowly eased down into the middle of her lovely, spread legs. Gently, with the tips of her fingers, she guided the rounded tip of his cock down into the hot socket that lay at the very bottom of her pussy. He was going to make love to her.

"We both need this, baby, we both need this so badly my love" she murmured as he slowly fed his cock down into the warm depths of her clutching cunt. "Aaaaaghhhh Sanju, I have been dreaming aaaaah of thissssssss”"

"Oh Maaaaaaaa, yes, yes, you are so so hot, I, I ……. I love you my wife" he smiled down at her as their bellies gently nudged up against each other. "And I'll do whatever my dear, sweet mother wife tells me."

Slowly, lovingly he began to work his big cock in and out of the tight, velvet-lined sheath of her cunt.

Squeezing her thighs against him, she let his hips rub up against her legs As he pistoned his cock in and out of her. Sanjay had never imagined that a vagina could be so hot, so tight, and so unbelievably wet. He couldn't believe it was the same pussy that his big head had came out through when he was born. How could such a wondrously tight opening allow that and still be tight enough to bring a man such pleasure? It was another miracle of womanhood...

Locking his elbows, he stared down at his mother as she looked back up at him with love pouring up out of her sultry, black eyes. Bringing his eyes down, he watched her big tits slowly undulating up and down in rhythm with their slow fucking. Moving his eyes down further, he giddily watched his big cock, glistening wetly with his mother's juices as it slid in and out of her hot pussy. It seemed to him that their bodies were a perfect match, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle.

Spreading her legs wider, she dug her stiletto heels down into the mattress and tilted her pussy up, letting him slide even deeper into the squishy depths of her pussy.

Using her legs, she hunched up at him every time he drove his cock into her, making wet slapping sounds when their bodies met.

His mother, his wife, his soul mate, he sickly thought as he picked up the pace a notch. Still watching the thick, juice-slathered shaft of his cock sliding in and out of the wetness between her legs, he thought it was like dotting the eye of her exclamation point.

"Faster, honey, faster," she mewed out, grabbing him by the hips, pushing and pulling on him to make him fuck her faster. "Ma needs to come."

" Ma...come," he grunted out, moving his hips back and forth faster and faster as he drove his cock down into the clutching heat of her cunt. "Make-my-wife-come."

Now her tits were sloshing up and down wildly as he hammered his cock into her and she thrust herself back up at him. Their groins were covered with hot, sticky pussy-juice as her cunt spewed it out in gushes. Sanjay couldn't believe there was so much of the goo as their bodies churned the gooey mess into frothy white gunk. Wonder what it tastes like, he dizzily asked himself, pumping his cock into her harder and harder? I'll find out as soon as I come. I'll eat her out and lick it all off her beautiful pussy.

Then he felt her sharp fingernails dig into his hips as she jerked him down into her as deep as he would go.

"MyyyDDarrrlinnnggggg," she groaned out as her hips began to quiver and shake. Her muscles straining, she dug in her heels and pushed herself against him as she writhed through her orgasm.

Sanjay watched her face contort into a mask of agony and pleasure. Eyes rolled back into her head, she grunted softly as she humped her pussy up at him and clutched at his buried prick. He could feel the hot juice spewing out of her pussy as it dripped down onto his froth-covered balls dangling down below him. Her breasts were trembling and quivering, her big nipples so swollen and hard, they looked like they were about to burst. On and on it went for her, as Sanjay felt every wave of pleasure wash through her cunt making it clutch at him.

So this is love, he giddily told himself. Not Mother-son love. This was the real thing. Man-woman love. This was the love a man felt for his woman, not his mother. She was his woman now...

Finally, with one last choking gasp, she began to soften and give way, easing her butt back down onto the mattress. Withdrawing her claws from his hips, she looked up at him trying to make her eyes refocus.

"That...that...was unbelievable, never like that before...never," she gasped, trying to catch her breath again as a dribble of spit trickled out of the corner of her mouth and ran down her cheek.

"I'm so glad I can make you happy now," he smiled down at her. "It makes me feel so good to make you come."

"I don't recall ever feeling this happy," she said, smiling up at him with love pouring up from her eyes. "Never...ever."

"I'm glad," he said, leaning down and giving her a soft, lingering kiss on the lips.

Finally, he lifted his lips from hers and began to slowly stroke his cock in and out of her sopping pussy once again.

"Wait...wait," she murmured, putting her hand on his chest and pushing him away. "Let...let me do you now." “Lie down Sanju”

Grinning down at her, he eased his dripping cock back out of the juicy hole between her legs. With his cock jutting out wet, stiff, and hard, he crawled over her leg and flopped over onto his back.

She quickly struggled up to her hands and knees, her big tits wiggling down below her as she straddled him. Leaning over him, she reached back down between her thighs and grabbed his big cock. Pulling it up, she slowly dropped her hips, settling her dripping pussy down onto the head of his jutting cock. Staring down at him, she eased her pussy down, consuming his entire cock with its steamy core.

Then she began making little grunting sounds as she jerked her hips back and forth, impaling herself on his thick, hard cock.

His goo-covered cock sloshed In and out, in and out of his mother's wet cunt as he reached up and latched hold of her heaving breasts. Her nipples seemed even harder than before, if that was possible, as they stuck out of the darkened cup of pebbled flesh tipping her tits. Pinching the berry-sized nipples between his fingers and thumbs as her tits quivered and danced, he roughly tweaked and plucked at them. The tip of his mother's tongue crept out from between her lips as she concentrated on the fucking of his man-sized cock with her hot pussy.

Nuhhhh-nuhhhh-nuhhhh," she grunted, working her hips back and forth faster and faster as Sanjay humped his cock up into her in rhythm with the fucking motion of her hips.

Her pussy was wetly clinging to his cock as it slithered in and out of her clutching cunt, coating it liberally with her hot juices. Her cunt was so slippery and soft, it felt like it was made out of velvet, he thought, thrusting himself up into her harder. Just as before, he could feel her hot juices being squeezed out around his pistoning prick as the hot goo dripped down onto his big balls dangling down between his thighs. It felt like she was pumping it out by the bucketfuls as more and more of it poured out of her, splattering his belly and thighs with the gooey stuff. With her head thrown back, her eyes clenched shut, she was breathing heavily as her beautiful ass slashed back and forth. Her ravenous cunt was consuming his pistoning cock up to the hilt on every lunge.

There wasn't even a pause in the rocking motion of her hips as she continued to hump her pussy back and forth on his cock. Watching her gorgeous tits quiver and undulate, he ran his fingers all over them caressing and squeezing her. Staring at her beautiful bobbing tits, he watched them flounce about wildly as his mother tirelessly fucked his cock.

Sanjay was in an euphoric daze as his mother's cunt slid back and forth on his stiff prick. He could tell that she was nearing the finish line once again as her muscles were tensing and growing harder.

"Yeah-come-come, Mother-come-come on my cock," he muttered out, humping his cock up into her pussy as it jerked back and forth.

"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh," she muttered out, her hips jerking spasmodically for a few seconds before she lunged backward, impaling herself to the limit on his cock. "Goddddddddddd!"

Holding herself shoved back onto his cock, she began to babble and writhe as her whole body shook. Then she bent down, almost in a fetal position, thrusting her breasts against his chest as she devoured his mouth with hers. Her mouth wide open, her tongue twisting and probing into his mouth, she kissed him with such passion, he thought he was going to explode. He had never been kissed so frantically. It was almost cannibalistic, he feverishly thought as they hungrily kissed. At last, making soft mewing sounds, she lifted her mouth from his spit-slathered lips.

Jerking her hips forward, she pulled her pussy off his jutting cock and quickly rolled off him.

" come in me...please," she groaned, quickly rolling over onto her back, kicking her legs apart and pulling him down between them.

Sanjay quickly moved in until his stiff, juice-drenched cock was in the perfect position to penetrate the dew-covered opening between her legs. Grunting, he lunged forward, thrusting his cock down into the hot depths of her pussy, burying it all the way up to the hilt. Then, like a madman, he began to pound his cock down into her pussy as hard and fast as he could.

Now it was his turn, he deliriously thought. His turn to empty his balls down into the birthing chamber that lay between her legs. Empty his noxious load into it and plant the seed of life inside her. Empty it into her and begin life again. If his seed took hold and grew, would it be him...or her, they recreated? Would she issue forth another boy, like him, or would another mother come slithering out from between her legs?

A spasm of pleasure tore through his cock as it began to pulsate and spurt out its virulent seed deep inside his mother's womb. The thick, sperm-filled cream spewed out like water from a broken water main, filling the depths of her pussy with its hot, sticky virulence. He could almost feel his sperm immediately fan out in search of the prize. Swimming in her succulent juices, they searched for the elusive treasure that could sprout and bring forth life again. Like an invading horde, the millions of sperms were in search of THE EGG!

The spasms of pleasure continued to jolt through his cock, making it pulsate and spurt until there was nothing left to eject out into her hungry pussy. His mother, his wife, his lover took all he gave and wanted even more as she pulled him down onto her.

Her pussy sucked and pulled on his cock, hungrily milking it, trying to extract every last tail lashing sperm from it. He had never felt so drained, so empty of essence. She had completely depleted him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down against her. Once again, her open mouth found his and her tongue probed against his as they hungrily kissed, trying to get their fill of each other but failing miserably...

They could never satisfy their need for each other. Their love was too consuming. If only he could become her. Live inside her body and feel what she felt. Then he would know how to please her. Please her and make her life whole again. Then she would never want again. For anything! He would see to it that her every need was fulfilled even before it became a need. He loved her that much...

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11-17-2012, 09:46 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia

Monu, I have always loved you. And I know that you have always loved me. And we know that our love developed, blossomed, and changed over the years into something more intense, sublime and sensuous.

And I don’t know when it started, well for me at least it did, when you were studying for your medical entrance examinations, you were just over sixteen. You asked me to test you. I would spend hours in your room asking you questions on all the various subjects you were studying; perhaps doing the things you father should have done, as he is a doctor. But well, when did her ever have time for you, for us.
When you had just become a teenager he had drifted further away into a world of clubs and rotary meetings and IMA (Indian Medical Association) politics.

We got used to being a couple. I never badmouthed him to you and I never allowed you to criticize him, which you did many times with just reasons.

So we were together a lot; more than most mothers and sons. Actually your father’s behavior brought us closer together; closer than most mothers and sons. At first I, certainly, thought nothing of it, were just a mother and son, weren't they all close and friendly like us?

I can remember, as clear as crystal, my first thought along the lines that society so frowns upon. Well I think I remember it, but the enormity of it, at the time, was so great I may have imagined or dreamed about it.

I was about to wear a saree after bath when you called me. I had just showered. You asked me come and take a look at the latest facebook pictures of my elder sister’s new grandson (cute boy). I came into your room. It was an airless room because, for some reason I never quite fathomed, you kept the windows closed and the door was usually shut. It smelt of you Monu, it smelt of a man, it smelt, I suddenly found myself thinking as I saw your gaze run up and down me, of sex.

As I sat next to you, leaning forward, both of us staring at the PC screen, I was aware that the front of my blouse was gaping, that my breasts though in a bra was hanging down a bit and my deep cleavage was on view. I was also aware, that under the desk the outsides of our knees were touching. But what I was most acutely aware of was that I felt aroused.


Amma, you were there for me always. At every stage of my life, you have supported me, guided me with love and affection. As Achan started spending most of him time at the hospital or at the associations and clubs, I had no one really, no one to turn to, no one to guide and teach and help me. No one that is other than you, my mother. But that was fine, I felt happy with that. You were always there for me, always willing to listen, always kind and loving, always helpful, caring and considerate. I loved you, and we were happy.

But age has a way of separating a boy from his dear Amma. And naturally, as I grew up, I started thinking about girls and sex, and forgot about my mother.

Or at least, I should've. But I didn't.

At first, it was a mild interest, you'd bend over to pick something up, your saree will slip, and I'd check you out; you'd be serving food, and your pallu will drop, you will be in your blouse and petti coat after a shower and I'd be around, chatting normally. I'd find any excuse to be around you, and as I smiled and chatted normally I'd imagine you taking off your clothes and kissing me. I knew it was wrong, but I loved you.

Like all guys my age, I'd masturbate at night and fantasize about beautiful celebrities, girls from school, some teachers!, and one of two aunties in our apartment, but somehow I'd always end up thinking about you as I brought myself to eruption point. I'd imagine my lips on your breasts, my kisses on your neck, your soft naked flesh pressed up against me. The woman of my dreams was in the next room and I was too scared to do anything about it. But that woman was my mother. If I told her, she would think I was a freak and hate me forever.

Was I sick Amma?

Then, there was that night. I heard you getting out of the shower and called you into my room for some showing some pictures of your sister Meera’s grandson. You entered my room, in your blouse and petticoat, rubbing a towel on your damp, black hair. You looked up at me and smiled warmly, your breasts jiggling around inside the blouse as you continued to rub your hair. On you were so sexy, my eyes were all over you, and I was mesmerized by the way you deep navel was revealed adorning your flaring hips and slightly plumpish belly.

"What is it monu?" You asked, and I directed you to the PC. You sat next to me and stared at the screen as I stared at you, and showed you the pictures. You were magnificent. Your deep cleavage was inches away from me, your managalsutra was hanging down and I could see the lines of your breassire. Yes you were giving me a tantalising view of the top of your breasts, so white, so smooth. I fought the urge to reach out a hand and touch you. But I had to do something.

Under the desk, I let my knee touch yours. It sounds silly now, but it was all I could think of. I had to touch you, and I couldn't think of any other way. You didn't move away, and I took that as a positive sign.

All too soon you had finished looking at the pictures I had no other reason to keep your attention. You turned to me and smiled. For a heartbeat we sat, face to face, smiling with mere inches between our lips. All I had to do was lean forward.

But I couldn't.

"Well," you said. "I'm off." You leant in and placed a very hurried peck on my cheek. Any slower and I might have 'accidentally' turned and let our lips collide. It didn't occur to me at the time that you might have known, and that you were facing the same temptation.

You stood up. I smiled, and reciprocated, leaning forward casually and praying that the desk would hide my erection.
You left, and the atmosphere went with you - the tension, the lust, the heat. I turned my music player shut the door, and fell to my bed. My hand went to my shorts as I thought of the way your body looked and the feeling of your knee against mine.

After I came, I had a moment of clarity. Our knees had touched, you hadn't pulled away; I was tempted to kiss you, and you had awkwardly pecked my cheek. For the first time I began to consider the possibility that you felt for me the same way I felt for you.

The thought alone was enough to make me rigid again.


I don't think I have tried to have an affair, though the temptation was there when I was in college and when my husband started ignoring me. Partly, because I spent only 3 years in college before being married off at 20, and partly, because I was afraid, and partly because I haven't wanted to; I find it rather distasteful.

So when I realised that I was getting attracted to you, my own son, I went into the most enormous depression, which lasted for weeks. I don't recall why I suddenly started looking at you differently; I can't remember why I began seeing in you a different light. Yes of course I still regarded you as my child, as my son, but also I looked at you as a man, as another person, oh God yes, I at last had to admit it, as a lover.

The trauma was enormous, the guilt was stupendous. What sort of person am I, what type of mother am I, and what sort of woman am I? Those questions were with me through those last few months of you being a schoolboy. I pondered them endlessly as you finished your entrance exams, took the long summer holiday and then prepared yourself for the medical college as you had secured very good marks. I was so proud of you and so ashamed of myself.

I thought of hardly anything else as so many little things happened. Things I think I really made happen. Actions and gestures I took. Views and glances, exposures, little touches, innuendos and double entendres. Small at first, nothing too obvious. For God’s sake how could I be obvious, I was doing them to you, my son? Why was I doing them? There was no way anything could ever happen. It was so wrong, you were well adjusted and I was normal. Wasn't I? And normal mothers didn't think such things let alone do them, do they? No, mothers don't seduce their own sons, well not in India, where we are regarded as “Goddesses”.

It wasn't every day or even each week that something happened, between us. But was it really between us? Surely it was only me, not you? Wasn't it?

It was irregular, infrequent and usually mostly unplanned. A word, a glance, a touch, seeing you in your bedroom, in your bed or walking around scantily dressed, could trigger something in me. I loved to see you as you come out of the gym, all sweaty and with your chest hairs matted on your muscular chests. I loved to see how your thigh muscles rippled as you ran up the stairs.

And I always found you trying to “steal” looks at my belly and breasts. Any drop of my pallu was not missed by you. Many of these “accidental exposures” were normal at any home. But that was different. Somehow you stealing a glance at my body was intimate; it made me tingle.

There were other actions that would suddenly make those feelings of want and guilt well up in me. Sitting near you at the movies and holding your hands “innocently”. Asking you to rub my legs when I “feel” some pain. Seeing you glancing at my legs and thighs, while doing that.

I found myself doing such things more often. I found them happening, inadvertently I told myself, more frequently. I realised they were becoming more overt, more obvious, more extreme.

Often then, as we had neared your eighteenth birthday, I would imagine what it would be like if I simply said to you. "Abhi I want to have sex with you." What would you do, how would you react? I guessed you would hate me and probably tell your father, and I will be kicked out of the house!!”

But I didn't say that. But I did imagine what it would be like. I imagined that often, very frequently, most days and usually most hours probably. I thought of what it would be like if you replied "And I want to have sex with you Amma."

I wasn't having sex, and it has been almost 1 year now, since I had any kind of physical intimacy with your father I was frustrated. I always was and being around you made me even more so. So I masturbated a lot and at the time that had become daily and sometimes twice a day. And there was now only one masturbatory topic, one person, one act. You making love to me.

Then by accident things started to happen that would put us together more alone, and more like a couple that ever before. And the irony was that it was your fathers doing. He wanted to have someone go and check in on the farm land and farm house we had purchased. He could not go and asked you to go, and I felt that I should come with you. I was natural. Anyway I was free as he was travelling out again.

So it was decided.

"So, could you stand a week in Chickmangallur with your old Amma?"
"It would be great, I'd love it," you quickly replied.

"You sure, there's not a lot to do for you out there."

"I've got a take rest after all this studies."

"Right, we'll go the day your exams are over ok?"

The idea of a week in cool and remote hills, with just you and me, thrilled me. Us, together, away from home, in a different setting. It made me think perhaps, maybe, possibly, hmmmmm!!!

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11-17-2012, 09:47 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia

You had taken to calling me Sumathiamma and sometimes Mrs. Sumathi. The latter always made us laugh; both gave me a little shudder, a little shiver of excitement. It was the informal intimacy I suppose. It was you moving away from Amma, as a son, but not going so far as to use my name. I liked it. It was our little tradition.

It was great as you called me that as you drove our Laura with ease en-route to Chickmangalur. It was a great drive and I felt us getting even closer . It was lovely to stop at the small road side tea stall and sip hot tea and having hot vada.

I was wearing a chudidhar and kameez, which is usually don’t. And somehow I felt that you were not looking at me those “eyes” much.

And as we got back into the car after our tea break we had the seatbelt incident. That too in such a good car!. The seatbelt got stuck. You had to help let clumsy me and stretched across as I tried to scoot back.
"Here let me Sumathiyamma" You said taking hold of the seat belt and pulling it to get it free as I leaned back. I had to wiggle and manoeuvre my body. And this movements stretched the material of the churidhar top, and it was so evident when the material is covering an ample sized pair of breasts like mine. I felt a surge of excitement as I caught your eyes on my breasts. And my chest was pushed very forwards and the thin material was very stretched across them. Both actions emphasised and accentuated my breasts. I turned and smiled about to say thanks. But I stopped when I saw the look on your face and your eyes riveted on my chest. I felt a surge of, unwarranted I was sure, excitement as you continued staring. The surge became stronger as the backs of your hands ran across my shoulders and the side of my right boob as you locked the seatbelt.

"Thanks Abhi," I smiled as the you picked up speed on the winding road. I was scared and excited by what was happening son.

Involuntarily and without thinking, I gripped your hand, you squeezed back, it felt reassuring.
Finally we reached our farmhouse at around 11.00 Am. The care taker was happy to see us as he could take a much awaited break and go to his village, which he did after letting us know how things are, and what is the status of the place.

I hadn't been here for ages, "Let's look round first, get our bearings shall we?" I suggested.

We walked into the lounge and then dining room and the kitchen. They were all large, built in a traditional style with lots of wood. Outside there was a veranda that ran round the back of the house with steps leading down into the There were great views across the valley to coffee plantations. Back inside we went upstairs. There were three bedrooms.

"Hold on, I'll get the bags," you said running back down the stairs and fetching them.

"Tough guy ay?" I smiled, as I saw you carrying all our bags.

"Yes Amma, your food and love only. Which is your bedroom?"

"This one I think," I replied opening a door. " The master bedroom room was dominated by a huge four poster, which I had completely forgotten about.

We had left that room and were opening the door to your bedroom; you were holding the door open for me and letting me pass by. Our bodies almost touched. I wanted them to, I almost reached out, I almost touched you. Gathering myself I said.

"See even you have a great room”

Rammiaah the care taker had arranged for the fridge and store room to be stocked with all we would need as per my instructions. So our first afternoon in Chickmangalur, I prepared hot and spicy chicken curry and rice that I rustled up. It was plenty warm enough for us to eat outside so we laid the table on the veranda and lit the mosquito deterrent.

As the chicken curry was getting done, I felt like freshening up. "I'm going to have a quick bath Abhi while the chicken cooks up." I informed you.

"Good idea, I think I will as well. Maybe we could go for walk if you are not too tired, check out the plantation and the stream?" You asked

“Sure” I quipped back.

In the shower, I could think of hardly anything else than my hand in yours and your fingers brushing my breasts and your eyes on my breasts in the car. My fingers found my core spot as the tepid water poured over me.

I stroked it wondering and wondering if it had meant anything. I you had any feelings like mine? If, I realised with a combination of serious guilt and enormous excitement, you sexually fancied your mother as she did her son?

"You look nice Amma” you said as I walked into the kitchen wearing another cotton chudhi which was sleeveless.

“Thank you Abhi" I smiled looking at you marveling at your masculinity.

“Can you get me some water Abhi” I asked.

"Sure Amma You said going to the fridge, getting the 500 Ml mineral Aquafine bottle and walking over to where I was stirring the curry. You stood close to me, perhaps too close, perhaps provocatively or intimately close?

I could smell your aftershave, see the slight stubble on your face and feel the heat radiating from your body. You were wearing a red T shirt and blue shorts. You looked awesome.

You were holding the bottle at its base, pointing it towards me at an angle from your body, inviting me to take it by its neck. I suddenly felt that it looked so fucking phallic that I wanted to suck it.

I'm sure my hands were shaking as I took the bottle, holding it just beneath its neck, just where the "shoulders" flare out. I held your gaze as I brought the bottle to my lips, as I tipped my head back and as I let the liquid slew into my mouth. I looked at you, at my son as, in my mind, that bottle became your manhood.

"Well thanks," I said feeling very confused as I served the rice.

"What for?"

"For coming here with me”

"I wanted to Amma"

"So, it is weather that made you decide”

"Well it is you, Amma, I meant it."

"Oh Abhi." I came upto and gave you hug, it was impromptu, and I loved doing it.


Oh how I loved your cooking Amma. Somehow it tasted even better in this setting, and I could not take my eyes away from you as you ate sitting opposite me.

After the food I was surprised at your willingness to come out and explore the grounds. I don’t know when we started holding hands while walking. It was nice, it was romantic.

It was you who suggested sitting down near the small pond, under the shade of the a large tree in the grass. I don’t really remember what all we talked as I was in a daze.

But when you said “this is great place, I should have brought a mat and a pillow, I do feel like lying down”. It was natural for me to suggest you spreading your duppatta and lie down with you head on my lap.

“Oh Monu I don’t want to trouble you” you said

“No Amma, it is ok, please,” I insisted taking your green duppatta and spreading it over the grass.

“Oh Abhi” your face colored a bit.

But you lied down, and it felt like heaven when you looked upto my eyes and smiled.

I don’t know where I got the courage to caress you hair, but you did not seem to mind.

Then you yawned and the action made your breasts thrust out. And lust entered into my feelings of love and affection.

“Sorry” you said.

“it is ok Amma” I murmured caressing your cheeks.

There was no need to speak, I caressed you hair and we hands. And you slowly drifted to sleep.

I did not want to disturb you. You looked so much at peace with yourself. And yes, the gentle rising and falling of your bosom was mesmerizing.

I watched you, studying each and every feature of your lovely face, your shapely nose, your ears, your slightly thick lips, the graceful curve of your neck….. I lost track of time.


I have never felt closer to a human being than when I lied down on your lap. And you don’t know how my body responded to your gentle caress on my hair. No one has ever done it like you did Monu.

And I don’t know when I slept off. But when I woke up it was getting dark.

“Oh Abhi, how long was I sleeping” I asked looking up to your eager face.

“3 hours Amma” you smiled wincing slightly.

“Oh I am so sorry Monu, why didn’t you call me”

“Why Amma, you were so peaceful, I don’t mind” I felt the love in your voice, and again saw you wince. I realized your legs my have become sore. My maternal instincts came to life.

I moved back with a cry “Oh Abhi your thighs would be hurting”

And despite your protestations I began a vigorous rubbing using both hands on your thighs. And then I looked at you, the pain in your eyes had given away to a look of fear and something more. And then I froze as my hands inadverantly slipped higher and encountered something hard. Something very hard and pulsing, your manhood. It was only for a few seconds that I held my hands there and then I slipped them back.

“Amma” your voice was shaking. “It is ok”

“Abhi” I did not know what to say to you, I was not angry, I was just afraid, of what was happening, where we were going….


I was both afraid and thrilled that Amma found how excited I was by her. It was out in the open, but we both were trying to avoid it.

“Yes Amma” I said, looking at you as you got up.

“I am going back, I need to start dinner and I have make a call, aren’t you coming” you asked.
“Yes, you start walking” I said, not wanting to show you my state of arousal.

You smiled that knowing smile of a mother who knows everything that her naughty child is upto.

When I got back home, you were cooking, the quintessential mother.

“I am making us dinner Monu, will some chapathi’s and mornings curry do, I have also made some salad and some Kheer”. You smiled at me.

I came near you, and with a courage that I was gaining slowly hugged you from behind.

“Yes Amma, you are the best, why to take all the trouble” I whispered in your ear

I felt you tense and then relax against me, Oh God Amma, how soft you felt against me.

“No trouble my darling” you said caressing my arms that were around your belly. “I love doing this for you”

“Oh Amma” I felt an overpowering of love and kissed on top of your head. I felt you shiver.

“Now let me finish’ you said pushing me away.

I went up and arranged the table in our terrace, which was an enclosed space with creepers on two sides and our building on the other side. One side was open to our grounds. It was a very large space with a nice recessed sitting area and garden furniture.

I found some candles and lit them and went down. You were surprised and eager for our open air diner date.


Monu I did not know what happened, but when you came behind me and held me, I felt safe, protected, and yes, in love. Yes in love with you my baby. And when you said we will have dinner in the terrace, I was excited. I don’t know why.

I remember you telling me a few days back that you loved the black chiffon saree, that I had worn a few months back when we had gone out for a movie.

I went to the bedroom and freshened up, applied some perfume, washed my face and did a light “touch-up”, and wore this saree. By the time I came out you had arranged the food.

“Oh Amma” your eyes lit up like only yours can “you changed”

“I thought you liked this saree” I asked with a smile.

“Yes, yes Amma, you look great”

We sat across from each other at the candle-lit table on the terrace. It was a little cold. Under the table our knees nearly touched. We both ate the food, with our hands, and we looked right at each other and chatted. I can't remember what about, only that most of the time your gaze seemed to keep flittering back to my breasts, which were outlined in the black stretch blouse I wore.

"I will go and get the Kheer " I said as we finished eating

"No I will Amma” you muttered also getting up and edging sideways towards the steps down from terrace

I looked across at you. Can it be? Is that what it looks like it is? Is he really? Shit he is. My son has got an erection looking at his mother's body… again.

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11-17-2012, 09:47 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia

I was on fire. My heart was beating faster than I had thought possible. My cheeks were burning. I was, as unattractive as this may sound, beginning to sweat.

The way you, had dressed had excited me. The intimate dinner had me feeling relaxed and intimate. The glances and the gestures and the way you leaned in as we spoke had me feeling like it was a sure thing. And the way I could see the outlines of your brassiere, your breasts, and your belly through the thin saree had me feeling so horny.

In short, all I could think about making love to you, making you moan with every thrust.

But you were my mother, and you were not like that. I was a twisted pervert descending a spiral of delusion and lust over my own mother. I needed to clear my head, but during dinner all I could do was stare at your chest. I forced myself to catch your eye, smile sweetly or make some charming, witty remark, but every time my attention slipped, my eyes were drawn back to your breasts. Their soft skin, their curve, the small movement they made as you breathed, was all too much for me.

I think you realised where my eyes were, for suddenly the atmosphere changed. You made an excuse to ask for the Kheer and started clearing away. Embarrassed, I excused myself too, saying I'd go get the Kheer.

Of course, as I inched my way out, I was suddenly very aware that I had a massive hard on. My instinctive reaction was to hide it, but as you looked across at me I was suddenly filled with courage. I stood proud, letting you notice the bulge in my trousers.

After finishing the lovely Kheer, I moved to the large sitting bench on which I had out a few blankets and pillows.

Our eyes met.

“It is nice here Amma “ I said and somehow my voice was sounding strange to me. You came closer. For a whole second you stood over me, and then by providence gust of wind blew, lifting your pallu and letting it fall down. Oh God. There you were with your sexy belly bare, with you deep navel, the tight blouse lifting and cradling your treasures, your deep cleavage so very evident. I saw it all, you were truly a sight to behold.

“Oh” is all that you said, with a teasing and at the same time shy smile on your face.

You sat a bit away from me, coyly remarking that you didn't want to excite me too much.

You had seen my erection.

I moved closer to you, put my arm around your waist and held you, asking "What if I want to be excited?"

You playfully pushed me off, innocently asking why I would want that.

"Excitement is the spice of life," I replied. I would NEVER have said that in normal circumstances, I swear.

Thankfully you laughed, suggesting to me that you were as excited as me. "Perv," you teased, and reached for my hand to playfully slap me.

As you did, I put my arm around you again, pulling you close. For a moment your face was just above me. Neither of us spoke. It was clear that this was the moment, now or never.

Shifting my arm, I dropped you down a couple of inches and brought your face to my level. I held your gaze daringly, then leaned forward.

Our lips met. Though it was all me, you didn't move away. I put my hand on the back of your head. This may be the only chance I would ever get; I was going to make the most of it.

Your lips were soft and wet. As I moved mine over them there was no hiding that this was no ordinary kiss between a mother and a son. As if to cement that, I slid my tongue out and parted your lips with it. Your mouth opened and our tongues probed each other, feeling and tasting. It was the most intimate thing and sexually arousing thing that I had ever experienced.

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11-17-2012, 09:47 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia

My head was swimming; I was in a fog, a dream, maybe even a nightmare. I didn't know whether I was drunk, drugged, delirious or deranged. I did know though, that what we were doing was dangerous, maybe demeaning, possibly disgusting, could be disastrous, was certainly disturbing, but potentially delightful.

I was in your arms. You were holding me, you were pulling me to you, pressing your body against mine, squashing mine against yours.

We were clothed, but I could feel your body, its pulses, we might just as well have been naked. I wished we were naked, I wanted to be naked for you, I wanted to see you naked, be in your arms naked, and have you naked for me. I could feel your body, so why couldn't I see all of it, feel all of it touch all of it have all of it? Why? Because I was your mother that's why?
But that was ceasing to make a difference. Our family roles and our relationship were beginning to change, rapidly and significantly and for ever. Surely there could be no going back now?

It was this place, the hills, the old bunglow, It was romantic, impossibly so. The open air, the hills moonlight, the smell of jasmine and earth. Us, just us, just a mother and her son, her eighteen year old son. We were away, out of normal habitat. We had flirted; I had become alarmed that I was going too far, encouraging you, priming you, yes, I had to admit, seducing you. It became erotic, impossibly so for a mother and her son.

I saw that you were erect in your shorts. God did that thrill me? The realisation that you had become hard because of me, because of me as a woman, because of me, your mother, as a female, was excruciatingly arousing to me. I felt pangs of such intensity rush through me as I held you.

I was panting, it was hard to breath, my breasts pounded and my clit was throbbing, my legs felt weak and I was sure my womanly juices were seeping. It was such an amalgam of emotions. Guilt and fear with lust and desire is such a powerful cocktail that I feared I might faint.

I had thought of going to bed and leaving you before we kissed. Yes my mind had said do that, take the conservative course, the safe option, and stay away from temptation. My body, though, told me quite the opposite. Mind versus body. Common sense versus go for it. Safety versus risk. I had tried to resist, to stop my wicked self, to make myself stay away from you. How could I do this? How could a mother have such thoughts, such feelings, such desires for her child, her son, her baby? How indeed? God it came so easily, for as well as all of those things you were also a magnificently built, beautiful and so appealing young man! I smiled as I thought, 'I would fancy him even if he wasn't my son' not that that made me feel any less guilty.

But I was undecided; I had enormous conflicts, considerable traumas. I was pulled both ways. Mind versus body, body versus mind. I was lost now. There seemed to be inevitability about the proceedings, almost as if it was scripted and we were actors in a play similar to if it had been ordained. I was almost salivating at watching your eyes roam over my body.

But then we kissed and that clearly declared that; my body was the clear winner!

You seemed to be taking over; my baby was starting to direct proceedings with his mother, my son was beginning to seduce me. Could that be possible? Was I sure? Could there be a mistake; might I be misinterpreting the signals and the mood? It had become more exciting, more thrilling, more disturbing and, of course, more worrying. It had also become more unreal, or more real, who knows?

I was in even more of a conflict. Sexually aroused beyond any level I could recall. I was scared. Scared that I was incorrect with my interpretation of events. Scared that I was letting my hopes and desires overcome my sensibilities. Scared that I was wrong about your actions. Scared that you would rebuff me and scared, maybe most of all, about where, what I was doing, would lead us.

I said no, to myself, I willed my body not to. I summoned up all my resistance, my resolve and determination. I did everything I could not to give in. Despite that, I found my mouth opening, my lips parting and my tongue finding yours as we kissed. The relief that you had, I think, initiated the kiss was enormous.

We kissed. Not the kiss of relatives, not the kiss of mother and son, not the kiss of friends, but the kiss of lovers. "Where the hell had you learned to kiss like this," I wondered, as your opened lips squirmed against mine and your tongue plundered my mouth, teeth, lips, gums and throat?

His tongue is fucking my mouth, I thought, responding far more eagerly than perhaps I should. But I could not stop, I could not hold back, I could not resist my female feelings, I could not stop my body responding to my son's sexual advances.

Involuntarily, without thinking or planning, almost without even knowing, my arms went round you. One just above your waist, the other over your shoulder and round your neck. I hugged you, as I had many men before. I pressed myself against you in the traditional way that two people who are moving towards some form of sex do; we moulded our bodies together and we kissed, and we kissed and we kissed and kissed and kissed.

I felt as though I had been transported somewhere, but all that had happened was that we had moved deeper into the bench. You were pressed back against the stone wall. Both my arms were round your neck, yours were round my body. One of your hands was in the middle of my back; on my naked midriff the other was lower, on my buttocks, I was on top you practically. Our bodies were touching from our mouths to our feet. My blouse clad breasts were squashed against your chest, our legs were intertwined, our toes and ankles touched and rubbed together and our hands roamed the others back. But most significantly; most marvellously; most enticingly; most excitingly and most scaringly was where we met in the middle of our bodies. I felt the throbbing so easily on by belly.

Nothing was hidden now for there were no hiding places. Equally, there was no shame or guilt, no ducking the issue or hiding the evidence. There was no pretence, no pretending it wasn't happening and no acting like mother and son. No, your bloated, rock hard cock was planted firmly in the middle of my stomach. Your lovely, beautifully hard erection was sunk into the softness of my tummy. Yes, the base of your massively aroused manhood was forced against my most feminine of places, my pussy and clit. And I could feel all this through the 2 layers of clothing between us.

"Oh God." I sighed, breaking the kiss. And standing up but unable to move away from you.

"Yes," was all you could reply. Standing up near me. And boldy holding me by my waist, squeezing my naked belly.

I couldn't think of anything to say, so I kissed you again, this time letting both my arms wrap round your waist. I pulled on your hips forcing you even more firmly against me. Our lips were squirming, our mouths were grinding together and our tongues were delving into the others throat.

My hands slid down, they found your bum, I squeezed it. It felt lovely, I knew what it looked like already, but of course I had not touched it since your sexual awakening. Yours found mine; they also squeezed the two cheeks and that felt lovely as well. You, of course, had not touched that in a sexual way, but on several occasions you had looked at them.

I wanted to say things, so many things, tell you stuff, explain, discuss and examine, but I couldn't. I couldn't speak, couldn't think of what to say or how to say it. All I could do was make sounds; little sighs, groans and moans whimpers and intakes of breath. You were the same. You were making the same sorts of noises, but in more masculine, gruff tones.

But then, what could words do at a time like this? What good was explaining or discussing? What part had our minds to play in this? We were indulging our bodies, gratifying our physical need not our emotions. Weren't we? Or were we really venting our emotional needs? Or both I began to realise. But explaining that even to myself let alone to you, as I felt my fingers sliding inside the waist-band at the back of your shorts, was more complicated than my limited eloquence could handle. The bare skin of your arse on my fingers sent yet another massive shudder of want through me. I groaned, deeply, it was such a gorgeous sensation. I groaned even deeper, though, as I slid my hands right up to my wrists into your shorts and felt all of your wonderfully pert arse cheeks. If that was a fantastic feeling, when I then felt your hands caressing my belly, near my navel, that was simply indescribable!

I don’t know what came over me, as I took your hands and pulled you inside. Luckily the bedroom was right behind us. I closed the door and you pulled me to you. We kissed and it was natural for me to pull off your t shirt and marveling at your muscular body with its sparse hairs and chiseled chest.

I caressed your chest and saw you groan as I teased you little nipples.

I whispered “You are so strong Monu”, “so handsome”

Our mouths met again, as I pushed on the waist band of your shorts. You froze and I peeled off your shorts making you naked, gasping at the magnificence I saw.

Then I moved back and looking deep into your eyes removed my blouse, and then my skirt.

The room was semi dark but I could see the lust in your eyes and drank in your mother’s body.

Our arms couldn't reach, they had done their job, they had uncovered what we both desperately wanted to reveal, to expose, to see touch and feel; your naked cock and my almost naked body.

You stood rooted as I came closer to you. … and then
Your bare erection against me was one of the most exciting sensations I had ever experienced; it was right up there with losing my virginity, holding your Papa’s cock for the first time and my first dalliance with another woman while in college. Yes having my young son's naked, erect cock up against my naked belly was simply sensational. I almost had a convulsion when I tried momentarily to imagine what it would be like inside me, but failed. If it was this exciting to have it pressed against me, the feelings to have it in me, were clearly indescribable.

I pushed you back. I looked into your eyes, I smiled, I reached behind me and I undid my bra. I took it off and let it fall down my arms as I got my tits out for you.

We were naked together, but for my panties. In the semi darkness I saw you trying to stare at my breasts, at my erect nipples and wide areola.

I took your hands and murmured. “They are yours and led them to my bosom”

Your hands found my breasts and you fondled them nicely. Nicely? What a understatement that is. I groaned as your tentative fingers caressed me, cupping me, weighing me, your trembling fingers tracing my areola, your eyes open in lusty wonder.
“oH maaaaaa” your voice cracked as I groaned again wantonly.

I took your hand and led you towards the bed completely naked. I turned, looked at you and held my arms out and said.

"Come to Amma, my baby."

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11-17-2012, 09:47 AM
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RE: Indian Wedding in Australia

At first I was scared. We had shared a perfect kiss, full of power and passion. It was the mouth open, lips squirming, tongues plundering type of kiss I had always fantasized about with you. But I wasn't getting just the excitement I had visualized; no other feelings were intruding too.

You had helped me out of my shorts, and then had sensuously peeled off your blouse and skirt. There was no fear now, there was little apprehension and looking from my totally stiffened cock to your awesomely hardened nipples, I realized there were also no inhibitions.

And you lifted your face to mine and kissed me tenderly, and passionately. And the wonder in your eyes as you saw my erection made me more confident.

And when you removed your brassiere, what a simply amazingly horny action that was, Oh God, I was desperate for more light in the room to see you better, but I could still make out the sexy magnificence of your breasts. You made no effort to hide your nudity. In fact I think you wanted me to look at you, purpose, what assurance, what confidence. I was amazed. So much had changed. We were now lovers. You were a beautiful, shapely woman and I was a man.

I took in the whole of you, head to toe. Long curves, large breasts, soft skin and hair that seemed to surround your face like the frame of a masterpiece.

Then touching your breasts, feeling your heart beat…. I was in heaven.

"Come to Amma, my baby," you said, holding out your arms, and once again we changed - I was your son, you cradled and loved me, you were my mother, I loved you.

I took your hands and you lay back on the bed. You took me with you, and I was lying on top of you, your arms around my shoulders and my arms were around you and we were kissing. Our bodies were pressed against each other, your hips were moving against me and my erection was pressed into the womanly softness of your stomach. I was so tinglingly aroused, that my entire body was acutely sensitive. Unconsciously, as all my male, as opposed to your son, instincts kicked in, I began moving my hips naturally and easy. Your hands were massaging my shoulders, running all over my back and stroking my bum and I was running mine down the side of your body and legs. I fumbled at where our chests were pressed together and wonderfully I was able to get my hand between us. You grunted as I cupped your nice, full breast and squeezed it. To get my hand between us, I had to lift up a little and I took my head away from where it had been beside yours. Our eyes met for the first time since we had come to bed. You smiled; I smiled back as probably we both thought 'Is this really happening?'

With our eyes locked you placed a single kiss on my lips and, still smiling, you opened your legs and drew your knees up.

And suddenly my erection was pressing right against your panty clad sex. I could feel the warmth and the moisture. You nodded, as if to say that it was ok, and let me go just enough to put one hand down between your legs and take hold of my penis.

"Monu," you whispered huskilyy, “Are you sure”…

“Oh Maaaaaaaaa, I, I”… I could not answer you.

And suddenly your face changed.


Somehow God, or some other superbeing, only knows how, I came to my senses. At really the very, very eleventh hour, it all hit home; the enormity, the taboo, the no going back, the guilt. They combined in one crashing crescendo of comprehension, concern and consideration: I came to my senses. I think it was your penis touching my wet crotch over my panties that was the final straw

I started to cry. The sobs wracked my body as I rolled away from you onto my side, my panty clad bum inadvertently pressing against you erection.

"No darling, we can't we mustn't," I sobbed. "It's so wrong, we have to stop."

"Oh Maaaaaaaa," you grunted, understandably probably hugely frustrated and highly pissed off.

You rolled onto your back, I turned towards you.

"You do understand don't you Abhi?"

In the dim light coming in through the open windows and French doors, I could see that you were almost crying. You ran the back of your hand across your eyes.

"Oh yes, yes I do, but I don't know," you whispered huskily.

I felt awful. Partly for being, a tease, but mainly for having let things get so out of hand. Yet part of me felt good. My alter ego, my better self was saying smugly 'You have done the right thing, sex between a mother and son is wrong and sinful.'

I moved a little closer intending to try to console you and make you understand. My breasts touched your arm. It was like an electric shock, your flesh on mine. I looked down and saw that you were still hugely erect. It took all of my will power to stop me reaching out and stroking it. You really did have a gorgeous dick. Smiling, almost, I thought to myself 'Well then a mother would say that wouldn't she?' In my mind I replied' Not about her son's aroused cock she shouldn't'

"I'm sorry Amma," you groaned not looking at me I noticed. I wondered whether that was from embarrassment at what we had done or because my nudity might arouse you more, just as yours did to me. I rolled onto my back and thought about the enormity of what we had done and the even greater enormity of what might have happened.

"No Abhi, it's my fault, I am your mother. I should have not let this happen."

"I guess you're right Amma, but I er."

"No going back Abhi, it's behind us now. You go to your room and we'll talk in the morning. Things are always better in the cold light of day."

I watched you get out of bed and walk naked, not bothering to pick up your trousers, from the floor. God your body was awesome. Despite my guilty feeling I could not but notice you ass that was so pert and firm, yet rounded and as you strode away from me it wobbled a little from the sway of your hips and the wiggle of your torso. Even as the door was still closing my hands found my breasts and I knew that it would only be a matter of time before they found the other intimate parts of my body.

As, in my mind, you fucked me superbly I thought to myself

'How the hell can we spend the next six days together and not give into the almighty temptations that took us right to the brink of incest this evening, our first night away?'


I was angry, frustrated to the point of pain. Under the guise of understanding I went back to my own room and grabbed my cock. I was not gentle with myself as I pounded away, fantasizing about walking back into your room and forcing you to satisfy me. Jets of sperm erupted from me. I didn't care where they landed.

In the moment of clarity following an orgasm a wave of guilt washed over me. You were my Amma, and I loved you. I still do. I shouldn't be fantasising about raping you. I stared at my still-hard cock. It twitched.

I fell asleep sobbing with the pain of a frustration that masturbation could not cure and the guilt of a man who wanted to hurt someone he loved.

The next morning I was expecting awkwardness, but in fact the opposite occurred. It was as if nothing had ever happened. We laughed and joked over breakfast and decided what we were going to do for the day. It was as if we had each separated into two separate beings, and it had been our 'others' that had got into bed last night.

That is not to say I was any less attracted to you. As you brushed against me in the kitchen I still felt a pang of desire, but we acted as if nothing had happened. Denial is indeed a powerful tool.

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