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Aadhi Ghar Wali Dil Ki Rani
06-17-2011, 09:18 AM
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Aadhi Ghar Wali Dil Ki Rani
I am Riz, let me tell you about myself, I am 34, and married. This incident happened almost 6 year ago when my wife was pregnant. I lived in Banglore due to my job there while my parents and in laws lived in Hyderabad at that time.

Since my wife was pregnant my younger sister in law (saali) came to live with us to help my wife go through the pregnancy time. My saali’s name is Rani and she had just turned 18 at that time. At that age she was as hot as a full grown up woman as she had that perfect body anyone would die for. I had been noticing Rani’s beauty for a long time but never had a chance to feel it.

A few days after Rani came to stay with us, my wife had a doctors’ appointment in the morning. Since Rani was not feeling well due to some cold or flu symptoms, she was sleeping so we decided not to disturb her and my wife and I went to the doctor leaving Rani in her room sleeping. When we reached the doctor, for some reason doctor told my wife that she had to go through certain lab test so she can’t go home until early afternoon. Since Rani was home alone sick, my wife asked me to go home to give Rani some medicines and food. I left my wife at the doctors’ and drove home. I was not sure but had a feeling that perhaps this was the day I had been waiting for.

When I reached home, Rani was still sleeping, her big and beautiful eyes were closed, her voluptuous lips were half opened like a budding rose and breast in rhythm with her breath moving up and down slowly. She was looking gorgeous and I wished I could feel the pleasure of touching and feeling the beauty so generously came together in one person. Instead of asking her to wake her up, I just kept watching Rani in her sleep and even didn’t realize how much time passed. Suddenly I realized some movement in Rani’s body as her woman instinct had told her that someone was watching her. I came back to my consciousness and asked Rani to wake up and eat something and take medicine. However, Rani did not responded to my call and kept sleeping. Rani was still sleeping so I move forward closer to Rani’s bed, bent down and slowly touched her shoulder to move her from sleep. It was such a slow and gentle touch as if I was making sure that she doesn’t wake up, just pretending as if I was trying to wake her up. I was successful in not waking her up, though apparently I was trying to wake her. I just wanted to be as close to Rani as possible before she actually woke up. So I gathered a little more courage, though my heart was thumping like a gallop by now because I realized that if Rani got offended by any of my move she may tell my wife and my home can turn into hell in a single blow. So I was trying to make my touch look like as natural progress in attempt to wake her up. So as a next step I just sat down on Rani’s bed close to her head and slowly moved her shoulder again, almost in identical way I had just done earlier, however this time when I said “Wake up Rani” it was even in lower voice and my fingers were a few inches closer to her boobs. Rani was still asleep. I gathered even more courage and this time put my hand directly on her left boob and squeezed it very gently without saying a single words. Rani did not respond even now. My rod was erected like a pole and its bulge was making a tent in front of my pants. So the blood pumping in my rod taking away a lot of blood resources otherwise required for brain to think rationally I had by that time had forgotten about my wife, home or any concern for what Rani could tell who. She was sleeping and I was trying to wake her up, that would be my excuse in a worst case scenario and I didn’t care bout the rest. I squeezed a little harder this time and with total silence. I was just enjoying the feel of her boobs so erected and soft. I could give away anything for the pleasure I was having with that touch. I put my other hand on her right boob and started massaging that boob too. I was doing it a little firmly this time. Rani was still sleeping, but then I heard a slight moan from her mouth and a slight shake of body. I immediately moved my hands off her and gently said hey Rani I am trying to wake you up, would you please get up and take some food and medicine. Rani opened her eyes and looked at me, her eyes were red due to, sleep, sickness or else? However, the looks were not the normal looks I had expected from Rani, these were the looks of desire, giving me a subtle message in an encrypted woman eye code, and I had yet to decipher this message.
Rani said, “Oh Jiju, I don’t want to eat anything, my head and body are so much in pain and I am feeling so cold, I wish someone could give me a massage or make me warm.

I might not be a very courageous person when the risk involves something hurting my reputation however, I am not a stupid person either.
This sentence gave me enough clues to decipher her looks. Rani wanted me to play with her body. She had been faking the sleep all the time while I was playing with her boobs. So I got enough courage to say, Oh Rani may be you need some heat, If you don’t mind can I lay down with you on the bed in your blanket giving you my body heat. In a low voice and without looking at me, Rani responded, Yes Jiju ji, Please.
So I laid down with Rani on the bed, she turned back from me and I put my arms around her shoulders. In this position my rod was toching and massaging Rani’s ass. I felt tremble in Rani’s body. I said Rani, you know that you are not suppose to tell your didi that we laid down together on the same bed in this position. Rani said “yes Jiju I know that”. Now I had no doubt in my mind that Rani was ready for everything. So I said Rani I want to make love to you. What do you mean by that? Rani asked innocently.
I told her that we were gonna make love just like grownups do. But we need to take our cloths off to do that. She said Ok Jiju. So I started stripping her cloths. MAN…when I saw her boobies hanging in front of my eyes, that very sight could make me cum.. I controlled somehow. I started sucking her boobs….
OH GAUDDDDD, JIJU WHAT ARE YA DOING………I AM FEELING….. OOOOOOOHHHH… AAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I knew she had started to enjoy this now. I couldn’t wait now, I removed my pants and saw the surprise in Rani’s eyes when she saw my 8” tool.
She asked me very cutely…”now what are you going to do to me…I am feeling kind of strange”. I didn’t answer. I asked her to grab my cock in her hands and kiss it. At first she was a little hesitant but when I insisted, she tried. When I felt her soft lips on my shaft.
that was a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Now I asked her to suck it like a baby would suck nipples…she was doing excellent now. I couldn’t stop myself from pulling her pants down.HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!her ass was the best.
I had never seen but now found that her little love hole had soft tender hairs. I directly inserted my lips in her never kissed before hot love box, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, shittttttttttttttttttt box..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…..shitttttt ttttttt….and then she pressed my head as if she wanted me to insert my hed in her chut.
Now I asked her to turn around….man, I couldnt take my eyes off her ass. I managed to find her asshole and placed my tongue on it and she reacted with an OOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH HHHH OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF…….these words encouraging me even more. After licking her asshole for almost 15 minutes, I could see that she was all wet and was dead hungry for any cock. but since my monster is too big, I didn’t want to directly insert my huge cock in her ass.
I wanted her to enjoy and not feel pain. I started putting my little finger in her little hole and noticed that it slid in with no problems as her pussy was all wet. I fucked her first with my little finger and then the middle finger and then with two fingers for almost an hour….
I realized that she had her first ever orgasm after being fucked by my fingers for an hour. Now I wanted to enter as I put my cock inside her tiny love hole she first screamed…………….OHHH No…..PLEASE DONT……….THAT HURTS……then slowly I fingered her pussy for some more time and finally entered her hole……
It felt like placing my cock on a hot molten lava……Rani just couldn’t help, she gave a loud scream. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH GOD. I placed my lips on hers so that she couldn’t make any more noise. I slowly started stroking her like mad… faster and fasterrrrr……..she was enjoying now like I was too. She was pulling my hair….slapping my ass as I fucked her real hard…after a fucking of some 45 minutes she cummed again….I asked her to suck my cock again and loaded her mouth with my love cream and she licked the last drop of it……………Now we both were tired and Rani slept on my chest naked….while I was still playing with her boobs…after an hour we were ready for a second round.
We played this love hide and seek for next four years until Rani got married. That was the best time of my life and hers too as she still admits it to me whenever we have a chance to talk. We hardly meet now since Rani is still in India while I have moved to Canada with my wife immediately after her marriage. Rani misses me and I miss her too, we don’t feel complete without each other and are not happy with our sex lives. I wish one day I could make Rani mine forever.

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10-07-2011, 08:06 PM
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RE: Aadhi Ghar Wali Dil Ki Rani
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