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I love my dad
06-23-2011, 11:48 PM
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I love my dad
Next 7-10 days mom was at home only. Dad whenever he is getting me alone kissed me and hugged me.i got to know that dad likes to see my private parts. So i tried to expose him more. I use to wear a half skirt. When ever i am reading newspaper or drawing pictures i use to sat in ground in my legs, keeping my skirt open to show my pussy to dad. I almost avoided wearing underwear at home. More i spend on sitting on his lap and i simply moved to keep his man awake.on10th day my neighbor aunt came and called my mom for a shopping to buy some home was a saterday (holiday) for dad. They left by around 11am. Immediately i closed the door and hugged my dad.we both are waiting for this moment. Dad hugged me very closely and kissed on my forehead, lips and neck. We than moved to bedroom.i told dad ” dad have u bought that, what you told on that day”.i mentioned about nirod. Dad removed my dress one by one. Than he told me “yes i bought on next day itself, now i removed your dress. Same way you have to remove my dress also”. I removed his dress one by one. When i am removing his underwear his pennis is small in size and both balls told me “you sit there and watch my pennis becoming larger” he also told me to rub the balls slowly. Balls become harder and his pennis started standing up slowly. I was very much interested in seeing that. I asked him dad, now can i put it in mouth and do like mom doing at night”. Dad told me he likes that very much. I put his pennis in my mouth and started licking it like a chocolate ice. Slowly it grown bigger and bigger , harder and harder like a rod. Dad explained me this is called dick or cock .i already knows it. After sometime i tired by doing that. I think he understood that.than he sat on bed and pulled me up holding my both hands. I just stand there. He sat in between my legs and moved his head against my pussy. He kissed their passionately by covering my entire pussy inside his mouth. I had a nice feeling and i closed my legs and hold his hair with both hands.i kept wide my legs so that he can easily reach my pussy. He slowly licked allover there including my asshole.i was thinking about whats happening here. I never thought that my loving dad will do this for me.

His tong moved to pussy hole and back to asshole. Sucking asshole also a very good feelings. I felt like something is coming out of my pussy hole.”dad i will pee now, i think mhhhh daaaaady stop it”. He moved his head away and pulled me on him and hugged me and told “it is not pee my daughter, that is the satisfaction, i knows that you are fingering and cumming daily, so no need of acting or shy”. I get very much shy and told him “dad… you saw that, you are naughty”.he than revealed me that he and mom saw me doing fingering and rubbing on pillow on some days.they watched through keyhole to check why lights switched in my room. I asked him ” waah dad, mom alsooo..mhummm”.dad – “don’t worry, all girls will do that, even your mom also does when she is at school and doing now also, actually she called me shows that”. I couldn’t believe was a new knowledge to me. I actually thought that only me and some of my friend who is discussion’s with me doing it.i hugged him “dad, i love you”.

Than i sat next to him. I saw his pennis standing straight like a pole and teased him telling “ha ha we will use your pennis as a lighthouse”. He told me to call it as dick.than he shown me how he is doing masturbating .i did the same as per instruction.i pulled and pushed the foreskin of his dick up and down. While pulling down his skin comedown and the head is brightened like was red in color. Skin very loose and soft.i did with left hand and right hand.than again i sucked his dick with my was moving his hand on my left thigh and hair. Than i sat on his belly keeping both legs side by side. He fondled my thighs and small boobs. He rounded his fingers around my small nipple.he told me “dad will make your boobs in a very good shape within 1 years”. He pressed my small boobs in round ways. That was the first time i got to knows that boobs providing this much fun for a girl.even before also my friends use to press my boobs from school, but i didn’t get this feeling.

I reminded him about inserting his dick in my hole. He smiled to me.he opened the safe and took one packet and explained me the use of nirod.i am seeing it first time. He himself wear it slowly. Than i lay down on bed. He kept his position left side of me and fingered my pussy. It was really pleasurable moment. I got to know what is feeling of man. From one finger he shifted to 2 fingers.i controlled myself not making any sound. But i couldn’t do it more.i pushed his hand away and took rest for sometime. He told “ok my love, now i am going to fuck you …my daughter, this is the same dick i inserted in to your mom’s pussy years before and she given berth for you” he than came on me keeping hands on bed (both side).without giving pressure on my body he inserted his penis to my pussy hole. He did it with his right hand. Than came on my body. I made a sound mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….than he slowly started pulling and pushing his dick inside my hole. I started making sound lauder. Ooooooo dadaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaammmmaaaaaaaaaa.i moved my both leg around his waist and hugged him. He did it very slowly. Around 10 times he did it.i cried aaaaaaaaaaaaaadadaaaaaaady … Stop… I am calling ammeee ammee aaaaa and i pushed him away. I reached my final orgasam by that time. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaameee. I myself rubbed on my pussy hole,i got to know my pussy hole is fully wet like anything. Dad asked me how was it “i told him, feeling very good at that time, but now very much tired”.he told me it will be ok in future. Still his dick standing like a pole. He sat nearby me in his knees and started masturbate with his hand very fast. After sometime he told me stand on bed. He stand up and bend little bit keeping his dick in between my legs. He kissed me and than moved his head on my shoulder. Than pushed my thighs from both side by using his legs.he rested his hands on my bums pressing to make his dick tighter between my legs. He than started fucking between my legs. He did it very fast and hugged me tightly.after 2-3 minutes he pushed me down to bed and came on me keeping his both legs wide and dick on my boobs facing my face.he did like a machine with his hand and semens came out from his dick. Most part of that thick milk fell on my boobs. First out coming fell on my face and bed sheet.than he sat nearby me. I tasted his cum by touching with one finger. At that time i didn’t like the taste. Now dad’s dicks almost comes down. Dad took me to the bathroom.i kept my hand on my boobs to avoid semen falling on ground.we did bath together . Than he cleaned the semen’s from bed sheet.

We both wear new dresses and came to hall and switched on tv. Dad brought some fruits and we had it with a glass of water. I rested in his chest keeping my hands on his shoulder and one leg on his lap. My pussy was touching his pant. With half hours i slept.i got a nice sleep. When i wake up i am at bedroom. I heard mom’ sound discussing with dad about the products they bought from market.i prefer be their inside bedsheets waiting for my mom getting evening tea and snacks.

From that day me and dad started playing each other. Mostly we use to do oral sex only. Someday he will fuck me. I maximum tried to expose my body when ever i am getting chance. And i started peeping there bedroom frequently.once the school closed my parents decided to sent me to my aunt’s (dad’s younger sister) house which is there nearby. Uncle got a job at dubai for 2 year contracts. So i decided to spent my yearend leave (2 months) in her house. Because she is staying alone their.

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