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Hot Mom Fucked in Tailor Shop
01-31-2013, 10:47 PM
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Wank Hot Mom Fucked in Tailor Shop
My mom was 35 and my father has recently divorced her. Now most of you who have seen her pictures know what a sexy woman she is, but for the sake of my new readers i will define her.

My mom is a beautiful woman, with a round face and full lips. She has round boobs, and her nipples are pointy most of the times. She has shapely thighs and legs and a perfect ass which moves with promise when she walks. My mom dresses very openly and often does not wear her dupatta.

Men have been eyeing her for as long as i remember and she makes no effort to hide herself in public. Seeing her body covered in nothing but a skimpy black bra is the greatest sight I can imagine as i used to watch her from the peephole through the door. Her nipples are dark brown, but she herself is very fair.

We were in Faisalabad for her friend’s wedding. However we lost one of our suitcases on the train so we had no proper clothes to wear for the wedding. However we were told that the tailors in Faisalabad where really effective and made clothes within the day. We were told to visit the local market which specialized only in women clothing and made excellent shalwar kamiz and sari’s. My mom and i were new to this town so after about2 hours of traveling on public transport we got to the market. My mom was getting all the looks as usual, as she was wearing a stunning tight black shalwar kamiz. Her dupatta had fallen to one side and everyone could make out the shape of her boobs. She walks very fast so her hips moved with promise.
After asking for some directions we finally found out where all the tailors worked. To my surprise there were more men than women in a woman’s clothes market. The shops were open with people working on clothes etc. I barely saw any woman in any shop, there were mostly men crowding around shops, having tea in corners or just walking about. The few women i did see were covered from head to toe and one could only see their eyes. In this scenario my mom was once again getting all the looks. Men seemed to be feasting their eyes on her as she moved from shop to shop looking for something to wear. Shop-keepers, presumably tailors, were calling out to her to come into their shop as they were the best in their business and they could help her find something to wear.

After some 10 minutes of searching my mom decided on this shop, somewhere in the middle of the market. The shopkeeper looked very pleased to see her and he asked us immediately if we wanted tea or some cold drink for which we politely declined. He introduced himself as Qamar. He was tall and broad and slightly muscular. He looked to be around 29 and had a huge moustache. He was looking at my mom with ravishing eyes and his eyes literally raped my mom. I am sure he was imagining what she looked like underneath. He was looking at her boobs and her mouth and what it would feel to fuck her. I saw that look in his eyes and a dirty smile spread across his face as my mom took off her dupatta. He was looking at her full as as she moved around looking for different styles.

After looking around at some marriage clothes my mom finally decided on an orange shalwar kamiz. After haggling for the price for a bit they finally agreed.
The tailor then said ‘madam do you have your sizes to which i can sew these clothes’ to which my mom said no, because usually she doesn’t get clothes sewed from here. He then said ‘we have a room in the back where you can change and give me your shirt which i can measure’. My mom agreed to this and the shopkeeper guided her to a room somewhere in the back. I was handed the kamiz which i handed to Qamar. He took the Kamiz and set it on his table and proceeded to measure it. However after trying to measure it for some time he got up and went to the back room. He looked unhappy so i assumed it was something to do with the measurements. Just to check up on my mom i went to the back room. As i looked up i saw a small room from which you could directly see inside the cubicle my mom was in, and to my shock i saw Qamar and some other man looking down into the cubicle. The place was well lit so they could clearly see my mom in her bra and shalwar as she had no kamiz. The tailor and his friend feasted their eyes for some time looking at my mom’s boobs but then Qamar said something and left. He came down and took my mom’s kamiz and gave it back to her.
‘Madam i cannot get your seize this way, please come out so i can properly measure you’ Qamar announced outside the cubicle. I threw the kamiz over the room which my mom caught and put on. As soon as she came out the tailor came back with a measuring tape and pencil and paper. He handed me the pencil and paper to which i objected and said maybe i should take the measurements (so that my mom will be comfortable) to which my mom replied ‘son he is a professional, let him do it’. I could not object to that and i sat down on the chair.

Qamar then got to his knees and the put the measuring tape next to her ankles. His hand glided up touching my mom’s calfs, knees and thighs. ‘Madam tell me where you tie your shalwar and ill stop’, Qamar said as his hands reached my mom’s inner thighs. ‘A little up, where i have already tied my shalwar’ Qamar’s hands probed a bit longer in that area after which he got up and gave me a number which i obediently wrote down. ‘Open your arms please’ Qamar said, and my mom stretched her arms out to her side. He then placed his measuring tape on her shoulders and stretched the tape out to her wrists. He then placed his tape in her armpits which were stained with sweat and once again stretched his tape out to her wrists. Qamar then turned my mom slowly on the other side and now she was facing the wall. He placed his hands on her neck and slowly glided down to her lower back and finally to her ass where his hands lingered for a little while. Then he told her to turn again, and he started measuring her neck. He then told her to lift her arms above her head, and he put the measuring tape around her from behind, and started measuring her boobs’ size! I was shocked at this! He had a dirty look on his face as he slowly caressed my mom’s boobs, pretending to measure them. My mom was sweating profusely now. Little beads of sweat were rolling down her face and it was turning red. Qamar too was sweating and he looked horny as hell.
Qamar then grabbed the list of my mom’s measurements and left the room saying that that he’ll be back shortly. Mom had a seat next to me and both of us waited in silence. Qamar came back with good news ‘I have given your measurements to my tailor, and he will sew your clothes right away. It will take a couple of hours but then they will be ready’. We decided to stay as it would be no point in going back home and then returning this far. We sat down on the stools near Qamar and he started working on some clothes. The fan was facing us, and slowly it blew away my moms dupatta. She was reading a newspaper on her lap, slightly bent, and the wind from the fan created a gap so one could see her slight cleavage. Her big bare boobs were looking amazing as they clashed against the material of the shirt, waiting to be ripped free. Qamar was looking at her with crooked eyes, trying to catch as much as her as he could of her boobs. Suddenly he looked up and said ‘little boy, why don’t you go to the store next door, its a sports shop, maybe you’ll enjoy it’. I declined as i did not want to leave my mom alone, but she insisted as well ‘Qasim, you should go, i have heard you can get cheap sports goods here’. I had no doubt in my mind as to what was going to happen, but i had no intention of missing it. I was left with no option but to get up and leave the shop. As soon as i left and turned Qamar closed the shutter of the shop. I went in the alley between the shop and the next shop, and went behind the shop, where i climbed some old coke crates, to look through a window which i had spotted. As i looked inside it was the changing room. Nobody was inside, but as i was getting down from the crate i saw my mom come in, with Qamar following her.
Qamar suddenly put both his hands on her side and lifted her kameez till it was caught under my mom's ass. She lifted her ass up so he could pull up her whole kameez above her waist. He quickly removed her shalwar, and i could see goosebumps appearing on my mom’s skin. I could see my mom's fleshy thighs, also the streak of black panty which was showing like a line between her big thighs. Qamar left the lower portion and went for the boobs, he wasn't so much of a boobs man I think because kiss my mom’s boobs and let the bra be. My moms boobs spilled out from the small bra. Her skin colour clashed with the black bra, her boobs seemed to be begging to be released. He squeezed the boobs over the bra, while he licked her neck. All this while he never tried to kiss my mom, I was glad about that. In some way I felt that was good.
Qamar then motioned her to lift her ass again so he could slide her panties off. My mom complied and lifted her ass and Qamar swiftly pulled off her panty. I still couldn't see her pussy because of the bad lighting, till Qamar parted her thighs. Now I could see her clean shaven cunt. This surprised me. I would have never imagined my mom having to do anything with her pussy much less shave it. Qamar got down on his knees and held her thighs apart as he started licking her pussy. My mom had her eyes closed, enjoying being eaten. Qamar looked like an expert as he rubbed his whole face into her big cunt, licking her pussy lengthwise and then tickling her ass hole too. My mom was moaning now as she held his head with both her hands and pushed him more into her cunt lips.
In a few minutes she was writhing and she started cumming. She was a biting her lips not to scream out. Qamar came up for air when she had finished her spasms. He got up and offered his hand so my mom could get off the floor. After she got off, he turned her around facing the window. My mom was now facing the window with her hands on the wall. Qamar held her waist and moved her back so she was in a perfect doggy style position. Qamar unzipped his pants and let it fall to the ground along with his underwear. He quickly removed my mom’s bra and her boobs spilled out. My mom screamed as he bit into her nipples, and he said ‘my cock will rip apart your pussy’ and smiled. His one hand rubbed his cock while the other was playing with my mom’s pussy. When his cock head was shining with her cum he inserted his cock into her fuck hole with one swift stroke.
He held her waist along with the bunched up kameez and started a slow motion, getting his cock into her cunt and then pulling out slowly. He would wait for a few seconds when his big black cock was deep inside and then pull out. As he got more excited his speed increased. My mom's ass cheeks jiggled whenever he banged his pelvis onto her wide ass. Qamar let go of her waist for a while and grabbed her breasts, pulling on them as he banged her ass. He was using her tits as a support to heave himself on her. After fucking her for five minutes Qamar closed his eyes and threw his head back, gripped my mom's ass cheeks and started blowing his load into her cunt. The last stroke he just banged and waited deep inside her pussy till his balls had spewed out all the cum. My mom was cumming too; she was moaning and whimpering all at once. They just stuck to each other for a minute then disengaged.
Qamar stood standing against the wall, watching my mom as she half closed her eyes and lay on the floor. However she had other ideas. She got up and took Qamar’s half erect cock into her mouth and started sucking it. I was surprised to see her take his entire cock in, as it was getting erect again. He had grabbed my mom’s head and was pushing his cock deeper into my mom’s head. On and on he went, until his whole body got rigid and he started coming all over my mom’s mouth. He started screaming obscenities like ‘slut, you are a whore,

suck me harder’. My mom kept on sucking him and some of his cum fell on my mom’s boobs and onto the floor. Soon he was finished. He took his clothes and left, while my mom changed in the room. I thought the show was over so i went to the front side of the shop and started knocking. Qamar opened the door, and smiled and let me in. He said my mom was in the washroom, trying on some clothes, but his crooked smile said otherwise. In 5 minutes my mom came out and Qamar handed us her sewed clothes. My mom thanked him, while looking at the floor, and gave him some money. He ushered us out, and mom and i left the shop. Now the marriage we went to is over and we are back in Karachi. I will keep you guys updated with my slutty mom’s adventures.

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