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Alia & Priyanka's Award Night Adventure
11-05-2016, 12:08 AM
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Wank Alia & Priyanka's Award Night Adventure
Alia wasn’t worried about the Fimfare Awards. Years ago, before her career had taken off, before Student of The Year, maybe walking the red carpet might have made her nervous. But she’d been different then–less confident, less sure of herself. Now, she stepped out of her car, flashed the reporters and the crowd her famous smile, and strutted toward the theater. This was going to be the perfect night.

A couple of reporters wanted a quick question. Alia was happy to oblige. That’s what the red carpet was for, after all. They mostly asked her about the usual stuff–her dress, her no

But a reporter from some website, some online gossip magazine Alia had never heard of, stopped her in her tracks. The reporter introduced himself quickly, slurring his words together, then pushed a microphone in Alia’s face and blurted out his question: “How’s it feel to wear Priyanka Chopra’s skirt? We saw her in it a few minutes ago.” 

Alia looked down at her skirt. It was white but covered in complex patterns of gold and silver, from Dolce & Gabbana, and she’d paired it with a sexy bustier top that showed off her toned midriff. Alia loved it, and didn’t care who else had one, so the reporter’s rude question didn’t bother her. What got her thinking was the mention of Priyanka Chopra.Alia had tried so long to get Priyanka out of her thoughts, but now this reporter, probably taking pictures for a glorified blog, had once again sent Alia’s mind racing. 

Alia’s trademark smile waned. “Well,” she said, “Priyanka isn’t in this skirt. This one is mine.”

“You know what I mean,” said the reporter, keeping the mic close to Alia’s mouth, almost like he was trying to make her kiss it. “She’s wearing it too.”

“Well, I’m sure she looks amazing,” Alia said, and pushed the mic away. “I can’t wait to compliment her excellent taste.” She felt flustered and wanted to get to the green room as quickly as she could.

She’d never met Priyanka. She’d thought about her a lot, though. More than she’d ever admitted to anyone, in fact. It started a while back when Priyanka gave a brutally honest interview. Priyanka confessed to having had a crush on another girl: “Look, I’m not a lesbian. I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl. I decided that I was going to get her to love me back, and I went out of my way to create a relationship with this girl, a stripper named Nikita.” No big deal, and nothing that concerned Alia. But Priyanka kept talking. Priyanka listed some women, some celebrity crushes, and then later in the interview, she said something that almost made Alia pass out when she read it: “Oh, and Alia Bhatt.

It seemed like every last one of Alia’s friends had texted her about that interview, or joked about it on her Facebook. The jokes were all the same: Didn’t know you and Priyanka were dating! When are you going to introduce me to your girlfriend? Hey Alia, can I watch you and Priyanka Chopra make out some time? 

Outwardly, Alia had just laughed it off and rolled her eyes about it. But she read that interview again and again. Was Priyanka actually attracted to her? Did Priyanka find her sexy? Did Priyanka want her? Alia knew Priyanka has Boyfriend, but did that also mean Priyanka was above a fling with a girl on the side? 

This wasn’t the first time Alia had had lustful thoughts about another girl. She hadn’t acted on those thoughts yet, but her dirty little mind took her all sorts of places. Sometimes this left Alia with no choice but to slide into a hot tub and rub her pussy for relief, imagining the whole time that she had a sexy girl between her legs, taking care of her. 

Plus, Priyanka was just so sexy. What better girl could there be for Alia’s first lesbian experience? She knew Priyanka was nominated for “Favorite Hottie” and was pretty confident she’d win it, too. How could she not? That long, lean body with those perfectly proportioned tits. And her eyes! Alia couldn’t think of anyone she’d ever seen with sexier eyes. It wasn’t just that priyanka made Alia wonder if she ought to switch teams. No, Priyanka made Alia wonder if maybe the boys she’d dated were just practice for the real thing.

Alia hurried inside and took her seat near the stage. Just a few moments ago she’d felt so cool and confident. The mere mention of Priyanka Chopra’s name had sent her heart racing. Her stomach felt tight, like her whole body was trying to hide inside itself. All she wanted to do was get through the night without seeing Priyanka. She was sure that the smallest little conversation with Priyanka would be a miserable, awkward embarrassment. But at the same time, she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted Priyanka. 

The show got started, and Alia began to relax. She won the award for best new actress, and managed to smile and be charming and gracious while in the spotlight. She let out a deep, contented sigh after she left the stage through the back. 

Things were under control, Alia assured herself. She’d managed to not make a complete fool of herself while accepting her first award. No one watching would have the slightest suspicion that she was secretly a bundle of nerves, worrying herself sick about running into Priyanka Chopra, while simultaneously having some particularly impure thoughts about her. Alia could feel her panties getting wet, which made her feel all the more embarrassed. In her guilty mind, everyone looking at her could tell exactly how horny she was, could tell exactly how her own sexy thoughts were making her heart beat double and her pussy tingle. Made her think about Priyanka and her skirt, and what she might be wearing underneath. 

Alia was led by the backstage security away from the curtains and toward a press area. Celebrities and their guests, plus more reporters, mingled and grabbed drinks and snacks off a couple of packed buffet tables. A velvet rope led to an outer corridor that Alia was told she could follow in order to get back to her seat. She had some more awards to win, after all, a smiling stage assistant reminded her. 

Alia hurried along, grabbing a small bottle of sparkling water as she passed one of the buffet tables. She was parched. She always got thirsty when she was horny, as though her body couldn’t keep her mouth wet and her pussy wet at the same time. She smiled about her own little dirty joke when someone caught her eye. Fuck! She looked down at her feet. Selena had only just noticed, just seen for a moment, but there was no question. Priyanka was here, backstage. They’d made eye contact, but only for an instant. Maybe Priyanka was too busy. Maybe Priyanka hadn’t recognized her. Alia hurried back to her seat. 

She tried to lose herself in the awards show, watching the happy winners scream and run to collect their trophies. In her mind, though, she was backstage with Priyanka, in some dark corner, their matching skirts rustling against each other as their bodies entwined. Priyanka rubbing her,Priyanka pulling her tits out of her top and sucking them eagerly. Priyanka on her knees with her face under Alia’s skirt, finding Alia’s wet slit with her tongue. 

Alia tried to push these thoughts away. It was all just a fantasy, anyway. No way that Priyanka felt the same way. Alia promised herself a nice, long masturbation session as soon as she got home, then tried thinking about baseball instead of Priyanka’s tongue fluttering against her clit. Baseball was about the least sexy thing in the world, right? But no. That didn’t work. Alia just thought of Priyanka in a baseball uniform. Less exciting than their matching skirts, sure. But still pretty sexy.

A few minutes later, Alia and her crew , won the award for Best fim. This was really turning into her night. Alia could do no wrong, it seemed. She hugged her Co-stars happily as they left the stage, her Co-stars joking about how odd it was for them to win the award for the Best Film. 

Alia figured she’d get back to her seat again but she felt someone grab her arm. It was her Co-Star, Varun. “Hey, don’t rush,” he said. “Let’s go meet some people.” 

Alia thought she detected a little mischief in his voice but didn’t think much about it. They were all excited about their win. He was probably still just riding the rush of the award and the crowd. She let him lead her. “Okay, but I do have to get back to my seat. Can’t stay here forever.”

“I know, I know,” Varun said, pulling Alia through a tight knot of people. Probably press people surrounding some super famous A-lister, Alia assumed. “Excuse us,” he said, again and again, pushing his way through, earning some dirty looks. Finally, he stopped. “Why look! It’s your old friend!”

Before Alia knew what was happening, she was face to face with Priyanka Chopra. Of course, she thought. That’s why there was such a crowd in this corner. Everyone wanted a piece of Priyanka. Alia felt herself blush. “Actually, we’ve never met,” she said softly.

Priyanka gave her an enormous smile. She practically shoved away a couple of reporters, who stormed off. “Oh my god! Finally!” Priyanka pulled Alia in for a warm hug. Alia felt embarrassed. All she was noticing about the hug was how their breasts pressed together through their tops. Why couldn’t she get her mind out of the gutter?

“Um, hi,” Alia said, feeling more nervous than she’d felt in years.

“You’re winning everything tonight, huh?” 

Alia could barely force herself to make eye contact. She wanted to hide, or kiss Priyanka right there. Or run off somewhere quiet and play with herself for relief. Or murder Varun for putting her in this situation.

“I’ll just leave you two lovers alone,” Varun said, grinning. “Probably got a lot to talk about, I’m sure.”

Priyanka raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Alia felt a little better. It was obvious that Varun felt embarrassed by how poorly Priyanka had reacted to his dumb joke. “Oh, uh. Just a little joke, right? I mean, from that interview. Um. The one about you, and girls. You know.”

Priyanka rolled her eyes. “Ohhh. Right, of course. Yes.” She placed herself next to Alia and linked arms with her. “Yes, my girlfriend Alia and I do have a lot to talk about. Come, darling.” Priyanka pushed Varuna aside and stepped toward a row of small dressing rooms. 

“I’m really sorry about him,” Alia said. “He’s a good guy, really. Just some of his jokes aren’t that great. All my friends were doing it, making dumb jokes about me and you. I’m sorry.”

Priyanka smiled. “Whatever. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be your date tonight? You’re basically the biggest celebrity here!”

Alia made a sour face. “Look, I said I was sorry. You don’t have to be sarcastic.”

Priyanka stopped. She put her hands on Alia’s shoulders and looked her in the eye. “Calm down, princess. I’m not being sarcastic. You are the biggest celebrity here, at least as far as this crowd is concerned. For the kids, the people younger than you, girls especially? You’re the hottest thing going.”

“Wow, um. Thank you.” Alia looked down at her feet. She felt so stupid. Priyanka was right, of course. Alia knew this should really be her night, and everything was going great. But somehow, Priyanka kept leaving her tongue-tied. 

“And it’s my fault, about the jokes,” Priyanka said. She slid her hands down Alia’s bare arms, stroking her gently. She rested her fingertips on the waist of Alia’s skirt, tracing her fingers around the top, tracing the line where Alia’s skirt and skin came together. “I didn’t mean to cause you any embarrassment. I really said too much in that interview. I feel kind of silly for that. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” Alia said. She meant it. “I was flattered. I dunno. I thought it was cool. You know how it is. You get a lot of fan-mail, letters and stuff, just like I do. Mostly from younger kids. But it made me really happy to think about you watching my movie. Sounds silly, I know.” 

Alia copied Priyanka, putting her own hands on Priyanka’s matching skirt. They stood there for a moment, hands on each other. Priyanka’s fingertips felt so soft and cool against her skin. Alia just wanted to stay right there, just let the night go on forever, and relax in Priyanka’s glow. Her nervousness started to melt away. Alia locked eyes with Priyanka, giving her just a little bit of a smile. She felt their connection. She didn’t have to say anything, not with words. Alia let it all out–her fear, her lust. She told Priyanka everything she was too scared to say out loud in one long, lingering look. 

“That doesn’t sound silly at all,” Priyanka whispered. She looked around, then gently pushed Alia into an empty dressing room. It wasn’t much–basically just a glorified closet with a well-lit mirror and a clothes rack. But it was private. Priyanka clicked the lock on the door.

Alia bit her lip nervously. Was this it? Was this the moment she’d been waiting for?

“Seemed like it would be nice to get away from everybody for a minute,” Priyanka said. She tucked a loose strand of hair behind alia’s ear, her fingertips grazing her cheek.

Alia couldn’t take another second of this. She had to act, had to risk it all. She leaned in and pressed her lips to Priyanka’s. 

Priyanka wrapped Alia up in her arms. Alia felt Priyanka’s mouth go soft, felt Priyanka match her kiss. Priyanka’s mouth was so warm and wet. So inviting. Made Alia kiss her all the more ravenously. Their mouths opened wider. Alia tasted Priyanka’s tongue. Alia’s heart raced. She gasped for breath between their deep, wet kisses.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Priyanka groaned. “So fucking glad you read that interview.” 

Alia felt Priyanka’s hands squeeze her ass through her skirt. Made Alia press her body even tighter against Priyanka’s. Alia could feel Priyanka’s mound against her own. Drove her fucking wild, knowing how close their pussies were. So fucking close.

Priyanka tugged Alia’s skirt up high, exposing her panties. Alia felt Priyanka’s fingers trace the outline of her pussy lips through the thin fabric, wet with her lust. She sighed ecstatically and pushed her thighs farther apart. Felt so good. Felt so fucking good, the way Priyanka rubbed at her wet slit, even with the sheer fabric separating Priyanka’s fingers from her pussy.

“You got me so fucking wet,” Alia gasped. “Been thinking about you ever since, you know. And knowing you were back here? Been having such nasty thoughts about you. You got my panties soaked.”

Priyanka grinned wickedly, still rubbing Alia. “Well, I can’t say that you got my panties soaked. I hope that doesn’t make you sad,” Megan said, then pulled her skirt up high, above her crotch. “But that’s just because I’m not wearing any.” 

Alia whimpered at the sight of Priyanka's bare, smooth pussy. “Fuck,” she said. “That’s prefect.” She pushed Priyanka's fingers away and pressed her pussy against Priyanka's, grinding eagerly.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Priyanka gasped. She stuck her fingers in Alia’s hair and pulled her in for a deep kiss while the girls rocked their hips in unison. 

Alia could barely work her lips to kiss Priyanka properly. She was so horny, so close to orgasm, that it was almost like her aching clit was the only part of her body she was aware of. Alia felt Priyanka’s fingers again, only this time, Priyanka pushed her hand into Alia’s panties, touching her sex directly for the first time. Alia bit her lip to keep from screaming. Didn’t need to let everyone know exactly what was going on between them, while the awards show continued close by.

“You’re so wet,” Priyanka purred. “So hot on my fingers. God, you’re sexy.”

Alia couldn’t even speak. She just grabbed Priyanka’s hand, giving her the silent go-ahead. Priyanka slipped a finger inside her. Alia whimpered. No words, just the soft murmurs of her lust. 

Priyanka licked her ear, then grazed her teeth against Alia’s soft lobe. “I need your pussy so bad baby,” Priyanka whispered, a fingertip rubbing at Alia’s clit.

“Fuck,” was all Alia could say. Her body was rigid, heart beating in her ears. Knew she’d be cumming before long.

Priyanka pulled her fingers out of Alia’s panties. Alia thought she’d pass out. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she moaned, nearly frantic.

Priyanka smiled at her, then sucked on one of her wet fingertips, rolling her eyes back in ecstasy. “My fingers taste amazing,” she said, then wiped her fingertips across Alia’s own lips. “I need a better taste.”

Before Alia could react, Priyanka dropped to her knees in front of her and jerked her panties down to her feet. “You better fucking spread,” she commanded, and helped Alia step out of her underwear. 

Alia watched Priyanka press the sheer, pink panties into her purse. “Those are mine now,” she said, grinning, then brought her mouth to Alia’s wet slit.

The first lick was pure ecstasy, even better than Alia had let herself imagine. Alia had never felt anything that could compare to Priyanka’s long, wet tongue against her clit. Alia had to lean against the wall for balance. She worried she’d fall right over. She felt out of control. Priyanka was in charge.

“You taste so fucking good,” Priyanka said, in between licks. 

Alia felt Priyanka’s tongue darting back and forth between her tight hole and her clit. Wouldn’t take much more. Wouldn’t take much more at all. She whimpered. She squeezed Priyanka’s shoulder, squeezing tighter and tighter as her orgasm approached. “Oh fuck, oh baby, oh fuck, oh baby,” she said softly, like a mantra. “Oh fuck.” 

Priyanka’s tongue moved faster, faster, as Alia squeezed her shoulder tighter and tighter. So close. She felt Priyanka push a finger deep inside her. Felt so fucking good. “Fuck me,” she begged. “More, more.”

Priyanka complied, adding a second finger. Alia gasped. 

“Whatever you fucking say, baby. Whatever you fucking say.”

Alia looked down at Priyanka. Alia pulled her skirt up higher. She wanted a better look, wanted to be able to see Priyanka’s long tongue lapping at her clit. Priyanka looked so sexy. Her eyes devoured her with a look of desire more intense than anything Alia had ever seen. And her tongue! Moving so quickly against her clit. Alia could barely stand it, but still she wanted more. Needed more. She pulled her top down, freeing her tits. Alia licked her fingertips and pinched her own nipples.

“You look so fucking sexy like that,” Priyanka said. “Love you touching yourself.” Made Alia pinch her nipples even harder. She watched as Priyanka wrapped her full, sexy lips around her clit and sucked, still using her tongue and fingers. Fucking perfect.

That was it. The orgasm hit Alia’s whole body in waves. She felt the ecstatic release wash over her, radiating from her pussy, spreading from her core to her toes, to her finger tips. “Fuckkkkkkkkk,” she whimpered. She grabbed Priyanka’s hair, pulled her face even tighter against her pussy, needing her there, close, for just a moment more. Just a moment more. Bucking her hips, grinding her clit against Priyanka’s soft, wet mouth. 

“Oh my god,” Alia said softly, relaxing her grip. “Oh my god.”

Priyanka stood up, grinning devilishly. Her face glistened with Alia’s lust. Priyanka licked her lips slowly, seductively, as much for Alia’s benefit as her own, then wiped her face with her fingertips. “You’re amazing,” Priyanka said softly. She wiped her fingers on Alia’s skirt. “And pretty wet, too.” She gave Alia a long, soft kiss.

Alia felt herself returning slowly to her senses, but still basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. “We can’t leave yet,” she said. “Wouldn’t be fair.” She reached for Priyanka’s pussy, so eager to make Priyanka feel what she’d just felt, but Priyanka was fixing her skirt.

“I guess you’ll have to owe me,” Priyanka said. “I gotta go get an award or something. You know how it is, babe. You’ve got about a million. You’re the queen.”

Alia stepped between Priyanka and the door. “I am the queen,” she said. “And you can fucking wait, says the queen.”

Priyanka grinned. “Oh, can I?”

Alia nodded. “You’ll thank me for it, I know.”

Priyanka leaned in and cupped Alia’s breasts roughly, squeezing. She brought her lips to Alia’s nipple and sucked while Alia stroked her hair. “Oh fuck that’s good,” she sighed. Priyanka gave her a playful nip with her teeth then switched to her other nipple.

“But it’s not time for that.” Alia pulled away from Priyanka’s mouth. “We don’t have long, so I need to use all our time on your pussy.” Alia led Priyanka to the little desk by the makeup mirror. 

Priyanka rested her palms on the desk, bent forward. She looked back over her shoulder. “What do you have in mind, exactly?” She gave her ass a shake.

Alia dropped to her knees. “You’ll see.” She pushed Priyanka’s skirt up high, exposing her tight ass. Alia pushed Priyanka’s legs even farther apart and started kissing her softly. Her thighs. Her pretty ass cheeks. Alia loved the way Priyanka’s skin felt on her lips. Soft and cool. And she could smell how horny Priyanka was, too. Smelled so fucking good. 

Priyanka bent down lower, as though she needed any more encouragement. Alia grabbed Priyanka’s ass and squeezed, and pushed her face against her wet pussy. So hot and inviting. Alia licked eagerly, desperate for a taste of Priyanka’s lust. Felt so fucking good on her tongue. She found her tight hole and pushed her tongue in deep. Fucked her with her tongue. Alia’s nose pressed up against Priyanka’s tight little asshole as she worked her tongue back and forth, from her hole to her clit. She felt her face getting wetter with Priyanka’s nectar.

Priyanka rocked her hips back and forth, pressing her pussy against Alia’s face. Alia loved how she tasted. Couldn’t get enough. Didn’t care about winning any more awards. Didn’t care what she missed. Just needed her mouth on Priyanka’s pussy.

Priyanka reached back and grabbed her own ass, spreading her cheeks apart, just a little. Was that a signal? It had to be a signal. Alia licked all the way from Priyanka’s clit to her asshole in a long, frenzied stroke. Then again, then again. 

“Oh my fucking god,” Priyanka said in a desperate whimper. “Oh fuck. Yes. Yes. Oh fuck. Your tongue in my ass. Fuck!”

Alia pushed her tongue harder against Priyanka’s tight little asshole. Could hardly believe what was happening, could hardly believe what she was doing, what she wanted to do. Shoving her eager little tongue hard as she could, making her tongue stiff against Priyanka’s ass.

“Now my clit,” Priyanka begged. “Suck my fucking clit. Please! Please!”

Alia wrapped her lips around Priyanka’s clit in a deep kiss, working both her lips and tongue fast as she could. Her nose pressed against Priyanka’s tight, wet hole. Alia could barely breathe, the way Priyanka pressed her pussy to her face. She didn’t care. Needed to make Priyanka cum. Needed to feel Priyanka’s pussy tighten when she came. needed to hear her scream.

“Fuck,” Priyanka grunted. “So good. Fuck. So close.”

Alia’s tongue danced against Priyanka’s clit while Priyanka bucked her pussy back against Alia’s face. 

“Yes,” Priyanka groaned. “Yes. Yesyesyes. Yessssss!”

Alia felt Priyanka’s body go stiff, then relax, with a last loud moan. Alia kept licking, kept sucking at her sweet, wet pussy, getting every bit of her taste. She felt Priyanka’s pussy twitch as she came, then let her tongue slow down as she sensed Priyanka start to calm down after her orgasm.

Priyanka turned around and sat on the desk, then pulled Alia up to her face. They kissed deeply, Alia’s mouth still wet from Priyanka’s slit. “Thank you,” Priyanka said. “Thank you.” Over and over, in between kisses, her lips on Alia’s mouth, cheeks, chin. “Thank you.”

“Whatever,” Alia said, laughing. “I probably made you miss an award. They’ll probably give it to someone else now, because you were too busy getting your pussy licked.”

Priyanka shrugged. “There are other awards. Awards are no big deal. But the chance to get eaten out by someone as sexy as you? You know I can’t turn that down.” She gave Alia a last long, soft kiss. Then Priyanka checked herself in the mirror. She reapplied lipstick hurriedly, tried to smooth her skirt, then unlocked the door. “Nice to finally meet you, baby.” She gave Alia a wink, and bolted out the door. 

Alia collapsed on the dressing room’s only chair, then pulled her top back up over her breasts and took a moment to fix her hair in the mirror. She wondered if anyone would suspect. She kind of hoped someone would. She was proud. Not a lot of girls managed to get licked in the middle of an awards show, after all. Let alone with Priyanka Chopra, of all people. Alia was as proud of that as any of her awards.

She stepped out of the dressing room, and looked at all the other award winners and stage hands and press people, scurrying around, oblivious to what had just happened in that little room. Alia took her time getting back to her seat, wondering who’d notice that she smelled like sex. She would collect another couple awards still, but that didn’t matter. None of it mattered. She wasn’t thinking of this as an awards night anymore. Alia was only thinking of Priyanka, knowing that this wouldn’t be their last time together. It couldn’t be.

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